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Tetra Pond Koi Vibrance Koi Food Premium Nutrition with Color Enhancers by Tetra Pond

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Tetra Pond Koi Vibrance Koi Food Premium Nutrition with Color Enhancers Description

Tetra Koi Vibrance is a highly nutritional diet that brings out vibrant reds and yellows on Koi and ornamental goldfish. Feed in spring, summer and fall, when water temperatures are 50°F and above.

  • Premium nutrition for all sizes of Koi and Goldfish
  • Easily digestible soft sticks with color enhancers
  • Less waste keeps water clear

Tetra Koi Vibrance is a premium Koi food with color enhancers for all sizes of Koi and Goldfish. Koi Vibrance floating soft sticks are easy to eat and digest. This means they result in less waste and keep your water clear!

Feeding Guide: Feed at least two or three times daily only as much food as your fish will consume within a few minutes. Below 50°F feed TetraPond Wheat Germ Sticks. They should not be fed below 39°F.

Guaranteed Analysis:
Crude Protein (min) - 31.0%
Crude Fat (min) - 5.0%
Crude Fiber (max) - 2.0%
Moisture (max) - 7.0%

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Tetra Pond Koi Vibrance Koi Food Premium Nutrition with Color Enhancers Customer Reviews

Rhonda, Sanibel FL on 2018/04/21
Tetra Pond koi Vibrance food

We have been feeding our koi Tetra Pond Koi Vibrance food for years and have been extremely pleased with its quality. The fish look so healthy and grow well. Their color is bright and attractive.

John, Henrico VA on 2017/07/17
The best Koi food for the price

I have a couple of Koi ponds with quite a few fish. I have used the Tetra Pond Koi Vibrance for many years, and it has proved to be an excellent product. I purchase the largest box to get the best price, as I use at least 1-1/2 boxes a year.

Susan, Theresa WI on 2016/08/09
Koi love it!

My koi love this food and I love their vibrant colors.

Neil, Centereach NY on 2016/07/09
Pond sticks

I have been ordering the tetra ponds sticks for 4 years now and I am very satisfied with the quality of the product. My pond fish (koi, comets, goldfish, sarasotas) are always very healthy looking and active. The delivery is timely and the savings are much appreciated.

John, San Antonio TE on 2016/06/17
Tetra Pond Koi Vibrance Premium Nutrition with Color Enhancers Tetra Pond 8.27 lbs

Excellent bargain for Coy that can eat a lot. Fast shipment. 5-Star Rating!

Jay, Houston TX on 2016/05/03
Great service and product.......

My Koi and Tilapia love it! Good price and value and quick ship.

Jeff, Orland Park IL on 2016/04/11
Best fish food

My fish love it they can't get enough of it and their colors are rich in reds and yellows

Ed, Albuquerque NM on 2015/12/22
Koi Sticks

Great product, great service.

John, Kokomo IN on 2015/09/29
My Fish-ezz just love this food

My KOI prefer this food over any other I've bought.

Gene, Brownwood TX on 2015/09/11
My fish love it

This was my 8th order and as always my order was quick and at a good price. Koi Vibrance is great, my fish are healthy and they gobble up that product in just a few minutes and no waste. Keep up good work and service. Gene

Rosalie, Millstone NJ on 2015/08/05
Tetra Pond Koi Vibrance

My Koi are flourishing beautifully. I have a 40ft x 30ft pond on my property. I started with about seven five inch Koi 3yrs ago. I now have about fifteen ten to 15 inch beautifully colored koi plus schools of young adult vibrant orange, white and red and blue mixtures. There are also tiny black babies ready to grow up and change colors. All I use is the Tetra Pond Koi Vibrance to feed them. They also feed on what nature provides in the pond. I'm happy with the product, the price, and the ease of ordering and free shipping you provide.

Sallie, Englewood CO on 2015/07/14
Koi Vibrance

Best price I found and shipped quickly.

Kevin, Novato CA on 2015/01/02
The perfect food

Just what I always get and is fresh.

Eileen, Shelton WA on 2014/12/03
Great value - excellent Koi food

I've been ordering this food for several years. It does not cloud the water and I haven't had any fish deaths... other than by Heron predation. I have grown huge Koi and goldfish in a 1000 gallon outdoor tank. I save a lot of money buying it in bulk.

Jk, Orland Park IL on 2014/10/15
My fish loved it

Easy to feed and the fish love it. Brings out the colors of my koi and goldies.

Jeri, Grand Island NE on 2014/08/01
Butterfly koi love it

We have been feeding this to our butterfly koi for many, many years. They love this stuff. They are healthy and most of them are two feet long, with smaller about 12-18 inches and they are rapidly catching up to the others. Highly recommend!

Cliff, Pelham AL on 2014/07/09
My Kois love it (Koi Vibrance)

Good food, great savings, I'm a repeat customer.

Nancy, Rogers AR on 2014/05/27
Koi Love It!

They love it, they are healthy and the price is better here than anywhere else.

Ed, San Antonio TX on 2013/09/26
Koi love this food.

Great quality food, great quantity, and great price. Prompt delivery service.

