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Spot Diner Time Stainless Steel Pet Dish by by Spot

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  • $4.99
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SKU: ST6060
UPC: 077234060605
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  • $4.99
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SKU: ST6061
UPC: 077234060612
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  • $6.99
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SKU: ST6062
UPC: 077234060629
MPN: 6062
  • $6.99
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SKU: ST6063
UPC: 077234060636
MPN: 6063
  • $8.99
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SKU: ST6065
UPC: 077234060650
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  • $20.99
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SKU: ST6068
UPC: 077234060681
MPN: 6068

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Product Description

Without a doubt, stainless steel makes the very best dog feeding dish. This rugged bowl won't absorb food odors and is easy to keep clean. Use these stainless steel pet bowls for food or water. We recommend buying 2 bowls, one for food and one for water.

  • Stainless Steel Bowls won't Rust or Corrode
  • Durable Dish so they last a long time
  • Sanitary and Dishwasher safe

Spot Diner Time Pet Dish Dimensions:

  • 1 pint (5.4"W x 2"H)
  • 1 quart (6.4"W x 2.75"H)
  • 2 quarts (8.4"W x 3"H)
  • 3 quarts (9.8"W x 3.5"H)
  • 5 quarts (11.25"W x 4.15"H)
  • 10 quarts (14.5"W x 5"H)

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Customer Reviews

Marcus, Ocean Park WA on 2018/04/26
Great bowl, rediculous stickers

Firstly, the bowls are great. I bought 40 to use at our animal shelter and they work super. The one really stupid thing, is the stickers on them. The glue is so strong, that we had to soak the bowls over night and then peel, scrape, wash and rub off all 80 stickers by hand, to ensure the animals do not ingest any stickers and glue. A simple, peel-able sticker would be so much smarter. We'll try another brand in the future, just because of the permanent stickers.

Kathy, Midland MI on 2016/07/21
Spot Time Bowls

These bowls work great for the elevated dog feeders I make. Decent quality and not too light duty.

Jim, El Paso TX on 2016/05/21
Great Product

I already had 8 of these bowls [that I feed my cats with], but kept using all 8 before the dishwasher was full, so I got 6 more. What's not to love? Dishwasher safe & they last forever!

Helen, Fillmore CA on 2016/04/29
Perfectly adequate

Quality bowl at a good price. Thanks!

Amanda, San Jose CA on 2015/12/03
Spot Diner Time Stainless Steel Pet Dish (1&2 Quart bowls)

I am a Kennel Manager at a Doggie Daycare. These bowls are perfect and met our needs! Thanks again PetMountain for satisfying our large order and shipping quickly!

Shirley, Bartlett IL on 2015/04/30
The puppies and kitty's just loved them

I ordered 15 stainless bowls for a rescue shelter that I am working with. They were very happy to receive them and thrilled with the quality. I might add that they arrived in a timely manner.

Chris, Phoenix AZ on 2014/09/24

The bowls are a little thin and lighter compared to the ones I currently have but not thin enough that they would wear out, bend, or break through normal use. The product came quickly; this was my first time ordering through Pet Mountain and I was very pleased. I was very happy to learn that the 1-pint bowls are a perfect fit to replace the bowls that come with the (SPOT) “Ethical Mediterranean Double Diner, 1-Pint” elevated food bowl stand that I bought several years ago from another seller. I am ordering another 4 bowls for easy rotation through the dishwasher. I have learned the hard way that cats can develop skin issues if their food bowls are not washed somewhat frequently.

Hanna, Laguna Hills CA on 2014/05/06
Only Place That Supplies These Bowls

After searching through every Petsmart andPetco, this is the only place I found that supplies the dog bowls I need for my elevated feeder. Not much else to say regarding them other than the fact that I ordered 6 and they take years to show signs of wear & tear. Delivered quickly and shipped within 24 hours. Thanks.

Di Anna C Kruse, Efland NC on 2014/03/18
Practical & Good Price

I purchased 5 of these to donate to a local dog park that needed water bowls strategically located in outside areas. And these bowls are just right for the job!

Claire, Austin TX on 2012/05/23
Great for my bird!

These bowls fit my black headed caique's bird cage. I didn't know what kind of cage we had since I got a great deal on it off of craigslist. These bowls fit perfectly, though. I ordered a bunch so that I can just throw them in the dishwasher and have plenty in rotation.

Ruby, Cape Coral FL on 2012/03/23
Great Size Selection

These are great bowls and work perfect for my birdcages. No more pulling out the dish and dumping the food, just for fun. Great selection, good quality, excellent prices and fast shipping. Nothing else to say!

Iris, Ridgefield Park NJ on 2010/12/23
Can't beat the price!

Just what you'd expect- sturdy metal bowl at at amazing price. Stepped into a local pet store and they were double the price. The sticker did leave residue but I soaked it in hot water and scraped it off. The dogs didn't care either way and it only took a few minutes.

Dutchgirl, Covina CA on 2010/11/05
terrific value !

We have several dogs...and often watch others dogs while they are on holiday or away for a few days. You can never have too many dog bowls in this situation! These stack beautifully and easily kept clean...and take up less room to store than the other ones I have.

Alberto, Sunrise FL on 2010/10/07
Excelente Precio

Habia buscado estos bowls en tiendas, pero los precios muy costosos, estan excelentes,gracias

Gerado, San Lorenzo CA on 2010/06/21
the best for the price

Very good quality,specially for its price

Melanie, Sonoma CA on 2010/02/18
great dish, great price

I have been looking for these stainless steel dishes for months. I had found similar ones for more than double the price. These are a perfect size for my large cats. I was worried they would balk at the small size, but they didn't care. As a bonus, the small size means the food sits higher up in the bowl, so the cats can eat more easily than they do out of a larger dish. They clean up beautifully by hand or in the d/w. I did have to work a little more than I prefer to get the labels off, but that's hardly a significant drawback.

Sean, Naperville IL on 2008/10/12

I saw these at Petsmart for close to $10 each, so I decided to check PetMountain and was very pleased to find them at this price! The only compaint I have about these is the sticker on the inside, bottom of the dish is sort of hard to remove. Other than that, they are perfect.

Mike, Gustine CA on 2006/12/19
Nice Bowls

These Stainless Steel Bowls come in good sizes. There is a different size to match your kind of dog. They are also at a good price. Can't find them any cheaper anywhere else!