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Tetrafauna ReptoMin Floating Food Sticks by Tetrafauna


SKU: YT77817
UPC: 046798778172
MPN: 77817
  • $57.99
  • Save $24 (41%)
SKU: YT77817M
UPC: 688713105429
MPN: 77817M
  • $4.99
  • Save $1 (27%)
SKU: YT29252
UPC: 046798292524
MPN: 29252
  • $6.99
  • Save $2 (30%)
SKU: YT29254
UPC: 046798292548
MPN: 29254
  • $15.99
  • Save $6 (35%)
SKU: YT16255
UPC: 046798162551
MPN: 16255
  • $25.99
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SKU: YT29259
UPC: 046798292593
MPN: 29259
  • $91.99
  • Save $44 (47%)
SKU: YT29259N
UPC: 682157084821
MPN: 29259N
  • $43.99
  • Save $19 (42%)
SKU: YT16266
UPC: 046798162667
MPN: 16266
  • $98.99
  • Save $47 (47%)
SKU: YT29258
UPC: 046798292586
MPN: 29258
  • $402.99
  • Save $202 (50%)
SKU: YT29258M
UPC: 688713105283
MPN: 29258M
  • $35.99
  • Save $15 (43%)
SKU: YT29252M
UPC: 682157082605
MPN: 29252M
  • $47.99
  • Save $20 (42%)
SKU: YT29254M
UPC: 682157082612
MPN: 29254M
  • $50.99
  • Save $21 (42%)
SKU: YT16255M
UPC: 682157082414
MPN: 16255M
  • $196.99
  • Save $99 (50%)
SKU: YT16266M
UPC: 682157082438
MPN: 16266M

Tetrafauna ReptoMin Floating Food Sticks Description

Tetrafauna ReptoMin is a long-standing favorite among breeders and pet turtle enthusiasts alike. ReptoMin Floating Food Sticks provide excellent nutrition and high palatability, and are great for all water turtles, amphibians and other aquatic reptiles.

  • High in nutritional value
  • Scientifically formulated diet with calcium and vitamin C
  • For aquatic turtles, newts and frogs

High in nutritional value and manufactured to strict quality standards, ReptoMin products have proven to be readily accepted by dozens of species.

Made in Germany.

Feeding Instructions: Feed one to two times per day only as much as your pet can consume within several minutes. Also try TetraFauna ReptoTreat Foods for added variety.

Guaranteed Analysis:
Crude Protein (min) - 42.5%
Crude Fat (min) - 8.5%
Crude Fiber (max) - 2.0%
Moisture (max) - 8.0%
Calcium (min) - 3%

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Tetrafauna ReptoMin Floating Food Sticks Customer Reviews

Joe, Tampa FL on 2017/07/26
My Turtles Are Happy!

Your are guys are always courteous and friendly. You have everything I look for... A fair price, quality products and quick delivery. Thank you for being there when I and my turtles need you.

Joe, Tampa FL on 2017/07/26
My turtles are happy!

Your are guys are always courteous and friendly. You have everything I look for... A fair price, quality products and quick delivery. Thank you for being there when I and my turtles need you.

Jeff, Norridge IL on 2016/01/17
Great value turtles love this product...and a great value in the largest tub....They ship fast and am very happy ...jeff

Pete, Upland CA on 2015/10/11
My Turtles Love It

I have been purchasing my turtle food from you for the past few years. Not only is the product great but your price is fantastic.My veterinarian is always looking for good food values for his customers and I have given him your website.Keep up the good work!

Kathryn, Tucson AR on 2015/09/26
Slow eater and begging for food

My turtle loves these sticks. She's a slow eater and I haven't found any other "floating stick" that floats longer. She doesn't like to go to the bottom of her pool so that made her water dirty really quick and she would be constantly begging for food. So in turn I had to change out her water often and changing out 600 takes a lot of time which I don't have. I found these and bought a little bag and she LOVES them! Now I buy them in the big tub. She can eat at her own pace. She still begs but that's cause she really enjoys eating this food. I'd recommend this food with anyone that has an aquatic turtle.

T.j., College Station TX on 2015/04/19
A great product

I have used this product for my red eared slider for years and love it. With frequent sales, PetMountain is consistently a place to get a bargain.

