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Tetra LED Half Moon Betta Kit by Tetra

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SKU: WL29049
UPC: 046798290490
MPN: 29049

Tetra LED Half Moon Betta Kit Description

The Tetra LED Half Moon Betta Kit is a beautiful betta environment in a cool half moon shape that will be a great addition to any small space at home or at the office.

  • Convenient feeding hole
  • Versatile LED lights that fit above or beneath tank
  • AA battery operated and USB compatible

This tank features a convenient feeding hole and LED lighting that can either be lit from the top of the tank or moved to light from beneath, whichever you prefer.

The LED lights are powered by three AA batteries (not included) and can also be powered using a micro USB B Cable with AC adapter (not included) to plug the unit into any outlet. With plenty of versatility with lighting options and a unique style, this great half moon LED kit is perfect for your betta fish!

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Tetra LED Half Moon Betta Kit Customer Reviews

Christy, Oregon WI on 2015/03/07
Stylish tank

A very modern looking small tank. Perfect for a betta or a few guppies. LED light is nice and bright on top and has a subtle glow from below.

Debbie, Lakeland FL on 2013/07/03
Nice container.

I think this is a nice container but not as big as I expected. If you are looking for a betta home, choose something in the range of 10 gallons. This is a great quarantine tank though and I use it when I am cleaning the big tank. Also, I had trouble with the LED lights blinking on and off and then completely off. PetMountain replaced the item immediately when I let them know what was happening. This is a great company and they take care of their customers.

Susan, Elbert WV on 2013/06/23
Very Nice

This is a great tank for a table, desk or counter. My Betta loves it. I put in a ceramic log and live plants and he swims through the log and around the plants all the time. The LED lights are perfect for it and really illuminate the bowl very well. I would recommend it to a friend.

Lj, Van Nuys CA on 2012/06/26
Great tank for any cubicle!

Me and 2 of my coworkers bought Betta Fish (Hewie, Dewie, and Louie) for our cubicles, and quickly realized that none of our fish really liked their new homes. They purchased the little 1/2 gallon kits and I had a 1 gallon hexagon tank that I had just sitting at home. I noticed that my fish started getting sick and wasn't eating. Then he started to get fit rot. I noticed this tank at my local pet store, but I wasn't about to pay $19.99 for a tank that came with absolutely nothing other than lights; not even batteries for the light pack it comes with! I came across Petmountain and realized that you could not beat their price andgt;anywhereandlt;. I showed my coworkers a picture of the tank online and they loved it, so we all decided to buy one. The package arrived the very next day and we all set up our new homes. We all purchased marble stones and plastic plants as well (Zoo Med), and let me tell you... Within a few days all of our fish perked up and they were so happy with their new homes! My little Hewie is happy and healthy! He eats like a pig now! He jumps out of water to eat from my finger, swims in and out of his plants, and even lays in the window of his castle. I love this little tank! So easy to clean and looks great with marble stones and the lights shinning from the bottom. The reason I deducted a star is because the light pack requires 3 AA batteries, and if you leave them on for any extended period of time (5+ hours a day, 5 days a week), the batteries start to die out pretty quickly.