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Precision Pet SnooZZy Cozy Comforter Kennel Mat Natural by Precision Pet

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Precision Pet SnooZZy Cozy Comforter Kennel Mat Natural Description

Precision Pet SnooZZy Cozy Comforter Kennel Mats are made of luxurious designer fabric thats overstuffed for your pets maximum comfort. No-skid backing keeps the Snoozzy where you've placed it. Its the perfect pet bed for crates, carriers, dog houses, SUVs, or anywhere! Completely machine washable. Great for dogs and cats too!

  • Luxurious designer fabric is completely machine washable
  • Overstuffed for maximum comfort, with non-skid backing
  • Great for dogs and cats, wherever they like to sleep

X-Small: 19" Crates (17.5"L x 11.5"W)
Small: 24" Crates (23"L x 16"W)
Medium: 30" Crates (29"L x 18"W)
Large: 36" Crates (35"L x 21.5"W)

Washing Instructions: Hand wash or commercial, front-load washer recommended, wash cold, gentle cycle. Wash separately - no bleach, dry flat.

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Precision Pet SnooZZy Cozy Comforter Kennel Mat Natural Customer Reviews

Sheila, Glendale AZ on 2016/01/19
Mixed feelings

My dog loves her new bed. She watches me carefully if I am moving it. So it is a keeper. I am disappointed that it is not as "non-skid" as advertised. Biscuit would give it 5 stars.

Wendi, Monee IL on 2015/03/11
Jasper loves it!

The comforter is soft and cozy - he takes it out of his kennel in the morning and lies on it during the day. We are very pleased!

Laura, Baton Rouge LA on 2014/11/05
Nice crate bed

I like this crate bed, because it has a fair amount of cushion and should be comfortable for my dog. I plan to buy (2) more for my other dogs.

Sheila, Spring TX on 2014/08/20
A big hit at our house

I bought three of these for the three different levels of our cat tree. They are super soft and just the right thickness for what I needed them for. Our cats really love them! Worth the money and nice quality.

Daryl , Gainesville FL on 2014/01/30
Natural Color Cozy Comforter

Well constructed. Fits well in wire crate, but is a little loose. I have used it while the pet bed is being washed. My puppy hasn't quite gotten used to lying on it outside of the crate, but he's only 9 weeks old!

Pam, Henrico VA on 2013/04/23
My Poodle Loves these comforters

My poodle uses these all the time to lay around the house. The first 2 comforters finally wore out and I recently purchased 2 more to ensure there is always one for him to lay on. Nice quality product, highly recommend these for your four legged best friend.

Sandra, Corning NE on 2013/01/08
EVERYONE loves it!

Bought these for my two Cairns' crates. They love them... the cats ALSO love them. They are always in the crates and I have to shoo them out to put the dogs in. The cats roll around like they're just loving it. They have been washed and dried (in the dryer) many many times. They are still soft and fluffy. I would definitely buy them again!

Shirley, Mercersburg PA on 2011/12/17


Eileen, Elkhorn NE on 2011/12/16
Fantastic bed

The bed was better than advertised. Our dog loves it and spends time in his crate on the bed at odd times during the day. It is exceptionally soft and fluffy.

Sally, Bolivar MO on 2011/12/15
Excellent Quality

The SnooZZy Cozy Comforters are wonderful. One of our Mini Aussies threw up on it the first night, so I washed it in the washing machine on gentle and let it hang to dry. It kept its shape and fluffiness. Our girls love them and go willingly into their crates. I will buy again.

Nancy, Downers Grove IL on 2011/11/09
They All Love It!

Just got my precision crate this week. Set it up in the kitchen and put the Snoozzy I ordered in it. This is for our 6 month old Papillon. First our Maine Coon cat (who is huge), went in the crate and laid on the bed. Had to cajole him out. The new crate is for travel so I took the Snoozzy out and put it in the crate we use in the house. Our little 13 year old cat went in the crate and wouldn't come out. She rolled on the bed in a state of bliss. The dog we bought it for also enjoys it. Guess I am going to have to get them for the cats too!

Maran, White Mtns NH on 2011/10/14
dogs love it!

Bought this for my gsd pup - she loves it. If I don't know where she is, I can always find her curled up taking a nap on her bed. It's a good size for her but will have to replace it with something that has more filling as she gets heavier. My pwd is just waiting for that day!

