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Spot Play Strong Rubber Ball Dog Toy Red by Spot

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Spot Play Strong Rubber Ball Dog Toy Red Description

Specially designed for the strongest chewers, the Spot Play Strong Rubber Ball for Dogs is made of heavy duty rubber thats virtually indestructible! These floating balls are perfect for lively games of fetch and catch.

  • The virtually indestructible rubber dog toy
  • Floats on water
  • Hollow center holds treats or peanut butter

The hollow center is perfect for stuffing with peanut butter or your dogs favorite treats for a special reward.

Note: While Play Strong toys are made extremely tough, no toy is indestructible. Always supervise your dog during play.

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Spot Play Strong Rubber Ball Dog Toy Red Customer Reviews

Billie, Great Falls VA on 2016/11/01
Awesome ball

I bought this for my daughters boxer/pit mix who likes to chew but really never would play ball. He loves this ball and will not only chase it but bring it back. And he cant chew it up.It is great because he is full of energy and now its easy to tire him out when I dog sit.

Dianne, Beaverton OR on 2016/08/03
Very Strong Ball

I have a (Bugg - boston terrier/pug) that is 5 years old and he's a VERY strong chewer. He has had this ball for 3 weeks now and has not destroyed it. First ball to ever last that long. I would highly recommend this ball to all hard chewer type dogs. Otherwise you will be buying a new ball every week like I was doing. Ball currently has no damage to it and he plays with it everyday!

Robin, Margate FL on 2016/07/28
Play Strong dog toys

My dogs love it and its the only toy they haven't destroyed. I am going to buy more. I bought it about 2 months ago and it is still in good quality condition. Thank you.