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Stewart Freeze Dried Beef Liver Treats by Stewart

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Stewart Freeze Dried Beef Liver Treats Description

Stewart Pro-Treat 100% Pure Beef Liver Freeze Dried Treats maintain the aroma, full flavor, and nutritional value of pure beef liver. Conveniently cubed into reward-size morsels, Pro-Treats are an excellent obedience and training tool.

  • Original freeze-dried training treat
  • 100% natural and pure
  • Only ingredient is USDA-inspected beef liver

Pro-Treats contain only 1 ingredient: all natural, USDA-inspected beef liver, with no additives and no preservatives. The freeze-drying process locks in the livers natural nutrition and flavor, providing a delicious, protein-rich, meaty treat your dog will love.

Made in the USA.

Feeding Guide:
Small dogs (10-30 lbs) - 1 to 2 cubes per day
Medium dogs (30-60 lbs) - 2 to 3 cubes per day
Large dogs (over 60 lbs) - 3 to 4 cubes per day

Do not moisten treats. Small pieces may be sprinkled on food for extra flavor and nutrition.

Ingredients: 100% Pure Beef Liver.

Guaranteed Analysis:
Crude Protein (min) - 50.0%
Crude Fat (min) - 5.0%
Crude Fiber (max) - 3.0%
Moisture (max) - 6.0%

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Stewart Freeze Dried Beef Liver Treats Customer Reviews

Sharon, Mcdonough NY on 2017/07/13
Great trail treats

I work with rescue dogs and we take daily 2 to 3 hour hikes. At present, I have 3 German Shepherds, a Pit Bull and a Cocker Spaniel. All 5 LOVE these treats, frequently checking in while on their hikes for a treat!The size of the treats varies, which works out well for me. I cut the biggest pieces in 2 and use the smallest as a sprinkle treat on their dinner. And I love that they are sourced and made in the USA.In short - a great treat.

Doug, Edison NJ on 2016/09/02
Pup Loves Them!

Can Always Count On Pet Mountain! Fast Service! A Great Place to Shop for All Pets Supplies! Outstanding Company! Thank You! Great Products!

Tami, Greenville NC on 2016/06/23
They love them

I love what they love and it is a terrific training tool, it has made it much easy to train them at just about anything

Doug, Edison NJ on 2016/06/03
Dog loves them!

My dog loves the Stewart pro treats!He can't get enough of them!Pet Mountain has great prices and we buy in bulk...Very happy with the outstanding service at Pet Mountain!Thank You!

Doug, Edison NJ on 2016/03/18
Great Product

Our pet loves these training treats!Fantastic! Great People at Pet Mountain! Great Delivery! Fast and Hassle Free! Puppy is Happy and so are We! Thank You Pet Mountain!

Doug, Edison NJ on 2015/12/10
Dog loves them!

Great Prices! Perfect Site to shop for our Pets! Great Packing! Very Happy with our Purchase! Thank You! Dog Loves Them! Pet Mountain is Perfect!

Merrily, Hilo HI on 2014/12/26
Awesome product, hard to find

I had been hunting for this product for over 10 years. Hooray! I found it here! It is irreplaceable in training a dog to do new tricks, or simply training a puppy. I used these for training my cocker spaniels when I was showing them. I'm now using them to train my new Australian puppy. This company is truly *very* special! They went out of their way, more than once, to ensure delivery of their products to me. It is not easy to get some of the items they carry, here in Hawaii - maybe moreso on Oahu, but I don't live there. I can't say enough about this company working for their customers. ;))

Ange, Saint Louis MO on 2014/03/25
Freeze Dried Liver Treats #1

The Gimborn freezed dried liver treats are great. Very little liver "dust" in my containers. Recommend this brand.

Yuka, Honolulu HI on 2014/02/26
Great for training

I bought Gimborn Stewart 100% Pure Beef Liver Pro-Treat for local shelter dogs. Most shelter dogs love this product, and this is perfect for training. Because it is freeze dried treats, you do not have to worry it for drying out. I highly recommend this product.

Jackie, Madison WI on 2014/01/22
Our Pets love them!

We ordered Liver treats, and your website made it easy to order and our shipment came in a timely manner.

