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Tetra Whisper Aquarium Air Pump (Non-UL) by Tetra

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Tetra Whisper Aquarium Air Pump (Non-UL) Description

Tetra Whisper Air Pumps have been completely redesigned! The unique inner chamber, dome shape, and thick rubber feet dampen noise caused by airflow through the pump making this one of the quietest air pumps in the industry.

  • Quiet, durable and reliable
  • Powerful, virtually silent air flow
  • Patented shape and sound-dampening chambers flatten sound waves for minimal noise

The Tetra Whisper Air Pump provides reliable service at an affordable cost. It is efficient, easy to use, and has a new shape for maximum silence. The patented dome shape and sound-dampening chambers minimize turbulence and produce a smooth, quiet stream of air.

The Whisper Air Pump has a wide footprint, rubber feet, and a suspended pump motor that eliminates sound-producing vibrations. Thick walls insulate motor noise. Powerful diaphragms provide ample airflow for deep water applications.

Non-UL listed. 2-year warranty (excluding rubber parts).

Tetra Whisper Aquarium Air Pump Specifications:
Whisper 10 Air Pump for Aquariums up to 10 gallons - 1.5 watt - 1 air outlet - Dimensions: 3"L x 5.4"W x 2.5"H
Whisper 20 Air Pump for Aquariums up to 20 gallons - 2.5 watt - 1 air outlet - Dimensions: 3.4"L x 6"W x 2.75"H
Whisper 40 Air Pump for Aquariums up to 40 gallons - 2.9 watt - 1 air outlet - Dimensions: 3.5"L x 6"W x 2.75"H
Whisper 60 Air Pump for Aquariums up to 60 gallons - 4 watt - 2 air outlets - Dimensions: 4.75"L x 8"W x 3"H
Whisper 100 Air Pump for Aquariums up to 100 gallons - 4.8 watt - 2 air outlets - Dimensions: 8"L x 4.75"W x 3"H

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Tetra Whisper Aquarium Air Pump (Non-UL) Customer Reviews

Derek, Scottsburg IN on 2016/10/20
Excellent so far.

I have had this running almost 2 weeks. Puts out a good supply of air into the water, and is very quiet. I have 2 internal filters in the tank, and this is about as quiet as they are even though they are in the tank.

Gabs, Chicago IL on 2015/10/22
Nothing special about labeling it "silent"

It is not silent like it advertises itself to be. You can still hear the "brrrr" of the vibration. Though certainly is quieter than my previous air pump. I bought a 20lb for my 30lb tank. I use a bubble wall tube and the pump pumps enough air to reach the end of the bubble tube. Which is perfect. My fish love the force the air has. They are constantly hovering above the bubble tube.

Julio, Syracuse NY on 2015/09/29
Nice and quiet

Nice, powerful and quiet air pump.

Esther, Apache Junction AZ on 2015/09/25
Fantastic and Quiet

I wasn't so sure about the Tetra brand for an air pump. I had never used Tetra anything before for my tanks. I am super pleased with how quiet they are and the style of the pump itself. I like the look of it. I use it for a bubble wand in both my tanks and it's great. I have just purchased this one so I'm not sure on how long it will last but so far it has done very well. I do have an adjuster for the air flow and at max air flow it is wonderful but the fish weren't very happy about it. I had to adjust the air flow but it's doing great. It is worth purchasing for any bubble wand or air stone. Super quiet and fits in most places.

Karen, Waupaca WI on 2015/07/16
Very quiet pump! Love it!

I have set up a 20 gal. tank of breeding angel fish in my bedroom and am super pleased with how quiet the Tetra Whisper air pump is. I don't hear the pump above the sound of the bubbles from the air stones. There is no vibration noise where it is sitting on the stand and no loud hum that the other pump I was using had. That one is now in the trash!

Oscar, Port Huron MI on 2015/04/13

Excellent product, great price, fast delivery!

Nancy, Bailey CO on 2015/03/23
So quiet I dont know its running

I just purchased a Tetra Whisper Air Pump that runs up to 100 gallons. It is the quietest pump I have ever had and the air volume that comes out have my fish swimming around being happy. THANKS

Rodman, San Marcos TX on 2015/03/21
Tetra Whisper Air Pumps

Makes a bit more noise than I was expecting, but mine is in an enclosure so it's not a bother. My refrigerator is about the same.