Barbara, Ponte Vedra FL on 2011/10/07
My yorkies luv it

Wonderful product, very high quality.

C, San Diego CA on 2011/07/01

These - in our case - doggie beds, are FABULOUS. We started with one when we had only one dog and now that we have three - all rescues from S. America - they ALL enjoy these. We got all the same size so there's no distinction since we have two medium dogs and smaller one. Even our kitty loves them - he shares with the girls. It is great value for the money and they're very durable and wash well too. I hope you'll always carry them!

Lauren, Salisbury MD on 2011/05/26
SnooZZy Cozy Comforter by Precision Pet

Had this product before and it lasted years- far longer than the few months other crate beds last. I actually sought it out by doing a search for the name on the bed as it was no longer available in my area. This one doesn't seem quite as plush and lush as the first one but if it lasts as long as the first one it is money well spent.

Lynn, Pope Valley CA on 2011/04/30
These are SO nice!

These two dog beds replaced the piles we had, providing neat, machine washable, comfortable for the dogs. And buying from the company was more reasonable than stores. Thanks!

Michelle, Schenectady NY on 2011/04/28
A Little Disappointed

I was slightly disappointed with how flat it is. I thought it would have a thicker filling, esp being I ordered an XL. But my dog loves it.

Julie, Wrentham MA on 2011/02/17
Schnauzer LOVES it!

I bought this crate pad for my corgi's car crate. hasn't made it to the car yet, and I think I need to buy another. My Schnauzer, who values comfort above all else, has claimed it and I don't have the heart to take it away! :)

Ashsuire Forrest, Phoenix AZ on 2010/12/16
Not as soft as expected

I have felt Snoozy's in the Pet Club close to my house, it was the dark brown version. Perhaps the fabric is not the same (as I purchased the tan one) but my product is not as soft as the dark brown one was in the store. The dog, and cat for that matter, still like it but I wish it was a bit softer and am slightly disappointed.

Susan, Galloway NJ on 2010/11/11
The dogs are happy!

This is the second time I have purchased these beds, they wash great, have held up well and the best part, these are the first ones the dogs have NOT chewed up!

Rachelle, Kansas City MO on 2010/10/23
My dogs love this bed!

I have purchased several dog beds for my dogs. They have refused to lay in any of them. I purchased the SnooZZy Cozy Comforter based on the reviews it had received from other dog owners. My dogs love it! Instead of curling up on my rugs, they are on the dog bed. I have to move it from downstairs to upstairs at night or they pace the floor in the bedroom and won't lay down. I am definitely purchasing a second one for the upstairs.

Lauren, Waynesville NC on 2010/10/10
My dog refuses to sleep on any other bed!

I bought my dog a snoozy cozy comforter a couple years ago for her crate bed. She is a chihuahua and likes soft things and she likes to be warm, so I thought this furry little bed would be great for her. She loved the bed and prefers to hang out in her crate at home all the time even though we do not make her stay in there. I recently discarded her bed because it was getting a bit dirty and stinky. I went to a local pet store in hopes to purchase the same bed but it was no longer sold there. I purchased a different brand of bedding and put it in my dog's crate. Even with blankets on top of the bedding, she growled and whined and did not want anything to do with her crate as long as that bedding was in it. Now my dog refuses to get into her crate....when she has loved to hang out in there for over 2 years. I know for a fact that it is because she wants her old bed back. Therefore, I am purchasing the same snoozy cozy comforter in order to make her happy!

Debbie, York PA on 2010/07/22
Love it

This is the best bed for my little mini rat terrier (17 lbs) he loves it! Super soft and cozy. I have a small, it is very padded so I am not sure the large and x-l would be to easy to wash but this makes a great crate bed!

Marla, San Diego CA on 2010/02/04
My Dog loves her new bed and it looks nice in our family room

Snoozy pet bed is really great for our little dog. When I go to my sons house to watch my grand kids, my dog would always sleep on my his labs snoozy so I got one for her.

Kathi, Kingsport TN on 2009/09/09
My dog Lacy loves this bed. She has 2 beds one upstairs and one downstairs. I ordered one but had to get a second one because she refused to sleep on the other bed!

SnooZZy Bed is great.

Lisa , Pottstown PA on 2009/09/09
Love this doggy bed!