Cheryl, Warminster PA on 2013/12/28
My dogs love these

We have 3 dogs and we were running low on the treats. I searched many websites for a good price and PetMountain was the best price. Shipping was fast. I gave a tub of treats to my nephew for his dogs because they love them also. Thanks for everything PetMountain!

Steve, Woods Cross UT on 2013/07/27
My little Papillon goes crazy for these treats

I bought a small container at Christmas time for her stocking. For Christmas in July I bought the big container because she loves these more than any other treat.

Cathi, Little Valley NY on 2013/06/05
Beagle loves them

My 9 month old beagle loves these treats. They are pretty good sized though which makes them inappropriate for training (when giving several treats in a short period of time) but good for the occasional potty treat, etc.

Kim, Jacksonville NC on 2013/03/22
My dogs loves these.

My vet gives these as treats and told me that it's great for dogs on a grain free diet.

Tim, Columbus OH on 2013/02/21
Dog liked okay, too big, crumbly

My dog did not love these treats, but would work for them at home. They are pretty easy to handle but leave a lot of dust if you keep them in a pocket or treat pouch for long. Wish they were in smaller pieces, but they're not too hard to cut up. Good price.

Tom, Highland CA on 2013/01/03
Great product

Great product, great price, the dog loves his liver treats.

Sharron, Kingsport TN on 2012/12/15
Picky about her food

I have tried all kinds of treats on my 2 pound chihuahua and she refuses to eat anything but Gimborn's freeze dried liver.

Lindsay, Saint Paul MN on 2012/12/14
Dog enjoyed, Nice Packaging

My dog loves the treats. It's a good alternative to the soft treats that ruin his teeth. I like the bucket to keep them fresh and I can re-use it for other treats. There weren't as many treats in the bucket as I expected, but overall is was a good buy.

Dawn, High Point NC on 2012/04/24
Doggy Crack

My 10 pound, 12 year old toy poodle, Samson, has gotten picky in the past few years, turning down once favored food and treats. I found these 100% Pure Beef Liver Pro-Treat by Gimborn on this website and decided to get him a bag. When I gave him the first one he devoured it and nearly drove me crazy begging, scratching my leg and barking for more. He knows when he hears me pick up the bag that he is going to get one but we have had to limit him. One is never enough for him and he would eat the whole bag if we didn 't put them away. We call them andldquo;doggy crackandrdquo; because he loves them so much!

Lf, Salinas CA on 2011/12/27
Great treat

Great treat, love the freeze dried, no funny smell, easy to handle, however, I did find my pup loves it so much more sprinkled on his food. So now I cut and smash the squares into a sprinkle for his food.

Kim, Akron OH on 2011/11/23
Excellent and healthy treat

This is a great, long lasting, flavorful treat that almost no dog does not love. I used to work as a trainer and this was one of my go to treats when I needed a dogs attention.

Claudia, West Seneca NY on 2011/04/12
Beef LIver Pro Treats are Great

My puppy loves these treats and they're healthy for her also.

Amy, Kansas City MO on 2011/04/08
Liver Treats

My dogs absolutely love these. I am training my Akita puppy and I really get his attention when I open the tub of these. I recommend these treats for training or just a good protein treat for dogs.

Bob, Willoughby Hills OH on 2011/03/05

I have (2) 9 year old dogs, they're mutts, rescued as puppy's from the pound, both about 65lbs and just wonderful pets, I got the large tub of these assuming they would like them based on their love of general liver treats......well these are by far the best treats, all I have to do is pull the cover off of the tub and they are salivating. I definitely will buy these again even though I have a while to go with this generous size, I feed them to my dogs as a treat but they would eat them as a meal if I would allow that, point being they are a superior product!

Molly, St Louis Park MN on 2011/02/02
Freeze Dried Liver Treats

Still the #1 nose grabber with all our dogs! And the Dust at the bottom of the barrel is prices-less...

Margie, Cave Junction CA on 2010/10/05
6 dogs and 3 cats love them

Love the size...Great for my very large dogs and also the cats....

Ellen, Camden AR on 2010/09/06
A rescuers helper

This is a very effective treat to attract shy or skittish abandoned dogs so they can be rescued.