Lee , Abilene KS on 2013/07/20
Works Great

The air pump does the job and is quiet. Good product.

George, Littleton CO on 2013/06/13

Good pump, I use it for my 125 g tank and the output is excellent, could not get a better one. Thanks!

Mike, Dacula GA on 2012/12/19
Its quiet but not whisper quiet

Works good but it is louder than a whisper. It's quiet but you can here it within about 20 feet. Has a mechanical hum to it. I would say the noise would be acceptable as long as its not in your bedroom. Is easily drowned out by background noise like a TV.

Gustavo, Visalia CA on 2012/11/21
Whisper Air Pump

I have a 55 gallon fish tank but I bought the whisper air pump rated for 40 gallons and it works great. The air stone is 17 inches in the water and the pump doesn't seem to struggle. I bought the 40 gallon air pump because the 60 gallon has two outlets and I only wanted one. It's quiet giving out a low hum. Make sure to get a check valve.

Peggy, Buffalo NY on 2012/08/04
Great Pump for the Money

Great pump for the money. Ran 3-12", 4-4", and 4 small airstones in 7 aquariums constantly for one year and the pump is still going strong. Extremely quiet. I also have one in a water tight box running 3-12" airstones in my 3000 gal. pond for the last 11/12 years. I have used Whisper airpumps for years and will continue to use this product.

David, King Of Prussia PA on 2012/03/26
So far so good.

This pump has been working 24/7 for over 1.5 yrs without incident. Lots of bubbles at an affordable price.

Winnie, Grand Island NE on 2012/03/15
Love the Bubbles

I bought this pump because I needed more circulation in my tank...I sure got it. It's a bit noisy, but does the job I wanted it to.

Leticia, Fort Worth TX on 2012/01/30

Works great in my 25 gallon aquarium.

Amy, Hot Springs AR on 2011/10/18
The name says it all!

Love this air pump! Quietest one I've ever tried. The feet have thick rubber pads to prevent noise from any vibration and it works great!

Jen, San Antonio TX on 2011/07/02

I love the dual ports..was very handy with multiple air required items. I also used the double connectors which allowed me to hook up a 3 airstone bubble makers. Very sleek and quiet!

Randy, Jackson WI on 2011/06/01
Whisper Air Pump

Great price and great shipping!

Deborah, Beaver Dam WI on 2011/03/15

We had been dealing with the "rattle" and "horrible hum" of a very well known brand air pump. The whisper air pump by Tetra is a dream come true. Yes! It is quiet! Love it!

Dawn, Douglasville GA on 2011/03/05
Very Quiet

This pump works great. It is very quiet, which was my main concern. I now have one on both of my aquariums (20 gal and 110 gal) and they are quieter by far than several other name brands I have tried. The only draw back is that the pump does not have a built in adjustable air flow control. It is easy enough to add the inline valves but it would be nicer if you didn't have to.

Ernie, Levittown NY on 2011/01/23
Workhorse pumps

Ive been using these pumps for a few years now in several tanks and even my outdoor pond. They are reliable, except perhaps for the diaphragms. I never get more then 2 years out of a diaphragm, so either stock spares or even extra pumps. The diaphragms are almost as much as the pumps, so why not just buy a spare pump? My only regret is the rubber diaphragm is not for sale by itself for a reasonable price.

Ben, Minneapolis MN on 2010/12/23
Works great

Very quiet, works great!

Bruce, Lakewood CO on 2010/12/13

These pumps are surprisingly quiet!

Jim, Lebanon MO on 2010/11/27
Very good product

Works as expected.

Rex, Seattle WA on 2010/10/28
Nice pump

Works great comes with flow control which comes in handy.

Nikki, Riversde CA on 2010/10/19
worked great!

This product was really quiet compared to other pumps I've had in the past.

Alex, Ocean City MD on 2010/10/10
This thing really IS quiet!

Set up my tank, a 20 gallon job. Put the air stone in the gravel, hooked it up to the air pump. Plugged it in. Ok, standing right next to it, I could hear it hum. I thought, "Oh well, no louder than any other". But as I was lying in bed about to go to sleep, I mused about how quiet the room was! Somehow, for some reason, the acoustics of a hammering pump were not there! You walk up to it, you hear it. Walk away, and the overall quiet is evident! i will buy more of these. DEFINITELY worth the few extra bucks!

