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API Stress Coat Marine Fish & Tap Water Conditioner by by API

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UPC: 317163043851
MPN: 385D

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Product Description

The Marine Stress Coat by API instantly removes chlorine and chloramines, making water safe for fish. The Stress coat will neutralize heavy metals and replace the natural slime coating fish need in times of stress, such as handling, shipping, or fighting.

  • The Healing Power of Aloe Vera
  • Enhances Slime Coat on your fish
  • Removes chlorine, chloramines and ammonia from water
  • Non-foaming marine formula for saltwater aquariums

Marine Stress Coat contains Aloe Vera to prevent the loss of essential electrolytes and protect damaged tissue against disease causing organisms. It can help heal torn fins and skin wounds. Use this product when setting up a new aquarium, changing water, or adding fish.

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Customer Reviews

Mary, Beloit WI on 2010/08/27
Healthy, happy fish

We use stress coat in our pond. The Koi are huge and we never lose any. When your fish get so big you certainly need to keep your pond water free of toxins.