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Tetra Whisper Bio-Bag Disposable Filter Cartridges Large by Tetra

  • $4.99
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SKU: WL26161
UPC: 046798261612
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UPC: 673324075742
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Tetra Whisper Bio-Bag Disposable Filter Cartridges Large Description

Tetra Whisper Bio-Bag Cartridge replacements complete the Whisper Power Filter package for a clean, easy-to-maintain aquarium. Filled with ultra-activated carbon, these ready-to-use disposable filter cartridges remove waste particles, odors and discoloration for crystal clear water.

  • Genuine Whisper filter cartridge replacements
  • Keeps water crystal clear
  • Removes odors and discoloration

Bio-Bag cartridges are tough on the debris that makes aquariums nasty. Ultra-activated carbon absorbs odors and discoloration and dense, dual-sided mesh catches debris and fish waste better than other brands to keep your fish tank clean. Replace cartridges once a month for maximum filter efficiency.

Tip: Replace Bio-Bag cartridges when water begins to overflow excessively from the Wonder Tube chamber.


  • Small : Fits Whisper In-Tank Filter 3i
  • Medium: Fits Whisper Power Filters 10i, E, J, 10 and MicroFilter
  • Large (formerly Regular): Fits Whisper Power Filters 20i, 40i, C, 20, 30, 40 and 60
  • X-Large: Fits Whisper Power 4 and 5 Power Filters

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Tetra Whisper Bio-Bag Disposable Filter Cartridges Large Customer Reviews

Zanjero, Warwick RI on 2016/04/18

Cheapest around, do not bother looking anywhere else, I have done that for you. If you don't buy them here you['re getting RIPPED off! EASY TO USE and keeps your tank nice and clean.

Jean, Grant NE on 2016/01/29
Great Filters

I have a rather heavily populated tank and use the Tetra Filter. These Bio-Bag Disposable Filter Cartridges work great, assembly is simple and keeps my water clear and the fish healthy. I've used them for years.

Charles, Woodridge IL on 2015/11/20
Great product

Filters help to keep tank clean and healthy for my fish. Love them

Randy, Grand Junction CO on 2015/11/04
Tetra Whisper Bio-Bag Filters

I was very pleased with the Filters and glad you had them.

Shawna, Twin Falls ID on 2015/04/19
Tetra Whisper Bio-Bag Disposable Filter Cartridges LRG Bulk

I bought bulk on the cartridges, Awesome Price! I love it that I'm able to buy like this! Thank You!

Charlie, Joliet IL on 2015/03/27
Great filters

I have a large fish tank and go through a lot of filters. These are great, they really work, and what a great price.

Quanxi, Savoy IL on 2014/09/09
Good products

Nice products and fast delivery.

Jan, Gainesville VA on 2014/08/08
Excellent filter cartridges

After using several other brands, I discovered the Top Fin Filter, which uses these filter cartridges. I buy them unassembled to save money, but they are also available ready to use. They are simple to assemble and it takes very little time. The filters do a great job catching even tiny particles. My water is crystal clear because of these filters.

Cr, China Spring TX on 2014/02/13
Clean Water = Happy Fish

Have used Whisper power filters for over 25 years and Pet Mountain has the lowest price on filter cartridges! And do not forget about great shipping rates and fast delivery!

Antonio, Houston TX on 2013/06/05
Great price

Great price for this 12 pack.

Moose, Coon Rapids MN on 2013/04/19
Best price around

Best price around -- can't be beat!

Coca, Astoria NE on 2012/12/25

I order my filters through Pet Mountain all the time. Price, quality and service can't be beaten.

Cr, China Spring TX on 2012/08/21
Great Value!

I have been an aquarium hobbiest for over 35 years and have used Whiper filters and Bio-Bags for the last 25 years. The quality has remained the same, easy to assemble, crystal clear tanks and happy fish! You can not beat the price of Bio-Bags from Pet Mountain!

Josh, Valley City OH on 2012/03/15
Soo great deal

Such a Great deal, can't find a better price anywhere, I've been buying from ebay and thought I was getting a deal there, not as great of a deal as this store.

Larry, Everett WA on 2011/12/28
Great Value

My business is buying and selling fish, aquariums and accessories. I have 40+ aquariums set up and I use mostly the same type filters on these aquariums, so I can use the same cartridge replacements. These Whisper Cartridges are easy to change, can be cleaned 2-3 times, allow me to add any type of media (charcoal, ammonia remover, crushed coral for pH control and anything else I desire) and can be used in both fresh and salt water. It is a great value to buy these in this bulk quantity

George, San Angelo TX on 2011/12/16
Economical Purchase

The Bio Bags at this quantity is a good buy for the money. All the makings are included to refresh your filter when needed for this low price.

Kris, Buffalo NY on 2011/12/15
Easy to assemble.

I was happy that these bags were easy to assemble and work great.

Michael, Warner Robins GA on 2011/07/02
Only place I buy them

I havent seen anyone that beats the price for these. So I always order mine here, you should too. They always arrive quickly and packed good.

Rick, Port Allegany PA on 2011/03/15
Elmo is happy now!

I have been using these filters in our 25 year old Eastern Painted turtle's residence for many years and they work quite well. We live in a remote area of northern PA and reasonably priced supplies of most anything are hard to get. I was overjoyed to find this supplier.

Christina, Kane PA on 2011/01/13

These were the best priced filters I could find online. They work with my whisper power filter 40. They work great!

