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Smokehouse Rib Bone Small by Smokehouse

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Smokehouse Rib Bone Small Description

Smokehouse Brand Natural Rib Bones are yummy rib bone treats that contain lots of leftover meat on the bone. These natural chew for dogs are yummy hand cut meaty bones that maintain real flavors of beef.

  • Yummy, meaty treats for dogs
  • Long-lasting, natural chew
  • Naturally roasted for enhanced flavor
  • 5"-6" bones

These natural rib bones are delicious, long lasting and roasted to enhance their flavor. Product of the USA.

Ingredients: Beef Rib Bone.

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Smokehouse Rib Bone Small Customer Reviews

Garrett, San Diego CA on 2018/08/06
My Dog Absolutely Loves These

Really a big fan of these. My Dog's appetite has improved and they're really healthy too!

Margery, Corona CA on 2013/12/24
Dogs love these bones.

Our 2 dogs are crazy for these bones. They devour them very quickly. Great -product.

Edna, Cornell WI on 2013/12/13
The babies love em!

I have bought two boxes of the Smokehouse treats for my Newfie and 2 English Pointers. The big plus andmdash; they LOVE EM! and they last a long long time. They chew the good stuff off then they go back to chew them time after time.

Sally, Beaumont TX on 2010/10/26
pooch gone nuts!

A friend gave me one to try out on my pooch and he just went crazy with it! Think I am gonna have to buy a box of them for Mico.

Karen Ormsby, Beaumont TX on 2010/10/21
Fantastic,my dogs are spoiled to them

We looked for a long time to fine a healthy treat for our baby boys, a Brussells-Griffon and LlassaApso/Poodle mix. One day we went to HEB food store and found the 12" beef rib bones, bought one, took it home and cut it in half. They took that bone and sat for literally hours and chewed on them. Then we found the little 6", and started buying them.Their teeth are healthy and they have no bad breath. Now the store no longer carries them, and we can find them nowhere in our city. So I am having to order them over the internet.