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Tetra Whisper AP Deep Water Aquarium Air Pump AP300 by Tetra

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SKU: WL26076
UPC: 046798260769
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Tetra Whisper AP Deep Water Aquarium Air Pump AP300 Description

Tetra Whisper Aquarium Air Pumps (formerly Tetratec Deep Water Air Pumps) are Tetras most powerful line of air pumps. The Whisper is excellent for delivering air to protein skimmers, tall tanks, even ponds, and makes an ideal deep water air pump!

  • Powerful air pump for aquariums
  • Ideal for deep water applications - pumps air down to 8' deep
  • Helps aerate water for a healthy aquatic environment

The pumps are designed for situations that produce more back-pressure, such as deep tanks (up to 8 feet deep), long decorator air stones, multiple air stones in one or more tanks, and protein skimmers for salt water.

Lifetime limited warranty (does not cover water damage and rubber parts).

Whisper AP 300 (Formerly Model DW96-2):

  • Air Pump for aquariums up to 300 US gallons
  • 115 Volts, 60Hz, 7.5 Watts
  • 74" electrical cord
  • 2 air outlets
  • Dimensions: 8.5"L x 4.5"W x 3.5"H

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Tetra Whisper AP Deep Water Aquarium Air Pump AP300 Customer Reviews

Bobby, San Diego CA on 2014/09/13
Not As Much Air As I Would Like For This Price

I have a 150 tall I needed 2 of the 300 pumps they only put out enough air for 2 4 round air stones each. Not anywhere the 6 air stones they say It can do. It is very quiet but does take up a lot of room.

Winnie, Butler PA on 2014/09/10
Best pump ever

Great power...running in 50 gallon tank on 2 12" bubble bars.

Patrick, Madison WI on 2014/02/14
Rather quiet for a big pump

This pump looks smaller on the website than in reality. Regardless of its size, it is rather quiet. It is very powerful for an indoor pump. I use it for my 100-gal tank to create a better bubble curtain by replacing the Rena 400. Rena 400 is very quiet, but the output is much less, even though it is listed for tanks up to 160 gallons. The downside of this pump (AP 300) is that it does not have a rheostat. Note that if you want a thick curtain, it is a better choice compared to the lower output model AP 150. I use both air outlets for a 4-foot bubble wand. I doubt that an 8-foot bubble wand would still have adequate bubbles with this model as its descriptions tell you. If you want a really quiet environment, then use a lower output for a tank like mine. With my usage, I can hear the surging sound of bubbles coming up the water surface from my work room upstairs while the tank is downstairs, but I do not mind this at all. All fish in the tank seems happy, more active, and breaths more relaxingly.

Alvin, Waipahu HI on 2013/09/23
Strong Pump

Very strong for the size, quiet running, won't know it's there. Would recommend it for a large deep tank or if you have a long airline run. Would also suggest picking up a spare DW96 repair kit. You will eventually use it.

Elena, Hinesville GA on 2013/01/18
I love it!

I ordered this air pump for my 125gal. Freshwater fish tank after the failure with the Rena Air 400. The bubble wand in my tank buried under the gravel along the back wall and Rena is too weak to make a bubble wall, bubbles were weak and there wasn't much of them at all. Whisper AP 300 is $20 more but it does an outstanding job, i even have to adjust the bubbles now because you can't even see the background behind the bubbles wall it makes. I'm happy with the result.

Patrick, Burns OR on 2011/03/06

I love this air pump. I have a 55 gallon tank, with an underground filter system. I ordered an air pump designed for 100 gallons thinking it would be more than I needed. However, it was not at all near powerful enough for what I needed. I then ordered this air pump fit for 300 gallons and I tell you it runs my four underground filter outlets excellent. A little expensive but well worth it to have a clean tank.

Henry, Macomb MI on 2009/09/23
Powerful Pump

This is a great pump! I used to have the previous version years ago. To give an example of what you can power, I hooked it to two 36" long "bubble wall" stones in a 22" deep tank and it overpowered them. I had to pump it through a manifold so that I could bleed some air out to make the amount of bubbles coming up look better. My only complaint is that when I bought this pump I wanted to order the rebuild kit at the same time since I'll need it eventually, but it was and still is out of stock. Ordering both at once would save shipping costs.

Craig, Sacramento CA on 2007/06/13
LOTS of air volume at depth, great pump

My dw96-2 has pushed a solid wall of bubbles through a 36 inch wall 2 feet deep for 10 years straight. I'm just getting a rebuild kit for the first time.I tried other pumps that couldn't come close.If you want high airflow in a deep tank, then this is the way to go.