Cattle Dogs Keeper, Champaign IL on 2010/08/27
Tasty, heathy training treat!

My cattle dog loves these. You can break them into itty bitty pieces for training. I don't mind the smell, my boyfriend thinks they smell gross, and the dog LOVES the smell. He goes nuts for them!

Nita, Olympia WA on 2010/08/27
Dachshunds love it!

We are training a dachshund puppy and she will do anything (including using a pad to potty) for these treats. My husband carries some in his shirt pocket and every time she gets on his lap she attacks the pocket. We also have a huge mutt who loves the treats too.

Merlow, Honolulu HI on 2010/08/11
great training treat!

Our Alusky puppy loves the liver treats and it is a great training tool for us! Pet Mountain offers great pricing, even with shipping (which is REALLY expensive!) the prices are still lower than the stores in Hawaii!

Jerry, Henderson NV on 2010/07/20
Outstanding Treat

My dog LOVES the beef liver treats. She starts her daily routine each morning by walking me to her closet for that pre-breakfast treat.

Sharron, Kingsport TN on 2010/04/24
My two pound chihuahua is a very picky eater, and the freeze dried treats are the ONLY ones she will eat, they are great!

100% pure beef liver freeze dried treats

Barbara, Amos QC on 2010/04/19
"my dogs respond to this treat 100% of the time

I have tried all kinds of training treats but these are the most effective. My dogs respond to these 100% of the time.

Jon, Cave Junction OR on 2010/01/12
The Dogs love these things!

Although these are a little pricier than the usual dog snacks or biscuits, the real benefit is that they are all natural and a healthier snack, and the dogs absolutely love them. They work excellent as a training aid and it's easy to carry a bunch in a pocket or sandwich bag.

Denise , Breckenridge CO on 2009/10/24
Great Supplement

My dog has extreme allergies and has never had a reaction to these treats. She LOVES them!

Laura, Hurley NY on 2009/10/23
Havent Met a Dog (or Cat) That Doesnt Love Them

I bought these treats for my three dogs, but my cats love them as well, as do all the dogs in our training classes. They are great training treats, and hold up well when stored.

Brian, Nashotah WI on 2009/09/05
Our dog would kill for these.

The best pet treat we have found. But $8.99 for shipping on a $5.00 item? Are you people crazy?

Zak, Hoover AL on 2009/09/01
The BEST treat yet!

My 4 long haired dachshunds go nuts when I ask if they want a liver treat! These were first given to my dachshunds as a gift several years ago and my 4 think they have "died and gone to Heaven" when they get one! I have shared some with all my friends for their dogs and have not found a dog that didn't like them...they all just want more than one treat! The dachshunds...Benz, Seychelle, Stutt and Emerson know they are the "BEST treat yet!"

Peggy, Wellington FL on 2007/09/11
Perfect for training!

These treats have been around for many years. They are freeze dried and therefore leave no odor or sticky residue in my pockets. I have three dogs that will do absolutely anything for one of these! They can be broken into tiny pieces for training, and sprinkled on food for a special treat. They are the best and the only treat I use for all my dogs! This website has the best prices.

Laurie, E. Hampstead NH on 2007/02/23

My dog is allergic to almost everything (Basset Hound) I thought I wouldn't find anything that I could give him for treats.Then I found the liver treats. He loves them so much that the only way he'll eat his dinner is if I put the liver treats on it.And his dinner is real ground burger with rice. Most dogs would love that, but he loves these liver treats. I would recommend them to everyone.

Jim, Brooksville FL on 2007/01/03
A Great Training Aid

Gimborn freeze dried liver treats have helped me train my not too brilliant mixed breed pup. He has very slowly learned to do many commands, and always demands a liver treat to continue school. Come to think of it, maybe he's outsmarted me in an attempt to get as many Gimborn liver treats as he can. Gotta go talk to that guy.

Debby, Milwaukee WI on 2006/11/14
Cats love them too!

I don't like to give my dogs or cats grain based treats so these are great. I use them as training treats. I trained my cat to "shake paw" using these liver treats.

Terrence, Ladera Ranch CA on 2006/10/28

These are the best treats around. My Dogs have these treats everyday. They are wonderful for training and work for getting them to eat all of their dinner since they are very picky eaters.