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Tetra LED Hood for Aquariums by Tetra

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Tetra LED Hood for Aquariums Description

The Tetra LED Natural Daylight Hood creates a natural daylight effect to replicate that natural shimmering glow fish love. These durable hoods use energy-efficient and cost-effective LEDs to provide the perfect lighting for your tank.

  • Energy efficient LED aquarium lighting
  • Creates natural shimmering daylight effect
  • Low profile aquarium hood

This low profile aquarium hood features a sleek design and is hinged for easy access during maintenance. LED bulbs are extremely long-lasting and require very little power to create brilliant light, consuming far less energy than equivalent fluorescent fixtures. The hood features a feeding hole, a hinged lid for easy access, 2 sets of mounting clips to fit differently sized frames, and cut-outs to accommodate a variety of filter sizes.

Tetra LED Hood for Aquariums Specifications:
16"L x 8"W LED Hood - Fits Most 5.5 Gallon Aquariums - 1 Watt (1 Module, 3 LEDs)
20"L x 10"W LED Hood - Fits Most 10 Gallon, 20 Gallon High, and 26 Gallon Extra High Aquariums - 3 Watt (3 Modules, 9 LEDs)
24"L x 12"W LED Hood - Fits Most 15 Gallon, 25 Gallon High , and 30 Gallon Extra High Aquariums - 5 Watt (5 Modules, 15 LEDs)
30"L x 12"W LED Hood - Fits Most 20 Gallon Long, 29 Gallon, and 37 Gallon Aquariums - 7 Watt (7 Modules, 21 LEDs)

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Tetra LED Hood for Aquariums Customer Reviews

Gregory, Belvidere IL on 2019/10/01
Vary flimsy

I got this with an aquarium kit from Wally world. My 150 gal tank sprung a leak and had to find something to hold my fish in until I got the big one replaced. The hood is vary flimsy and it has a small feeding hole front center but there is no way to close it. I also broke out the smaller cutout in the back for the filter that came with it. I also have cats and that was my problem. They kept climbing on top of the hood and their weightWould cause the hood to bow the hood down so I was afraid the hood collapse into the tank. the larger cut out on the back for bigger filters or more equipment The cats punched that out. I had my big tank replaced by then and decided to keep the smaller 29 gal tank for Quarantine, med tank or nursery take. But the cats decided a it was a great source of water even though they have a fountain in the kitchen. have a new hood now that keeps the cats out.It's a good hood if you don't have other pets that will climb on top of it or set anything to heavy on top it will do the job. It's a good hood if you don't have other pets that will climb on top of it or set anything to heavy on top it will do the job.

Trent, Piedmont SC on 2018/08/08
Bright Lights

i like the lights but would be nice to have away to turn them down (if necessary).

Tom, Levittown NY on 2018/02/06
5 gallon hood

Excellent fits nice and tight on my old 5 gallon tank lights up tank perfectly . Couldn't find any 5 gallon hoods in stores around me and made a my own light and good but it just wasn't right . Found your company online and first item on page was exactly what I needed ... It's an old tank and it's very tight fit but works .

Steve, Rehoboth MA on 2017/09/23
I love these tank hoods!

I have these Tetra LED hoods on all 5 of my tanks. They are low profile; look good, very bright; low wattage LED lights; and my favorite part is the feeding hole. I don't have to open the lid and scare the fish when it's feeding time. Tetra has great customer service, too. The LED lights failed on my 10 gallon hood and they promptly replaced the lights free of charge. I am very pleased with my purchase of Tetra products, including Tetra filters and air pumps on all 5 tanks.

Raymond, Dover NH on 2017/05/24
Happy Resolution

A follow up to the problem of (Not Happy) I called the company and spoke to a very understanding and helpful rep. They were more than happy to resolve the problem in an expeditious fashion. Good customer relations will keep me coming back.

Mike, Gentry AR on 2016/07/20
Great piece!

I have a very old stainless steel framed 7.5 gal tank so I had to make the 20" hood fit. The Dremal cutter and some super glue , Whata fit! Thanks.

Roy, Carson CA on 2015/10/14
Very bright fixture

With a flat surface, the unit looks very clean without the typical top heavy looks of an aquarium. The LED is very bright, easy enough to install. I don't think it's not for a planted tanks. The light wavelength might not be correct for lush plant growth. For displaying fish or replacement for single tube fluorescent fixture, this is it.

Julio, Syracuse NY on 2015/09/29
Clear view

Love the clear view on my fish tank with the LED light, always looks bright and clear!

Cindy, Gibbstown NJ on 2015/07/23
LED light

Very nice, my tank looks great now.

Caren, Fackler AL on 2015/04/01
Challenging to put lights in...

I had a hard time figuring out how to put the lights in their tracks. The instructions weren't much help. It also comes with clips to attach the lid to the tank... can't figure out how to put them on. The lid was thinner than expected but fits well and I love how it looks. The lights are a bit brighter than expected but I have no complaints, nor do the fish, lol!

Javier, Bethlehem PA on 2015/02/09
What I expected

Nice. Easy to setup and pretty bright.

Mike, Angola NY on 2015/01/15
Product as advertised

No issues with the hood. Fit the 10 gal tank fine. Lights are bright and light up the tank well. Price was cheaper than others online also. Order processing was quick and no issues with the site. Only complaint is I select the 'Saver' shipping and it took 13 days (including weekends and the one holiday, New Years day) to arrive from California to NY. Seemed a bit excessive. Looking at the tracking this thing went to more cities in the US than I have ever been to. But that was my mistake to save a few bucks on shipping.

Suzanne, Granger IN on 2014/10/18
Love this item!

We absolutely love these Tetra LED Aquarium Hoods. We have two tanks, different sizes, and they both look fabulous with this bright LED lighting! This item fits our needs perfectly.

Angela, Irving TX on 2014/04/01
Family is enjoying the aquariums more

I have three of the Marineland LED hood lights for two different tanks, good investment for the fish, causes them less stress, makes the room look 3D. I'll be ordering my next three for my 125 gal tank soon.

Toni, Portage IN on 2014/03/11
Worth the wait!

I ordered my item and it said it was delivered but I didn't receive it. So I contacted customer service and after everything got straightened out I finally received my order and it was WELL worth the wait. I would order from PetMountain to complete all 4 of my 55 gallon tanks. Awesome product and service!

Leslie, Columbia MO on 2013/04/11

I love the natural look of LED lighting, and the low-profile hood. The price was very reasonable as well. My fish seem much happier.