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Spot Colorful Springs Cat Toy Wide by by Spot

Best Seller
  • $5.99
  • (45%)
SKU: ST2515
UPC: 077234025154
MPN: 2515
  • $150.99
  • (58%)
SKU: ST2515M
UPC: 688713101698
MPN: 2515M

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Product Description

Spot Colorful Springs will make your cat SPRING into action with zany delight! Get that lazy cat off its windowsill and onto its feet with these crazy, bouncy toys it won't be able to resist.

  • Colorful springs to entertain your cat
  • Extra wide springs for stronger bouncing
  • Boing, bounce and play with your cat

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Customer Reviews

Rob, Weston WV on 2017/07/04
Simple but AWESOME!

My rescue kitten Maia goes absolutely insane with these simple springs! She LOVES them and will sometimes play with them until she wears herself out! If you have a cat companion, you NEED these!!!

Gail, North Versailles PA on 2016/08/31
Best Cat Toy Ever

Forget all the expensive toys - these simple little springs are always our cat's go to toys - and unlike balls, if you step on one in the middle of the night you aren't going to end up tripping.The only bad thing is that they get lost under furniture a lot, but are cheap enough to keep plenty on hand and not worry about crawling around on hands and knees to try to dig them out!

Nancy, Henderson NV on 2015/05/10
The cats went nuts over these

I wasn't sure if they would like them, but they do. As a bonus, I have stepped on them and they didn't break!

Terri, Canonsburg PA on 2015/04/28

The kitties love the spring toys. They play with them a lot. Happy with my purchase.

Debbi, Phoenixville PA on 2015/01/19

After buying my kittens so many different toys, these are the ONLY ones they play with every day, and do not seem to be bored, either. Great price, great toy! Thank you!

Clint, Mesa AZ on 2014/07/26
So Simple, but So Awesome!

Forget the tiny mice and sparkling balls that jingle...these lightweight plastic "springs" have brought more enjoyment to my cats than anything. Low cost, very effective and you get plenty in a bag. A++ for value!

Deanna, Franklin KY on 2014/01/07
Great little toy

Our youngest cat is 11 months old and she loves these springs. Out of the three toys she received this is by far her favorite. She loves to knock them around and chase them. She can even bring them back to me when I kick them across the floor and I toss them again. Super toy for a playful cat. Only downfall is they can fit under a lot of furniture so they disappear a lot. I am always having to find them. At this price I should of ordered a few packs.

Connie , Murphy NC on 2013/12/24
Fun Fun Fun!

My kitty loves these springs so much that she now plays fetch. She runs after it and then brings it back and drops it in my lap so I can send it flying across the room again. Sometimes she puts it right in my hand while I'm watching TV just to let me know it's time to play!

Michelle, Seattle WA on 2013/07/26
Best toy for cats

What cat doesn't like springs?! They go bananas for them.

Shirley, Mercersburg PA on 2011/12/17


Jennifer, Dfw TX on 2011/03/19

I wanna marry the person who invented these things! Would somebody please tell me why a simple little spring toy would be able to entertain my rambunctious boys all the time? That is, until they chase them under a piece of furniture that they can't squeeze under to reach it??? I cannot recommend these things enough if you have cats!!!! I plan to order more as soon as I finish this review! :) If there was an option of more than 5 stars, I would choose it! :)

Debbie, San Antonio FL on 2010/09/15
My Cats Love These!

I am ordering more of these springs today. My cats love these. I am going to get some for my daughters cats also.

Cheryl, Wolcott CT on 2010/06/27
Cat plays for hours!

I have bought every cat toy on the market. This is the only one that the cats play with for hours! They even stash them around the house. I find them in their beds-my bed- their food dish-in the laundry. They just can't get enough of them. And you can't go wrong with the price!