Rick, Madison OH on 2010/09/24
Recommend - Tetra 60 Gallon - 2 Outlets Air Pump

I set up this air pump for a 55 gallon plastic rain barrel in my basement to hold minnows for fishing. The barrel is approximately three feet tall The pump produces more bubbles than I probably need and so far I am completely satisfied with this product.

Dave, Houston TX on 2010/09/17
Nice little Pump

very quiet. Works well for the deep sea diver.

Kevin, Chandler AZ on 2010/08/25
Works Awesome

A little louder than I expected, but overall works awesome.

Paul, Chanute KS on 2010/07/15
Very quiet and works really good!

This air pump works really great. Quiet and easy to use.

Brent In Ky, Beaumont KY on 2010/07/11
After 4 months diaphragm ripped!

Well i do have to say that one of my 100s one diaphragm tore and so it stopped working, I was able to repair it myself, but looked for the kits 11bucks so I will have to decide to buy and repair or get a whole new pump for a little more. Oh well, i knew this would happen, but they are still the best deal online!

Brent, City KY on 2010/05/25
Love Whisper, but?

OK I have always used whisper filters pumps you name it, its a quality brand and these air pumps are no different. I own 3 of them and they all work great. I have three right now 2 100s and 1 60gl for my DWC. But, I did notice very little difference in the 100gl and 60gl pumps, I believe the 100s have better pressure for deeper water but as for bubbles they seem about the same. Also I noticed like others, there is a difference in air pressure in the two outlets on all three of my pumps. All have different pressure coming out the two valves, I use 4 way splitters to regulate the them so I can have the same amount bubbles out of the two valves. For the price that Pet Mountain has them you cant pass them up, I have seen them double this price and even triple priced in local shops. At these prices I'm going to start selling my old ones off, for about the same price and buy new ones every chance I get. Repair kits can run you up to $15, they need to sell the kits much cheaper its not worth fixing it, if I can replace it for $2 more bucks than the kit costs. Ive had fish and pumps for over 30years, I know there is not a better deal out today for quality air pumps like Pet Mountain has with these whisper pumps.

Ryan, Opelousas LA on 2010/04/28
Great quiet pump

I got the biggest Whisper pump they made. It puts out PLENTY of air for my 100 gallon tank. It is sitting on the floor inside the tank's stand and cannot be heard at all.

Bill, Anacortes WA on 2010/04/23
It Really Is Quiet

We had a couple of these for my son's tank. One was smaller with a single outlet and one a double outlet. They run the under gravel filters, sponge filters, and air accessories without any problem. I didn't realize how quiet they were until I got another (good brand) small air pump to hatch brine shrimp. I was amazed at how much louder the other one was. I had to wrap it in a towel! I'm buying another pump for a new tank and it's a Whisper. Their price is reasonable and they work just fine.

Joe, Sarasota FL on 2010/04/22
Whisper filter

Had a problem with my small 2 gallon tank being cloudy. The Whisper filter cleared it up fast. I need a second Whisper and can not find it anywhere locally. Guess I'll be back!

Laura, New York NY on 2010/03/24
Great product!

It is powerful, works silently and has a great design.

Richard, Colona IL on 2010/03/20


Bobbie Anne, West Milford NJ on 2010/03/14
" Keeps My Tank Clear and Bubbly "

I purchased the 100 gallon pump and it works great. I have purchased others and this one is by far the best. My tank has plenty of bubbles. Thanks

Burak, San Diego CA on 2010/03/07
Good airflow from a quiet airpump

In my setup this device pumps air to Lee's 2 gallon Under gravel Filter in a 1 gallon tube vase. To my use it supplies more air than the filter needs so I had to limit air flow via a valve. If I had another or two identical setup this would probably be sufficient enough for all. The pump is very quiet, but I would suggest to hide it behind some books for those whom have sensitive ears to a constant humming. In my case I hear the bubbles coming of the filter more than the air pump.

Hw, Dracut MA on 2010/03/04
Fantastic Product

I hoped to avoid psi headache with it but the two outlets aren't equal in pressure.

Amanda, Las Vegas NV on 2010/02/25

A few weeks ago a friend of mine bought this exact air pump for $50 at a competitor website. Getting it for less than half of the price is wonderful! It is a little too powerful for my tank, as I have a 100 gallon cube, and I don't really need the extra power to pump air through the length of a long tank. I will probably be downgrading to a 60-gallon pump.

