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Spot Stoneware Small Animal Dish by Spot

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SKU: ST6113
UPC: 077234061138
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SKU: ST6118
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Spot Stoneware Small Animal Dish Description

Spot Stoneware Small Animal Dishes are durable and heavyweight to eliminate movement and spillage. The stoneware small animal dish has a high gloss finish for easy, sanitary cleaning and is one of our most popular lines of crock dishes.

  • Provides food or water in your pets cage
  • Great feeding dish for small animals, birds, or reptiles
  • Heavy weight feeding dishes are durable and made to last
  • Resists movement and spillage

Spot Stoneware Dish Dimensions:
Small: 3" Wide x 1.5" High
Medium: 4" Wide x 2" High
Large: 5" Wide x 2" High
X-Large: 7.5" Wide x 2.5" High
Jumbo: 9.5" Wide x 2.25" High

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Spot Stoneware Small Animal Dish Customer Reviews

Kevin, Lansing NC on 2016/04/09
Great Little Stoneware Bowls

I ordered two of the 5-inch stoneware food/water bowls. When they arrived, one was broken (they were not packed very well). I contacted Pet Mountain and they sent out a replacement bowl right away. It was packed super well with lots of bubble wrap and padding. Nice job, Pet Mountain! Many thanks. The bowls are good quality and meet our needs perfectly.

Anita, Palm Bay FL on 2016/02/03
Heavy dishes

I ordered these dishes because I needed heavy dishes that my snakes did not overturn while they are in their display tanks. We do meet and greets with our animals and they need to have water in their tanks but they kept turning the dishes over. So I purchased these heavy dishes and they worked. No more overturned dishes with the tanks full of water in the bottom. ThanksAnita

Joanne, Dickinson TE on 2014/07/14
Wheres My Food

I had to laugh at the size of this little dish I ordered! I guess I didn't look very close at the description because this was very very small!

Jennifer, Thornton CO on 2014/03/12
Spot Stoneware Small Animal Dish Spot 5" Crock

My snakes love these and they don't tip over. Great crocks!

Billie, Perry OH on 2014/01/23
Great product

Love these bowls for our snake enclosures. From tubs in racks or custom enclosures. Have never had one tip on me...

April, Wheat Ridge CO on 2013/07/10
Great Item

This bowls are great, and I have always been very pleased with them. They work great for any kind of small animal. I use them with baby snakes, and my pet rats. It is great that they are a bit heavier, and not easy to tip over like plastic bowls. It helps keep animals cages a little more clean.

April, Wheat Ridge CO on 2013/07/10
Great Item

I have always been pleased with the quality of these bowls. They are pretty heavy, and help to prevent spills in cages.

Eudice, Chicago IL on 2013/05/24
Love them

LOVE. I bought them in two sizes and I am hand-feeding my baby bird and using the smaller size for mixing the food. It is perfect. Highly glazed so it washes clean easily and since it is Stoneware, even if it somehow chips, it will still be safe to use unlike ceramic. It also has many other uses. The small one is perfect for mixing paints in, storing beads in and countless other things including for holding spices when cooking. The price here is unbeatable.

Kay, Fort Worth TX on 2012/08/04
Small Animal Dishes

Perfectly weighted to keep from tipping over when the baby opossums drink from them! I am quite sure I will be ordering more. They are tough too. Dropped one - no problem!

Carl, Westerly RI on 2012/06/29
Great Product!

I use these dishes for my reptiles and I could not be happier. The price is great and these are not cheaply made dishes. Top of the line!

Eddie, Sacramento CA on 2011/06/30
Best water bowls for snakes

These bowls are perfect for snakes! I've got 16 snakes, from little baby green tree pythons to adult ball pythons, and a large dumeril's boa. I've slowly converted all of their water bowls to these ceramic bowls. They can't knock them over, and they are EASY to keep clean. Since they're non-porous they don't absorb harmful bacteria like some other materials might. I love them, and highly recommend them!

Shelly, Greensboro NC on 2011/01/19
Great Little Bowl!

Wish I had bought two!

Eddie, Sacramento CA on 2010/09/28
The perfect snake water bowl

I've tried a lot of water bowls, and these are by far the best for snakes of all sizes! They can't tip them over easily, they're very easy to clean, and the sizes are great for everything from hatchlings to large adults. I use the little ones in my hatchling tubs, and the big ones are great for keeping the humidity up in green tree python cages. Just place the water bowl on or under your heat source (depending on whether you use a heat mat or a heat panel). Highly recommended for any snake keeper!

Jim, Sun City AZ on 2010/08/19
ceramic dish prices

The best prices I've seen on a Google search. But need to be able to purchase direct from store.

Jessica, Hesperia CA on 2010/07/01
Perfect fit!

I have been trying to find an economical dish that fits the deli cups I use as water bowls for my reptiles so that they can't tip them over. These are perfect!

Bill, Parker CO on 2010/06/30
Awesome bowl for Ball Pythons

I use these bowls for my reptile water bowls. I love them because the are heavy and the animals can not turn them over. That is a nice thing to have so I am not constantly refilling overturned water bowls. They are also very affordable and heavy duty

Trish, Clayville NY on 2010/05/25

These bowls are perfect for our sugar gliders. They don't tip easy and hold enough food for their nightly feedings!

Jeff, Norman OK on 2010/04/30
perfect bowls

Mine came in nicely packaged, no damage! I use these for Ball Pythons and they work great! Easy to clean and hard to tip over!

Ray, Palm Beach Gardens FL on 2009/11/25
Nice bowls

The bowls are nicely made and hold the correct quantity of food and water. I would have been even more pleased if they had been made in the USA and would pay more if need be.