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Tetra Whisper Aquarium Air Pump (UL) by Tetra

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MPN: 77846
  • $27.99
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Tetra Whisper Aquarium Air Pump (UL) Description

Tetra Whisper Air Pumps have been completely redesigned! The unique inner chamber, dome shape and thick rubber feet dampen noise caused by air flow through the pump making this one of the quietest air pumps in the industry.

  • Quiet, durable and reliable
  • Powerful, virtually silent air flow
  • Patented shape and sound-dampening chambers flatten sound waves for minimal noise

The Tetra Whisper Air Pump provides reliable service at an affordable cost. It is efficient, easy to use and has a new shape for maximum silence. The patented dome shape and sound-dampening chambers minimize turbulence and produce a smooth, quiet stream of air.

The Whisper Air Pump has a wide footprint, rubber feet and suspended pump motor eliminate sound producing vibrations. Thick walls insulate motor noise. Powerful diaphragms provide ample airflow for deep water applications.

UL listed. 2-year warranty (excluding rubber parts).

Whisper 10:

  • Tanks up to 10 gallons
  • 1 outlet

Whisper 20:

  • Tanks up to 20 gallons
  • 1 outlet

Whisper 40:

  • Tanks up to 40 gallons
  • 1 outlet

Whisper 60:

  • Tanks up to 60 gallons
  • 2 outlets

Whisper 100:

  • Tanks up to 100 gallons
  • 2 outlets

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Tetra Whisper Aquarium Air Pump (UL) Customer Reviews

Sam, San Francisco CALIFORNIA on 2020/03/16
Whisper 100 Aquarium Air Pump

With all this good review, I purchased one of this Whisper 100 to try it out due to my 2 other air pump JW Fusion 700 was broken. When I received it this new pump, looks like a durable unit but I found out the power line is cracked and split at the end that connected to the housing, so I made a return requested a RMA then I realized that I have to pay for a return shipping and I was so upset about it. So I call the petmountain help center tell him the issue, the gentlemen was so polite to tell me that he will send me a replacement without return the broken unit. The PetMoutain is really a 100% customers satisfaction company. Will write a another review when I receive this product.

Esther, Apache Junction AZ on 2015/10/10
Fantastic Air Pump

I have now bought two of these air pumps for both my tanks. They are used for a bubble wand that is in a 16 and 20 gallon freshwater tank. It works great and is sooo quiet. One of my bubble wands is 18" and it puts out plenty of air for it. I would recommend this product to anyone who is into fish tanks.

Rachel, Houston TX on 2015/09/17
Works Great!

I bought this pump to use on a small 1.5 gallon tank for my daughter. I am using it for a filter and it works great. One day I do hope to get my daughter a larger tank, and since this pump can be used for up to 10 gallon tanks, I'm sure this pump will do fine for that as well. I have a similar pump on my son's 5.5 gallon tank which is connected to 3 airlines and works just fine for his tank's needs.

Betty, San Bernardino CA on 2015/07/04
Very quiet pump

Air pump for 50 gallon aquarium is very quiet compared to others we have had, and has good airflow. Received the order within a few days from Petmountain.

Mark, Williamsville NY on 2015/06/30
Great pump

The Tetra Whisper Aquarium air pump is great, a lot stronger than the one I replaced and quieter.

John, Canton OH on 2014/12/23
Exactly what I needed.

This is an an economical and quiet air pump. I am using it to aerate 1 - 10 gallon, 2 - 5 gallon and 2 brine shrimp hatcheries with air to spare. It meets my expectations.

Karen, Wellsboro PA on 2014/09/02
Great air pump

After reading many reviews I decided to buy this pump. It lives up to the good reviews it got - very quiet and lots of air! Unfortunately the 2nd day it got very loud, and after taking it apart I discovered a broken piece of plastic inside. Glued it back where it belonged and all's good again. I don't fault the company for this - someone probably dropped it along the way. If I had returned it I would have gotten another of the same.

Sedta, Plano TX on 2013/12/16
Love it.

It works as expected.

Lou , Bayville NJ on 2013/07/27
Whisper 100 pump

WOW! This pump is perfect for my 55 gallon tank. I have 3 air stones and all of them are putting out plenty of bubbles. Installed the adjuster so I could lessen them in some places.

Karen, College Park MD on 2013/06/13
Great air pump for the money

This is a very quiet air pump. It comes with a couple attachments to regulate the air. Make sure you order some tubing too since no tubing comes with the pump. I have a 90 gallon tank and it suits my needs fine with 2 outlets.

Billy, Waxhaw NC on 2011/08/30
air pump

a great working air pump.

Christopher, Cape Coral FL on 2011/01/09
So Quiet!

I like this so much I bought another one. It is very quiet and produces lots of pressure. I power two 20L with this and it is great.