Kathi, Hedgesville WV on 2013/09/25
Best Koi Food Ever

Tetra Koi food is the best and with Pet Mountain's prices you win and so do your koi. My koi are healthy, their color is wonderful and their growth is wonderful too. If you love your Koi and great prices you are a winner with this and all tetra koi food.

Rachel, Spokane WA on 2013/08/22
Good Product

Fish love to eat it and are healthy.

Donna, Millersport OH on 2013/08/06
Koi Vibrance

Great prices and fast shipping! I'll be back!

Bobby, Port St. Lucie FL on 2013/05/14
Koi vibrance

My fishes love this food, koi are getting large, goldfish are glowing red color, best place to get this in bulk. Will reorder again.

Chris, Elgin IL on 2013/03/20
Fish love the food, I love PetMountain

Have never been let down and get great pricing. Would recommend any pet owners to check out their website and shop.

Edwardo, San Antonio TX on 2013/03/07
First time buyer

Ordered Koi Vibrance Premium Nutrition W/color Enhancers Tetra Pond fish food. Shipment arrived in timely manner. Product is exactly what I expected. Reasonably priced. Free shipping. What more can you ask for? Thank you, and I WILL place another order, and my friends will also order from you in the future.

Arthur, Whitman MA on 2013/02/06
Best Price Koi Vibrance

I was amazed at the size of the Tetra Pond food bag, especially amazing was the price. I can't get this quantity locally for the price Pet Mountain sells it for.

Pat, Vienna VA on 2013/01/31
Koi Vibrance Food

We really like this food and so do the fish. They devour it as soon as it hits the water. The fish have grown significantly and very healthy.

Mike, Port Hueneme CA on 2012/10/03
TetraKoi food

Ordered the 3.5lb bucket of koi food from Pet Mountian, it arrived sooner than promised, the product was right and the price was right. Very happy with the service from Pet Mountain.

Beth, Tucson AZ on 2012/07/18
Loved your product, so did my fish!

Friendly employee when I called and PROMPT response. Thank you.

Heidi, Escondido CA on 2012/06/01
Best deal for Koi Food!

I was tired of having to buy a $45 big bag of koi food every month to six weeks and was overjoyed to find this deal online. Free shipping too and it arrived so fast. Love you guys!

Kathy, Millsboro DE on 2012/03/31
The Best!

We love the color enhancement quality of this floating stick food and our koi really enjoy the taste! They also prefer this stick form over other pellet forms. This is a quality product we never second-guess.

Ed, Astoria NY on 2012/03/13

I usually pay $6.50 for a 4.8 oz. can of this product at my local pet shop. I purchased the 2.4 lb. bag which will take me through the rest of the year. The savings are incredible!

Margaret, Fairfax CA on 2011/11/24
good fish food

Fair price Free shipping and it came quickly. Happy fish

Suzanne, Tulsa OK on 2011/07/17

This saves soooooooo much and is the exact food that I purchased earlier at my local store. Buying in bulk is the ONLY way to go. So glad I found the company.

Joe, Mickleton NJ on 2011/07/14
Excellent price and service

We have been feeding our Koi this product for many years, but it is expensive to purchase from the major Pet Supply stores. Even with the cost of shipping, we save substantially by purchasing from Pet Mountain. Delivery is prompt and within the time-frame stated.

Sande, Glens Falls NY on 2011/07/12
My Fish LOVE this food

Koi Vibrance is a good basic food for your fish. It helps maintain their vibrant color and health. I also like that the sticks float which makes for easy removal if necessary, however I've never needed to remove any. My fish devour the sticks in a couple minutes.

Dow, Santa Fe Springs CA on 2010/11/02

Tried other brands before, very disappointed. I will only use Tetra Koi Vibrance. It's the best!

Winnie, Ridgewood NY on 2010/10/31
Love It!

My Koi s loves these, the price for this just keeps on going up, thank god i found a site that still sell it for an OK price

Al, Houston TX on 2010/09/16
My wife swears by it!

My wife has been feeding her fish Tetra Pond Koi Vibrance for years. The fish seem to thrive on it and are very healthy. She's tried other products but won't use anything else now. The 16.5 lb. size is a lot of fish food, but it was a great buy through Pet Mountain.

Mary, Las Vegas NV on 2010/09/15
Fish cant wait to be feed.

My koi and goldfish love this food. When they see me coming they can't swim fast enough to meet me. They really enjoy their lunch!

Alex, Wilmington DE on 2010/09/13
Koi Vibrance is the only food I use all summer!

For variety, I have tried other products and have seen the disappointment on the faces of my koi as they swim away from other foods. I have 7 Koi, 3 Orfes and a lot of fancy goldfish and they all love Koi Vibrance. Thank you for making such a wonderful product

John, Kokomo IN on 2010/09/11
My Koi Love Koi Vibrance

My Koi love this food, they all come to the spot where I feed them and almost pull it out of my hand! They were not like that with other food. Except for One, they would wait until I stepped back to eat

Xxx, Iselin NJ on 2010/08/16
My fish loved it

Great product! Great service. Me and my all fishes very happy.

