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Tetra Pond In-Pond Skimmer by Tetra Pond

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Tetra Pond In-Pond Skimmer Description

The TetraPond In-Pond Skimmer removes debris from the waters surface and protects pumps from clogging. It is easy to install and clean, and easily attaches to TetraPond Water Garden Pumps 550, 1000, and 1900 GPH.

  • In-pond skimmer removes debris from the waters surface and protects pumps from clogging
  • For use in pre-formed and flexible liner ponds
  • In-Pond Skimmer Dimensions: 13.5"L x 10.5"W x 9.7"H - 3.2 pounds
  • For use with pumps 550-1900 GPH

The Tetra Pond In Pond Skimmer PS100A features 4 corner pockets for filling with gravel to keep the skimmer from floating, convenient access lid for cleaning, debris collection basket, fiber pad that filters particles from water, weir door that adjusts to pond water level for maxiumim surface cleaning, and more!

Accessories included: Skimmer hose adapter 1.25" male thread, Pump intake adapter 1.25" male thread, 1.25" ID tubing x 3 feet and Plug for opposite side.

Limited 2-year manufacturers warranty.

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Tetra Pond In-Pond Skimmer Customer Reviews

Po, Kittery Point ME on 2013/07/10
Does the job well

Simple construction and easy to use. The hose fitting works with included 3' length of hose but if you need longer you may find it a challenge since fitting is smaller diameter than standard 1 1/4" and too large for 1". Stainless hose clamp to the rescue. The little "pockets" around skimmer (to weight unit down with rocks--essential) could be a bit bigger, but if you select your rocks carefully it works.

Sherry, Bedford IN on 2012/08/23
Great skimmer!

My pond is approx. 600 gal. with a 1200gph pump. This is the first skimmer I've ever purchased for my pond and wasn't sure what kind to buy. But I'd bought other Tetra-Pond products before and been happy with them, so thought I'd give their skimmer a try. I'm really glad I did. I hadn't realized just how much gunk I had floating on top of my water until the first time I cleaned the skimmer. The basket was practically full after just a few days since installing it! Installation was easy. Most everything I needed to connect it to my pump was included. I did have to buy a couple of hose clamps as the included tubing didn't fit real snug but other than that, I just had to level it with a few small rocks at the edges and it was up and running. I would recommend this to anyone whose pond and pump fit the required sizes for the skimmer. My pump is within range, but I think I could do better with a stronger pump. Maybe it's time to upgrade..... :)

Jeff, East Sparta OH on 2012/01/07
works good

I purchased one last year and worked great. I am expanding my pond so I got another.