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Tetra Pond Fountain Block Algae Controller by Tetra Pond

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Tetra Pond Fountain Block Algae Controller Description

Tetra Pond Fountain Blocks control the growth of unsightly algae in your ornamental fountain. Simply drop a block into your fountain and watch the algae disappear!

  • Helps control algae growth in ornamental water fountains
  • Clears cloudy water
  • Each block treats between 30 and 80 gallons

Initial dose may require 1 block for every 30 gallons of water. For regular algae control maintenance, replace the block when it becomes fully dissolved (usually after 10 days).

Important: For containerized ponds and fountains only. Use in compliance with all instructions. NOT FOR USE WITH LIVE FISH OR PLANTS.

Active Ingredients:
Copper Sulfate Pentahydrate - 1.02%
Diuron [3-(3,4-dichlorophenyl)-1, 1-dimethylurea] - 0.51%
Other Ingredients: 98.47%
Total: 100.00%

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Tetra Pond Fountain Block Algae Controller Customer Reviews

Marie, Buckeye AZ on 2017/07/21
Got just what we needed

We ordered Fountain Block by Tetra, for our small 25 gallon fountain and like Goldie Locks would say, "it was JUST right!" Its crisp clean flowing bubbling water is beautiful and now, no algae! No measuring or mess! Pet Mountain was great in processing and shipping the order .... fast!

John, Goodyear AZ on 2012/07/12
Works in the Heat

I live in Arizona with summer temps easily exceeding 110 for long periods. I have a 25 gallon fountain that uses about 25 gallons per day due to evaporation and wind. Having a very high bird count, there is a lot of bathing and drinking. The water level remains constant because it is connected to my drip system. However, the algae chemical level changed drastically in as little as one day with liquid chemical algae inhibitors. I used to clean the fountain every 2-3 weeks due to ideal algae growing conditions. After the last cleaning, I placed a pond block in front of the pump intake result, crystal clear water all of the time with no more scrubbing my fountain.