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Supreme Aqua-Mag Magnetic Drive Water Pump by Supreme

  • $110.99
  • Save $53 (48%)
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SKU: SU02512
UPC: 025033025127
MPN: 2512
  • $131.99
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SKU: SU02513
UPC: 025033025134
MPN: 2513
  • $157.99
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SKU: SU02515
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  • $179.99
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SKU: SU02517
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  • $209.99
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SKU: SU02710
UPC: 025033027107
MPN: 2710
  • $283.99
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SKU: SU02712
UPC: 025033027121
MPN: 2712
  • $367.99
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  • $441.99
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SKU: SU02740
UPC: 025033027404
MPN: 2740

Supreme Aqua-Mag Magnetic Drive Water Pump Description

The Supreme Aqua Mag Magnetic Drive utility pump is a magnetically-driven, submersible pump. This Supreme Aqua-Mag pump features a unique energy-efficient design uses only one moving part - a ceramic/magnetic impeller. 10 foot long three pronged power cord make installation in larger ponds a breeze.

  • Energy-efficient design - just 1 moving part
  • Completely submersible, use in or out of the water
  • Pump salt or fresh water
  • 3-year limited warranty

Supreme Mag-Drive Pumps have been designed and manufactured using the latest developments in magnetic technology. The pump consists of a power unit encased in water-proof epoxy which creates a magnetic field. This drives a powerful ceramic magnetic impeller, the only moving part. The advantages of this technology are many.

This Mag Drive Pump:

  • Is extremely energy efficient compared to equivalent conventional pumps
  • Is virtually maintenance free - no seals to wear out, no contaminating oils
  • Can be used in either salt or freshwater environments
  • Can be used for submersible or in-line applications

These sturdy pumps are ideal for water garden and ponds, statuary, aquariums, and hydroponic gardening...or wherever you want to pump salt or freshwater efficiently.

  • Fish safe - no oil or harmful substances to leak
  • For saltwater and freshwater aquariums or ponds
  • Only one moving part - no motor seals to wear or leak
  • Submersible or for in-line use
  • Energy efficient - consumes half the electricity of conventional pumps with similar flow
  • 1" NPT threaded inlet/outlet

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Supreme Aqua-Mag Magnetic Drive Water Pump Customer Reviews

Mike, Matthews NC on 2015/02/02
Great Pump

Perfect pump to pair with Lifereef pre filter box. Price and fast shipping could not be beat.

Micah, Omaha NE on 2014/11/22
Super easy and fast

Very happy with how easy it was to find and order my pump and how fast it was delivered.

Harold, Detroit MI on 2013/08/21
1st time pump owner

I was not sure how to do what I needed to complete my job. This item was the correct choice for the job. My object was to conduct a 25% water change for a 150 gal tank with out have to lug 312 lbs. of water up from the basement weekly. The Mag-Drive 18 does just what I needed, (Saving my BACK and TIME)!

Brian, Oakland NJ on 2012/02/16
MAG 24 Pump is a Rock Solid piece of Equipment

This pump runs my 135 gallon reef tank nicely...great flow...powerful and runs quiet submersed in my sump...highly recommend this monster.

David, Denver CO on 2012/01/21
best of breed

I bought a mag 7 to replace another pump with similar output and head which powered my refugium/sump. It failed every few months when it got dirty. The mag 7 put out so much water that I had to install a line valve to control the output. I've had a mag 5 for 7 years. It just keeps on going and going, unheard and unseen.

Sean, Fort Pierce FL on 2011/11/03
Supreme Mag-Drive 7 Pump

It is a great pump and is quiet. The pump also comes with a pre-filter to ensure trash doesn't get into the pump to damage the propeller. I run my new pump on a 55 gallon saltwater aquarium. I got my shipment delivered in a timely manner, and I have never had any problems with shipments from Pet Mountain. The pump connects easily and they have good diagrams to ensure to pick the correct pump for your needs.