Ernie, Levittown NY on 2010/01/29
Its just good

Ive been using these pumps for over a year now and find them very quiet and reliable. If they are NOT quiet then they need attention: the diaphram does not last forever and should be considered a consumable. Some will work seemingly forever, some last a year or two. Whisper pumps can be taken apart and the whole diaphram and valve assembly replaced. The repair kits are sold here too, a new diaphram is about 5 bucks (two per pump in the Whisper 100 I use). I searched carefully and no one comes close to the price of the pump or replacement kits from here.

John, Woburn MA on 2009/11/08

Air pump is very strong and quiet, I paid about $20 for this air pump then saw it at a competitor website website for almost $60! I bought 2 air wands, this pump and a castle piece for my tank and with shipping charges paid less for everything than what the pump costs in pet stores!

Marley, Portland OR on 2009/10/21
Works like a charm

Super quiet, good airflow, have to put your ear right next to it to be able to hear the silent hum. Works perfect, and much better quality than the ones sold at walmart or a competitor website even. ITS CHEAPER TOO! YAY! no cons all pros works great for my hydroponics ;-)

Alex, Oneida WI on 2009/07/21
Great for the prive

Great for the price but i had the Whisper Air Pump-10 Gal. and it is not recommended for a big tank. It did its job though for my 30 gallon tank!

Mg, Somerset MA on 2009/03/09
Whisper Air Pump

I'm using the 20 in my 29 gallon tank. Very quiet!

Kathy, East Peoria IL on 2008/12/29
Love that it has replacement parts.

We have several Whispers both 60 and 100's on different tanks. We have had them long enough that we needed new diaphragms and think it is awesome that you carry parts so my pumps can keep on doing their job without having to buy a whole new pump.

Jd, Corfu NY on 2008/10/02
Works Great, and is REALLY QUIET!

The pump is silent as it states. It puts out a fair amount of air, the only drawback I see is it only has 1 outlet valve. You get a t-splitter in the box, but an outlet valve at the other end would have been nicer. Only time will tell as to how long it will last.

Izzi, Indio CA on 2008/04/14
Better Sleep

I fall asleep faster now that I have a quiet air pump. Its great

David, Dalzell SC on 2008/01/14
"awsome air pump"

bought the 77855 for my aquarium and had plenty of air power for my 2 large stones.....

Kim, Portland OR on 2007/12/05
Great Pump Good price Fast Shipping

I just ordered this product + several others last week. All have arrived. Good Price and Good Service.

Holly, Gaithersburg MD on 2007/11/12

I have the 40 in a 33 gallon. It's extremely quiet and reliable so far. It's easy to vary the rate of the bubbles. I'm now buying another for a larger tank.

Shaya, Raleigh NC on 2007/10/14
bought a second one

I love this air pump. When I was trying to decide what to get for my 10-gallon, I saw this on the shelf and thought it looked cool. When I did more serious shopping for my 30-gallon, I picked this one specifically. It makes no noise, doesn't move, never stops working, and is actually very pretty sitting beside my fish tank. It is absolutely silent and I recommend it to anyone.

Denise , San Francisco CA on 2007/08/26
no more walking pumps

These new whisper pumps sit on four little feet which prevent them from humming and walking their way off your desk. I no longer have to unplug my fish tank in the guest room to my guests can sleep.

Jessica, None Of Your Beeswax NJ on 2007/06/23

This pump is such a cool shape and it is small enough to fit in a corner! So far, i am very happy with this air pump

Paris, Hanovr MD on 2007/04/13
Great design

Just look at it. It ain't a vibrating box anymore. I don't need to hide the pump anymore.

Luasa, Brooklyn NY on 2007/01/19
the best product

You can't live without this air pump and if you not decided yet get that before will be too late

Joe, South Euclid OH on 2007/01/03
Best price!

Great product works great, most afffordable price around!

Sharon, Romeoville IL on 2006/12/26
Whisper air pumps are GREAT!

I have never been disappointed by the Whisper Air Pumps! I am orderiing 2 more for my other tanks!

Christine, Pelham NH on 2006/11/28
Love it!

This pump is so quiet and works so well, that I am ordering one for my other fish tank.I totally recommend this pump.