I have 3 dogs and I bought one for each of them. I bought one in every size. They are so cozy. My little chihuahua likes to lay on the big one for my Golden Retriever!

Karin, Norway IA on 2008/08/27
Our Corgis Love them!

We bought one two years ago, two more last year, then two this year for their crates. Our dogs love these beds!

John, Chicago IL on 2008/02/14
Excellent bed

I purchased this bed for my 7lb Yorkie, and it was an excellent choice. It is soft, plush, and simple to wash in the machine. Pet Mountain is a great webstore, with excellent prices.

Geri, Palm Springs CA on 2008/01/01
comforter, snoozy

i have two older dogs and one snoozzy. the dogs really like the support it gives without being overstuffed. and the nonslip side works great on the hardwood. im ordering a second one. thanks

Susan, Grand Ledge MI on 2007/11/12

Words cannot describe how absolutely AWESOME this bed is. I bought one in a pet store a couple of years ago and paid much more than it costs on this site. I have one of the earlier ones that the stuffing bunched up somewhat when washed but I hear they have now fixed that problem and I am here to order a second one. This bed is UNBELIEVABLY soft, thick, and squishy without becoming limp! Your pet will feel like he is FLOATING on a cloud! You will be so jealous of your pet you will WISH they made it in human size, I kid you not! This bed gets 5 STARS!

Cathy, Williston VT on 2007/06/20
I want one for me!

I encountered this bed on a trip to Maine to my cousins home... this bed is so cute, soft and comfortable that I wish they made them for humans. My toy poodle and cat both cozied up on it every day and I'm happy to order one once I return home. Great product and very reasonably priced.

Nanc, Huntersville NC on 2007/05/16
Precision Pet Beds - AWESOME

With 7 cats, all over the age of 7, and two dogs, I feel very qualified to rate this product. I've spent hundreds of $$ on pet beds only to toss them after they get hair matted in them, after they lump up after washing and some from non use. I bought the first of 4 of these beds when Squirt, our Maltese, shiztu mix became ill. It was an instant success story for beds. The dogs sleep on their beds, and wait for them to be moved to their favorite spot. The cats love them too and best of all - the cat hair (with 6 longhairs I can attest) does not mat in the bed! It vacuum's off. It's not uncommon to see more than one critter on a bed....they love them. I highly recommend them.

Nancy, Huntersville NC on 2007/05/16
FURR-Tastic Beds

With 7 cats and 2 dogs, I think I can truly say I am an expert on beds.After throwing away hundreds of $$ on beds that you can't clean, that lump up when washed etc., I found these.I now have 3 beds and purchasing more!Nancy

Kara, Smyrna GA on 2007/05/07
durable pet bed

Love this pet bed. I have had one for 4 years. It can be tossed in the wash again and again. A real winner among the 6 schnauzers in the family.

Alicia, Sherman Oaks CA on 2007/04/01
Snoozzys Are Fantastic!

I bought the Snoozzy Cozy Comforter for my Labradoodle and she LOVES it! It is so soft and easy to keep clean. Highly recommended.

Lisa, Pottstown PA on 2007/03/07
Great Snuggle Bed for all types of dogs

We have 2 Golden Retrievers, a Maltese and a Chihuahua. There is a Snoozy Cozy Comforter for all of them. My dogs love them and the little one even fits perfectly in our crate. I'm so pleased with this product, I'm buying one for my Grandparent's dog. It is also machine washable and comes out looking good as new.

Erin , Washington DC on 2007/02/23
Couldnt love it more!

We didn't own one of these beds until we watched a friends dog. They brought it over. It is portable, lightweight and doesn't take up much space. And dogs love them!

Alysia, Gilbert AZ on 2007/01/04
Great Bed!

This bed is very soft and is very durable. My dogs seem to really like it. I'm going to buy another one.

Ari, Beverly Hills CA on 2006/11/10
Snoozzy Cozy Comforter For Discerning Tastes

This is a wonderful rich, looking bed. It looks like it would be sold at Barneys. The picture does not do it justice. Friends compliment it all the time and ask where I got the bed. There used to be a problem when washing them, stuffing would all pile up at one end inside the bed and you would have to sit there trying to distribute it evenly again but this problem has been fixed I'm told. I'm ordering another!