Roger, Arvada CO on 2015/03/03
Buying in bulk saves money

I have been feeding my aquatic turtles ReptoMin floating food sticks for many years. The 6.83 lb. tub has proven to be the most economical way in which to purchase their food. I've been very satisfied with the service from Pet Mountain. Orders are always filled promptly and correctly.

Zelma, Lock Haven PA on 2014/08/20
Love it

I did not realize how much 6 pounds was. Wow this is a year supply. Love it.

Lily, N Hollywood CA on 2013/10/04
My Turtles Love It!

My turtles love the food.

Joanne, Sonoma CA on 2013/08/30
Turtle Food

The ReptoMin turtle food has kept my 32 aquatic turtles in my care happy and healthy. Their eyes are bright and their shells are perfect their behavior is wonderful, no problems or anxieties. PetMountain has it at the quantity and price to keep my turtle passion going. When I retired I was worried about the cost.

Chuck, Los Angeles CA on 2013/07/01
Great purchase

Always a pleasure doing business with PetMountain, great price, fast shipping, properly packaged product.

Ss, Silicon Valley CA on 2013/04/03
Red Ear Sliders like these sticks

This is really good quality food at an affordable price because you can purchase it in large quantities. Three RES turtles eat a LOT of food! I try to vary their diet, but Reptomin sticks are their main staple. The sticks float long enough for the turtles to eat them; no separate feeding tank. Some of the other brands have corn as the first ingredient, but Reptomin sticks primary ingredient is ground fish product.

Lynne, Scottsdale AZ on 2013/02/27
Saving Money in Bulk

Best value in bulk for aquatic turtle food.

Jarrett, Brooklyn NY on 2012/11/03
For over 10 years

For over 10 years my turtle has ate these and she can eat a lot of these. Just remember these are not made with all the nutrition a turtle needs, you will need to feed them some fresh foods, meat, fruit, vegetables to keep your turtle happy and healthy.

Sandee, Sparta NJ on 2012/06/20
ReptoMin Floating Food Sticks

My 27 year old turtle loves them! And it's a GIANT savings over what you get at a pet store!

Adonna, Walland TN on 2012/06/15

Love that I can get this product so reasonable but limit on shipping is too expensive and a turn off.

Crystal, Sault Sainte Marie MI on 2012/03/26
Great value for my hungry turtles

My turtles eat a lot and this large bag saved a bunch of money. Saved more than $40 if I bought it in the small bottles from our local pet store. They liked it too - which is something to say because they are a little picky. Will be buying it regularly from here from now on. Cant beat the great service and fast shipping.

Laura, Wilmington NC on 2012/01/03
Excellent, Clean, Easy Feeding

ReptoMin is neat and clean to use - the sticks float which makes it the best choice for our aquatic frogs. I have tried other foods, but the ladies do not like to fish along the bottom of their tank. The ReptoMin sticks are easy for them to sense (as a breed their eyesight is poor.) It does not have an overwhelming "pong" of shrimp or fish or dirty socks so it won't knock you down when you take the top off as some aquatic foods do. I have been using it with my aquatic frogs for years and both are fat and happy with no negative results.... as apparently I will be in my dotage and my daughter will be done with college before these ladies finish the circle of life, it is a good thing Tetra has a jumbo size.

Louis, Baldwin NY on 2011/08/24
Completely Satisfied

Absolutely love this product. I would definitely order this product again.

Vanessa, Pasadena CA on 2011/05/17

This is the best turtle food out there and Pet Mountain has the best price!

Chris, Locust Valley NY on 2011/04/12
Turtle Love It

They like this food more than crickets!

Dana, Orland Park IL on 2011/03/07
the best

I was shocked when I saw these product price. The best I have ever seen!

Christine, Jackson NJ on 2010/11/30
Exactly what we ordered!

Arrived in a timely matter, exactly what we ordered with an awesome price. Thanks again.

Lynn, Uniontown OH on 2010/11/04
23 Year Old Turtle

Our 23 year old Eastern Painted Turtle has been eating this food ever since she was the size of a half dollar. We tried other foods, but this is the one that she prefers. We like the convenience of buying in larger quantities to save money.