Doan, Plano TX on 2010/08/12
Great product, but a little slow on shipping

Great product! and it's the lowest price I found on the web, and included FREE shipping. I would buy here again.

Gloria, Darnestown MD on 2010/08/02
Easy to feed and my fish love it

Great food that my fish love. The container keeps it fresh too.

Clive, Los Angeles CA on 2010/08/01
Good for Koi Fish!

If you want happy koi's, then make it Tetra Vibrance!

Terry, Wayne NJ on 2010/07/30
Fish Pond is wild with colorful happy KOI

Price was shopped all over the area and internet - YOUR PRICE WAS THE BEST! Received our shipment within just a couple days and great service! 2 thumbs up1

Clyde, Festus MO on 2010/07/29
Our Koi Love This......

We have been feeding our fish Koi Vibrance for over five years and they absolutely love it! They are growing, healthy fish with beautiful colors. This product is highly recommended by us!

Joe, Park Ridge IL on 2010/07/28
My cat likes it too

Of course our fish like it, but our cat comes to the pond with me when I tell him it's time to "feed the fish". He enjoys it as much as they do.

Ramona, Blytheville AR on 2010/07/27
My Koi Fish Loves these Pellets

These are the only Pellets my Koi eat. I'm so Glad I got the Bucket size. I wish I would have been doing this all along. It just saved me TONS of money. The order got here really fast. Thank goodness because on the day it arrived I had just fed my Koi the last of their food the day before. Thank you Pet Mountain.

Don, Oak Hill VA on 2010/07/18
This is the one!

Early on in our pond experience, we tried several brands of koi food. This quickly became our food of choice. Have used it for ten years or more. Pet Mountain's is the best price we've seen.

Sam, Highland MI on 2010/07/05
Fish Food Favorite!

Of all the brands of fish food that our pond fish have tried, Koi Vibrance is the one of first choice. It seems to hold up well without turning to mush quickly. Of course, that is if there is any left!

Theresa, Eagle Creek OR on 2010/06/29
Fish Love It

I've been using this for 3 years now. In between I have used other fish food but my fish prefer the Vibrance. I'm really happy with this product.

Roland, Tucson AZ on 2010/06/10
Great koi food!

Our koi love this food and the price is amazing.

David, Tuckerman AR on 2010/06/04
Fish love it

Bought this with fish from pet store then tried other brand 2 times since and went back to this and wow what a difference fish started eating great again and will almost jump out of water wanting more when they see us by the pond this is for sure the best food for pond fish.

Lois, Winter Haven FL on 2010/04/15
Great Buy!

This is the only food my Koi will eat and the cost was half of what I have been paying around here and that includes the shipping.I will buy my fish food from here from now on! Quick service too.

Terry Livingston, San Antonio TX on 2009/09/01
Koi Vibrance

The Koi Vibrance arrived within a week and I saved more than $5 by ordering from Pet Mountain. Plus, I didn't have to get out in traffic to get to the pet store. I have nine large, healthy, beautiful koi, and they love this food. I will definitely order again.

Jennifer, Vancouver WA on 2009/01/03
My Koi loves it!

This is the only brand I will buy for my koi. We love it that it doesn't cloud the water. Thank you Tetra Pond.

Larry, Anaheim Hills CA on 2008/07/22
Koi Vibrance by Tetra Ponds

When I go out to feed the koi, they get so worked up just seeing the food box, they almost jump out of the pond! Recommended.

Ke Xin, Wappingers Falls NY on 2007/10/20
Food treated kois GREAT

After 3 to 5 weeks my kois ate these Tetra Vibrance and I saw the difference in just 4 weeks. WAY better than the stuff i used to buy!

Freda, Lost Creek WV on 2007/10/10
Our fish love it.

I have a large farm pond which I have filled with blue gill, bass, catfish and crappy. They really love this food. Every time I walk near my pond fish come from every direction and group together waiting for more food.

Laurence, Anaheim Hills CA on 2007/07/01
terta koi vibrance

been feeding our fish KOI VIBRANCE for 4 years now, fish love it and it does not cloud the water

Cindy, Bellingham MA on 2007/06/30
Great Product

We have been buying the Tetrapond Vibrant for 4 years. The fish love it, they grow 3 times their size over the course of our short summers and their colors are beautiful.

Bill, Fort Myers FL on 2007/06/15
Its the only food

My little pig's with scales love it...Crystal Clear Water....It's the only food you need for your Koi...Very Happy with the product...

Bill, Beaverton OR on 2007/06/11
Fish love it

It is the only food my Koi will eat.

Richard, Belmar NJ on 2007/05/09
Tetra for Koi - The Best

I have been buying Tetra Pond food for my Koi for five years now. I tried other brands but have always come back to Tetra floating soft sticks for my Koi.

Andrew S Martingano, Houston TX on 2007/02/20

We're only into our 2nd year with our backyard pond and the 8 koi we originally purchased (one for each of our grandchildren) have grown 2-3X their original size! NO OTHER koi food is as well recieved by the fish nor do any of the others help to maintain a clean/clear pond.