Super1Es, Granite Falls WA on 2011/06/07
Nice Aquarium Pump!

This pump works pretty good! I had one stop working on me after only a week but pet mountain replaced it promptly and the new one works without flaw!

William, Crystal River FL on 2011/01/07
Reveived item quickly

I needed the 700 gal. pump quickly and you got it to me in a couple days thank you!

Dave, Huntington Beach CA on 2010/08/16
Great Pump and Great Price!

Have not find a better price than this place offers yet!

Dave, Pensacola FL on 2010/06/20
I love the Mag drive pumps

I've had my fish pond for 10 years next month. I bought a Supreme mag drive pump at that time. Have never had any problems with the pump, it runs 24/7. Best pump I ever had.

Mike, Bay Village OH on 2010/06/02
excellent longevity!

Lasted 4 years with no trouble. I am buying my second one. I highly recommend this pump.

Jasson, Midland MI on 2009/12/06
Great Experience!

I ordered a Mag-Drive 12 Pump. The price was great and the order could not have gone smoother.

David, Garden Grove CA on 2008/02/26
Excellent pump for breeding/quarantine tank

I'm a koi pond builder. pondmaster is recommended by expert fish breeders, koi dealers and koi pond builders. I have bought several of these pumps, ie pondmaster 950 and 1200 for small medical and quarantine tanks (200-300 gallons) and also for my breeding tank. Very efficient and trouble free usage. Priced just right. The best price online after long research of the internet.

Minh, Houston TX on 2007/12/12
Wonderful pump

quite pump

Bear, Houston TX on 2007/11/27

Great job for a great price

Bear, Houston TX on 2007/11/27

Great job for a great price

Andrew, New Castle PA on 2007/10/17
Stick with what you know is good!

I have had several Danner mag drive pumps over the years, and when I need a new setup, I would consider nothing less!

Michele, Rockville MD on 2007/10/10
Great Product!

These are great pumps. Very effective and energy efficient.

Tony, Palmdale CA on 2007/09/27
Awesome Product!

I use these pumps for my pond and aquariums. There great!

Robert, Damascus MD on 2007/07/15
Pondmaster water pump 700 gallons per min

Lasted 6 years with intermittent use, including being off for 5 months in winter.

Kouakou, River Vale NJ on 2007/06/30
My fish have been having babies

I started to use this product 4 years ago, and since the fish population in my pondhas grown quite a bit. Some of my neighbors with more sophisticated filtration systems are loosing their fishes.

Janice, Glassboro NJ on 2007/05/23
Great pump, great value

I purchased this pump at my local pond supply previously. I went from a 1200gph to a 2400gph and paid half the price of the 1200 gph. I found out the 1200 gph recommended by my supplier was too small for my pond and had to replace it yearly. I am on my second year of the 2400 gph and it is great. The flow over my waterfall is fantastic. The best part about the Mag Drive pumps is they use very little electricity. I have had other pumps and my electric bill was $50-75 a month. The Mag pump may use $2-3 a month.

Lora, Richmond VA on 2007/04/25

Pondmaster Magnetic-Drive Pumps are the workhorses of pond pumps! These pumps just go and go. It's the Energizer Bunny of pumps.After trying several other name-brand pumps for our 220 gallon pond, we turned to Pondmaster and was quite impressed with its quietness and compactness, not to mention the fish love being pushed by the stream of water emitted.Overall an EXCELLENT pump for the money and dependability!

Marc, Honeoye Falls NY on 2007/04/18
Mag 5, Solid Pump

Have had mine for about a year now, I'd buy another if I needed it, only I'd put it somewhere out of the way since mine is somewhat loud. Very reliable however.

Margaret, Albion NY on 2007/04/04
Great Pump

Maintenance free as stated worked as well as stated Would buy another if need to.

Jerry, Dallas TX on 2006/11/08
pondmaster = no worrys.

danner pondmaster pumps have given me years of saltwater service I currently use the 9.5, 1200 and 3600 without worrys. I'm getting another!