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Supreme Ovation 210 Submersible Power Jet Filter by Supreme

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Supreme Ovation 210 Submersible Power Jet Filter Description

Supreme Ovation Submersible Filters are perfect for all types of tropical fish aquariums and todays complex aquatic terrarium habitats. It is a reliable, smooth-running power filter that provides excellent mechanical, biological, and chemical filtration.

  • Use in aquariums and terrariums
  • Features an adjustable air regulator for aeration flow control
  • Filter kit includes power filter, filtration sponge, activated carbon cartridge, and a modular tubing kit

Ovation 210

  • Dimensions: 1.25"L x 1.5"W x 5.25"H
  • Flow rate: 53 GPH
  • Aquarium size: Up to 15 Gallons
The unique Supreme Ovation Filter design provides positive filtration which prevents the bypassing of unfiltered water. Supreme Ovation Submersible Filters can be placed in any position - standing up or lying down - in the most inconspicuous space. The dual-media filtering system includes a sponge for mechanical filtration, activated carbon to keep the water clean and odor free, as well as an oxygenating aeration head that can be regulated to control air flow. Changing of the media is quick and simple, making regular maintenance a snap.

Replacement Filtration Pak includes (1) filtration sponge and (1) activated carbon cartridge. The modular tubing fits into the top portion of the filter (see directions and picture on the box).

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Supreme Ovation 210 Submersible Power Jet Filter Customer Reviews

Jim, Bartlett IL on 2017/09/11
Awesome Filter

I am very satisfied with the filter. It is not too big, but big enough for my tank. It is easy to change the media.. I would recommend it

Samir, Alexandria VA on 2015/10/17
Still working strong (Ovation-1000)

Had it for 4 years now, still works great keeping my water clear. It does what it says it'll do, and is at a really great value.

Caveman, Cincinnati OH on 2015/04/17
Working Well - Ovation 210 Submersible Power Jet Filter

I got the order on time and the filter was properly packaged for protection during shipment. This filter may be cheaper in cost and small but it works well and is easy to maintain. My friend used one in a turtle aquarium and loved it. I actually use it for a deeper birdbath and it works great. This may be unusual but there are only pumps for birdbaths and no filters, so I decided to use the Ovation 210 because it sits in shallow water.

Scott, Fort Worth TX on 2012/12/20
Working as described

Recieved quickly. Had for 2 weeks now and water looks clear in 75 gal. tank with a 7" red ear slider turtle. Which takes a lot to keep up with a turtle this size.

Kris, Spring Hill FL on 2011/09/23
worked as i need it to

very nice size for i was using this in my refugeuim area in the back of my salt tank this is working great so far

Cheryl, Torrington CT on 2011/09/16
ovation filter 1000

I put the filter together in less than 10 minutes . The directions were so small I couldn't read them without a magnifying glass, but discovered I didn't need them after all. Very easy to assemble, not much involved. It purrs like a kitten compared to the old filter I had. I bought it for my very large red eared slider. I like the fact that you can position it any way necessary for the tank. I did turn it on and test it ... it's powerful suction is what I need for my turtle. I'm very happy with this filter.

Elisabeth, Kernersville NC on 2010/09/22
My sister loved it!

Got this for my sister for her birthday and she loves it! She uses it in her 55 gallon tank with her 2 red ear sliders. Keeps the tank crystal clear and spotless.

Nicholas, Northford CT on 2010/06/02
Very Good Product

I have a Supreme Ovation 1000 for 50 Gallon Tanks. This product has been without a doubt the best Submersible Water Filter I have ever owned. I am about to upgrade to a 80 Gallon Ovation and trust these product's with my aquariums inhabitant's lives.

Brian, Parkesburg PA on 2010/02/12

This filter is great in our turtle tank! It holds just the right amount of carbon and has a large sponge for mechanical and biological filtration. I would advise not rinsing your sponge under chlorinated tap water though. The sponge is the only bio media available for this filter and you don't want to kill off the bacteria. I would rinse it under clean dechlorinated water. Overall pretty good filter.

Tara, Meriden CT on 2009/11/12
I guess it is ok

I ordered the ovation 1000 for a 20 gallon tank. The directions are laughable and the diagrams listing the parts are mislabeled. It does sit nicely in the tank but I need to be able to adjust the water flow and there is no way to do this that I can find. It is very quiet and keeps the tank clean. If anyone from the maker of this product reads this I would appreciate some better instructions!