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Supreme Selective 4+ Mature Rabbit Food by by Supreme Pet Foods

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Product Description

Supreme Selective 4+ is a tasty, balanced diet for mature rabbits. This natural blend contains fresh timothy hay and thyme to stimulate the appetite and contains other natural ingredients to provide nutritional support for the older rabbit. This high fiber diet prevents selective feeding and contains no added sugar or artificial colors. Help your senior rabbit (over 4 years) maintain a healthy skin and coat while promoting digestive health.

  • Fortified diet for mature rabbits
  • High fiber - typically 22%, based on Timothy Hay
  • Rich in natural ingredients with zero added sugar
  • Prevents selective feeding
  • Suitable for all breeds

Beyond the numerous benefits of Selective's healthy ingredients, it's what doesn't get included that really sets it apart. Selective pet foods are made without molasses, syrup, or other sugary ingredients that can lead to overeating or obesity. Check out all the additional benefits for more proof that Selective 4+ Rabbit Food is right for your bunny:

  • High Fiber – 22%
  • Zero Added Sugar
  • Prevents Selective Feeding
  • Rich in Natural Ingredients
  • Balanced diet
  • No artificial colours
  • Highly palatable with Timothy hay and herbs
  • 100% Vegetarian
  • Encourages dental wear
  • Promotes digestive health
  • Helps maintain healthy skin and coat
  • With natural antioxidants

Feeding Instructions: If you are feeding Selective to your rabbits for the first time, make sure you change from one food to another, gradually over 10-14 days. At first, you should mix a small amount of Selective with your rabbits’ current food, slowly decreasing the old diet, whilst gradually increasing the quantity of Selective. A sudden change in diet can cause digestive upsets – even when you are changing to a better quality diet – so take care! If your rabbits are used to a sugary diet, you may find it takes them a while to change, but persevere as it will help to benefit your rabbits’ health in the long term. And don’t forget fresh hay and water! Your rabbits should have an unlimited supply of both at all times.

Guaranteed Analysis:
Crude Protein (min) - 10.0%
Crude Fat (min) - 3.0%
Crude Fiber (min) - 19.0%, (max) - 24.0%
Moisture (max) - 11.0%
Calcium (min) - 0.4%, (max) - 0.9%
Salt (min) - 0.4%, (max) - 0.7%
Vitamin A (min) - 10000 IU/kg
Vitamin D3 (min) - 1000 IU/kg
Vitamin C (ascorbic acid) (min) - 500 mg/kg
Vitamin E (min) - 50 IU/kg

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Customer Reviews

Sara, Greenwich CT on 2016/05/15
Have been using for years

I rescued a then 4 year old bunny who was already considered senior. I started using supreme selective rabbit food I purchased at a local PetCo and she loved it. I soon found out that Supreme Selective offered a mature rabbit food option which I could only find at She's been on it for three years and absolutely loves it.

Cathy, Nyc NY on 2016/01/09
The Buns Love Selective 4+

I am using the 4+ pellets for my older buns, and they love these. They get various hays, too, but this helps keep their weight where it is supposed to be, especially my 11 yr. old. The primary ingredient is Alfalfa, the food that can help elder rabbits keep their weight up.

Ann, Fairfield CA on 2014/06/25
Bunny keeps on hopping

Our ancient bunny perked up after we switched to this senior rabbit food. Please keep carrying it as it is hard to find.

Jill, Springfield IL on 2014/04/21
Excellent bunny food!

I had received a free sample of this senior bunny food. My 6 year old Dutch bunny absolutely loved it. And she refused to eat her normal food and would dump it. I will continue to order this food for her. She loves it and I love it!

Ryan, Tampa FL on 2014/03/25
It's like bunny crack...apparently.

Our bunny goes through phases where she eats hay like crazy for a week, and then wants nothing to do with it for months. She also usually dumps her food dish, despite me creating a contraption to hold the bowl...she is a sneaky/smart one. Anyway, she would hardly ever eat everything in her bowl, we would end up having to either throw some out because she wouldn't eat it, or we'd have to pick it up off the floor. Until my wife came home with a bag of this. Now she eats it all...every last pellet!! She hears us grab the bag, and she can't wait for us to fill her bowl...

Anna, Manchester NH on 2013/10/28
The pickiest rabbit alive loves it!

Finding a healthy dry food for my rabbit that he likes has been a losing battle all 5 years of his life. I would have given up a long time ago, except he refuses to eat hay, so I knew it was important for him to have dry food as a good source of fiber in addition to his fruits and vegetables. Regardless of the brand or price, he never liked anything I bought him. He would dump it out all over the place and when we tried only giving him dry food just to make him eat it, he would starve himself. It was really starting to feel hopeless. When I saw this at a pet store, I decided to give it a try, though I didn't have much hope for it. I found myself extremely pleasantly surprised. As soon as he smelled it, he was freaking out. He was running all over the place, standing on his hind legs, and trying to get to the food before I had even finished filling his bowl. I put it down and he ate that entire bowl of food. This food is like a treat to him. He ate every piece of that first bag, none of it was dumped. I finally found the perfect food for my picky little rabbit!