Bill, Athens GA on 2010/12/01
Best Price

Best price known versus local dealers. Free shipping, although long, was worth it.

Vicki, Sarona WI on 2010/11/26
Good as Usual

This product has always been my favorite to use. They last quite a while if cleaned regularly.

Amy , Brook Park OH on 2010/10/28

I love that they are shipped right to your door!

Kenny, Thiells NY on 2010/10/11
we love the efficiency of this cartrige

We recommend the this cartridge as replacement filters and its efficiencies and more importantly the pricing.

Jain, Monroe NJ on 2010/10/04
we love this product

We have a big fish tank with some big Koi and gold fish. Since 5 yrs we use this filter cartridges and it works very well and keep the water clear.

Larry, Everett WA on 2010/09/16
Great Price!

About half the price the pet store wants. I just wish they would make a product that can be reused more than a couple of times. After cleaning these filter bags once, they fall apart on the second cleaning. I use these type filter bags for nearly all of my 45 tanks.

Tricia, Salinas CA on 2010/07/31
Good Price

I have been using these filters in my fish tank for many years. At present, I have gold fish that are about 3 years old. The filtering system works well. The bio-bags need to be changed every two weeks, which can be expensive. The price I paid at Petmountain was the cheapest I have found.

Nancy, Chalfant Valley CA on 2010/07/26
super fast delivery

great price, easy to use, fast delivery. I will definitely order again.

Peter, San Gabriel CA on 2010/07/17
Easiest to Change

I have been using the Tetra Whisper Bio-Bags for decades. It is very convenient to change and very effective in filtering water debris. The water is maintained crystal clear. The bags can be used twice. I rinse the bags once and change out the old charcoal with new.

Dave, Saint Louis MO on 2010/06/10
Happy With Purchase

I was very happy to find this 1-Pack available as they are rather expensive in my local pet store which only sells them individually. The item I received is exactly what I expected.

Matt, Charleston WV on 2010/04/01
Great Buy

Exactly the same quality product I can buy here, but for much less $$$! Color me happy!

Ian, Brooklyn NY on 2010/02/18
Used it for years

I've been using this product for years and it works really well. Maybe too well because it traps so much stuff I have to replace every 3 weeks at least.

Teresa, Portland OR on 2010/02/02
Found a GREAT Source!

The trend seems to be going to the all-in-one filters, which are very convenient, but not as effective and as durable as the Bio-bag filters. Thank you Pet Mountain for having them and shipping them so quickly! You are now "My Source" for filters!

Glenn, Clinton MD on 2010/01/17
Very good purchase

I had no problems ordering from this company. I would definitely order more from Pet Mountain.. Great job!

Paul, Boise ID on 2010/01/02
Great product as expected!

I'll continue ordering products like the Bio-Bag disposable filter cartridges from Pet Mountain. Pet Mountain offers this and other products that I ordered at a fair price. I bulked up my order a bit with things that I needed, and Pet Mountain waived the shipping charge! All items were received as expected in excellent condition.

Lynda, Rocky Point NY on 2009/09/25

The filters we ordered are great for our goldfish tank. We have used them for the past 4 years and have no complaints. Thank you.

Pat, Branford CT on 2007/09/29
great price

1/2 price of walmart, you guys rock

Matt, Saint Albans WV on 2007/08/20
Easy to assemble, gets the job done

Assembling these filters is very simple, takes less than 5 minutes to assemble two cartridges. These cartridges work wonderfully to keep water crystal clear.

Andreas, Florence SC on 2007/07/10
These are the best

I really like these filters; they work well and are more reasonable than others, especially the unassembled ones. I would recommend these to anyone

Abilene, San Francisco CA on 2007/03/08
Fresh water simplified

I have a community tank, adding a variety of food. Flakes, pellets and granuales. The bio-bag, keeps excess food out of the cycle so there is no build up of nitrates. Plus, the carbon helps the water stay crystal clear. Thanks TETRA.

Chuck, Dewitt NY on 2007/01/11
Ease of Use and Superb Performance

The Bio Bag Cartridges by Tetra provide one aerobic frame, Thick N' Fluffy filter bags and activated carbon in pre-measured vacuum sealed envelopes. All that you need to do is to slip the filter bag over the frame, open the carbon envelopes, place the carbon in the filter bag, clip on the top to the frame to seal the filter bag, rinse under cold water and insert into the Tetra filter. The filter goes a great job keeping aquarium water crystal clear. This could well be a messy job, but with the Bio Bag Filter Cartiridges it is a breeze. You are able to keep your aquarium looking great and you have none of the mess that typically goes along with using carbon as a filter medium.

Celia, Doral FL on 2007/01/06
My Turtles House is cleaner than ever!

This filter is economic and the cartridges last a long time. Plus my turtle is happy to have crystal clear water thanks to all the waste getting trapped in the filter cartridge!

Tom, Boise ID on 2006/12/04
Cheap and Easy

Overall I am very pleased with this easy to use and cheap filter packs. I have two Whisper 60s on my 120 and they keep it clean even with 30 good size cichlids in it.

Tom, Clio MI on 2006/12/04
Great Filter, Great Price

Cheap and easy to use, what more could you ask for. I have 5 tanks running with these filters!

Ira, Baldwin NY on 2006/11/09
Whisper Bio Bag

Great product, change filter media with no muss or fuss and in under 5 minutes. I have 2 of these filters.