Chax, Miami FL on 2010/11/02
best choice for turtles

Reptomin floating sticks are great for indoor pets or pond dwelling turtles.

Mary, Cleveland OH on 2010/11/02
great food

Great stuff; easy to use, thanks!

Michele, East Hampton CT on 2010/06/12
awesome turtle sticks

I have been using the turtle sticks for years and my female turtle lays eggs twice a year and both turtles are extremely healthy!

Sue, Sudbury MA on 2010/05/11

My daughter's RES has eaten this food her entire 4-year life. I rarely have to remove uneaten food from her tank and she seems happy and healthy.

Denise, Staten Island NY on 2010/04/30

My red-eared slider loves this food. He's been eating this product for at least 10 years now. No problems....

Kasey, Atlanta GA on 2010/02/12
Great product, fast delivery

I received just what the product description stated, in perfect condition, and I am still blown away by how fast it got here!

Daniel, South Burlington VT on 2009/11/17
Save some money, buy in bulk.

This bag is huge, simple as that. It has the same food your turtle loves but in much larger container. It has a zip lock style closure keeping the food fresh.

Miriam, Bronx NY on 2009/09/23
All the sliders love them!

Great mix of turtle favorites in a small floating stick. Just place the sticks in the water and the turtles have a nutritious meal.

Tim, Piscataway NJ on 2009/01/19

I've been using this brand for almost 3 years. My turtles have loved it from the start. i started with one baby painted turtle, but now i have 7 painted turtles, one RES, a snapping turtle, and an asian box turtle that all love this food. Even with all these turtles, the large box lasts a couple months.

David, Edison NJ on 2009/01/07
32 Turtles Cant Be Wrong....

I use this food exclusively for my 32 turtles. Many of them are more than 10 years old so it must be some good stuff. They certainly enjoy it.

Am, Miami FL on 2008/02/09
Favorite Turtle food

This is my turtle's favorite food. I bought cheaper stuff and found it floating at the bottom of the bowl. Never again! Reptomin keeps my little green babies happy and healthy!

Am, Miami FL on 2008/02/09
Favorite Turtle food

This is my turtle's favorite food. I bought cheaper stuff and found it floating at the bottom of the bowl. Never again! Reptomin keeps my little green babies happy and healthy!

Chet, Daphne AL on 2007/11/24
Great Product


Chrystal , Oak Lawn IL on 2007/11/19
Turtles love this food :D

Ever since I have had pet turtles (which has been over 13 years) - I have been feeding them Reptomin. Boy do they love it! My baby turtles eat these sticks from my hands- and they get so excited about it that they sometimes will all swim towards me with their heads extended high! My adult turtles love these sticks too! I simply break them in half for the smallest of my turtles. I would highly recommend this product to anybody!

Jacqueline, Durham NC on 2007/10/16
Ravenous for Reptomin!

Reptomin has proven to be the food of preference for our Red Earred Slider and Eastern Painted Turtles. The sticks float long enough for the turtles to grasp them and gobble them up. Our turtles recognize the container and frantically paddle in the water whenever someone picks up the container until they are fed. They will swim around and follow the container until they realize that the sticks are floating in the water and rapidly consume them. If you are interested in an economical, nutritious food to keep your turtles healthy and happy, Reptomin is the answer.

Morgan, Carlsbad CA on 2007/10/06
Wonderful Turtle Food!

My turtle loved this product, it was gone in about 30 seconds. Thank you Tetra for making this great turtle product.

Faith, Hayward CA on 2007/08/26
Turtles love it!

I have been feeding my three red-eared sliders ReptoMin for two years and they are all in perfect health. I also give them treats by the same brand.

Kim, Lemoore CA on 2007/07/27
Great Price for the amount received!

This is a huge box of turtle food that has lasted quite a while for our 2 baby turtles. I opened it 4 months ago and I've still got at least half if not more left in it!

Lynne, Scottsdale AZ on 2007/03/10
Turtles love it

Turles love it. Easy to Feed. Keep it in a cool dark area for storage and if you keep it for a long time place in containers in plastic bags to reduce the risk of meal worms developing.

Sharon, Cedarhurst NY on 2006/11/08
Great product

My 4 turtles have been eating this food for many years... They look forward to being fed at least twice a day and immediately devour the food..