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Tetra LED Aquarium Kit - Black by by Tetra

  • $41.99
  • (45%)
SKU: WL29137
UPC: 046798291374
MPN: 29137

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Product Description

The Tetra LED Cube Aquarium Kit is a clear acrylic tank that's incredibly durable and practical for counters, tables and desktops. This cube utilizes the highly effective whisper filter and features LED light for optimal viewing.

  • 1.5 gallon aquarium with filter and LED light
  • Easy on/off switch for light operation
  • Durable cube aquarium

This cube features a single low voltage power cord that powers both the filter and led light, while an easy on/off switch operates the light. This cube contains the 1.5 gallon aquarium, base and integrated LED lighting system, whisper filter, whisper bio-bag small cartridge, low voltage power adapter and an easy to understand setup guide!

Note: Gravel, plants and fish not included.

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Customer Reviews

Erich, West Hills CA on 2019/01/31

First, I have been keeping Aquariums for many years. I have kept a Betta in a small acrylic container.60 Gallon and was successful. It required lots of cleaning. That was too small a space! This tank is a great size for a Betta due to the 1-3 Gallon Filter and lighting. I even threw in a small Cory, and he keeps the bottom clean. The Betta is a territorial fish, and it is chancy, however, they are getting along. I have had this for around 7 months now. The filter is fine. The lights fade, I do turn my desk lamp on to help my plants. At this price, you won’t go wrong, and if you receive broken Pet Mountain will help you out.

Becka, Big Spring TX on 2015/07/19
Nice Betta Tank

This is a very nice little tank. Easy setup and the light is much brighter then I thought it would be. The filter seems cheap and does not work very good. But I still like the tank.

Jean, Forest Hill MD on 2015/03/26
Best Little Tank Ever

I received this today and I set it up in no time. I put my Betta in it and he loves it. I used pink stones, pink plants and a pink flower ball with holes for him. He is pinkish blue and looks great in it. Good service and I love the price.