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Tetra Whisper EX Power Filters by Tetra

  • $38.99
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UPC: 046798263111
MPN: 26311 EX30
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Tetra Whisper EX Power Filters Description

Tetras Whisper EX is ready to go right out of the box. Simply adjust the in-take tube, place the filtration system on your aquarium and plug it in. The submerged motor begins filtering water immediately, no priming required - and operation is Whisper quiet.

  • Whisper-quiet aquarium filter
  • Quick, simple installation and setup
  • Removes waste, debris and harmful toxins from aquarium water

Accurately determine when your carbon filter has expired with Tetras Timestrip. Our patented technology allows you to see at a glance when its time to replace your filter. The health of your fish depends on regular filter changes to remove toxins and other harmful impurities. Hang on back HOB power filter for easy installation.

Our newly re-designed filter carrier holds the filter – and the drips – so you don't have to. After discarding the old filter and inserting a new one, the carrier easily drops back into place within the filtration system. Its that simple!

Unlike other filters, the WhisperEX contains multiple layers of progressively denser floss to remove even the smallest particles from the water. The carbon inside eliminates odors, discoloration and, most importantly, harmful toxins. Finally, the BioScrubber removes ammonia and nitrites that are deadly to your fish.

EX30: 160 GPH (20-30 Gallons)
EX45: 240 GPH (30-45 Gallon)
EX70: 340 GPH (45-70 Gallon)

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Tetra Whisper EX Power Filters Customer Reviews

Roy, Carson CA on 2015/10/14
Generally a good filter

Satisfied with overall performance of the filter. The joint connection of the intake pipe can be improved. There was a silicone applied between the joint to improve the water tightness by the manufacturer. Fluval may have been a better choice.

Denice, Madison SD on 2015/02/11
Works well

This filter is a replacement for the one that came with the aquarium I purchased used...seems to be working the way it is supposed to...will know in a couple more weeks how well it is filtering when it is time to replace the carbon filter. So far so good.

Winnie, Butler PA on 2014/09/10
Love it

More than enough to do the job

Lou, Bayville NJ on 2013/07/27
EX 70

This filter is great. Quiet and powerful.

Donna, Baltimore MD on 2012/06/27
Powerful but assembly could be better....

Very powerful w/ great flow. Easy to change filters etc. My only complaint w/ this product is that the intake comes apart way too easily. I have some big fish in this tank and they have knocked the bottom 2 intake pieces completely off the filter more then once. The other issue I had was fitting the curved piece together. If the rubber ring isn't covering both tubes where they are joined, it literally spews water out of the top and onto the floor. Had to move the electrical plug just in case the fitting works loose. If the intake components fit together tighter this pump would be fantastic!

Lori, Duluth GA on 2011/09/27
Just What I Needed

I've had many filters over the years, including AquaClears and Marineland Penguin Pros, and yet I keep coming back to the Tetra Whispers. I've had Whisper filters since I was a kid taking care of my dad's tanks. But I was told that there were bigger and better filters. My tetras are all at least 5 years old and still going strong. However, I have had to replace two brand new AquaClear 70s within months of purchase. I was skimming over the site and couldn't pass up the great price of the Tetra Whisper with free shipping. I got two of the biggest Tetras for the price of one AquaClear 70. So now I have a back up should one of my current filters fail. My new tetra is now running alongside a 2 year old model of the same filter. This filter is so worth the money and a purchase I will never regret.

Myron, Hicksville NY on 2011/01/20
Nice filter

Very quiet and efficient filter... it's doing a great job keeping my water crystal clear.

Thomas, Painesville OH on 2010/10/18
Great Filter for the money.

I have had many different filters over the years but there are many features this filter has many do not. The filter carrier and the ability to add a heating capsule inside the filter make it hard to beat. Worth every penny.

Dan, Forest Lake MN on 2010/09/09
Works great

Cleaned the water very well. Pretty quiet. Good value.

Loan, Centreville VA on 2010/08/18
Tetra Whisper

Compare between Tetra and Aqua Clear, people prefer Tetra; and PetMountain has a good deal on Tetra filter, so I go with Tetra EX 70

Karla, Baldwin GA on 2010/03/27
not bad

Whisper tetra ex45 power filter not exactly whisper quiet, but cleaned the tank up better than the original Walmart filter that came with the tank. Nice shape, easy to clean.

Hung, Waukseha WI on 2010/03/04

quiet and both filters work perfect!

Andrew, Brookyln NY on 2010/02/17
Saved my gold fish

Arrived on time to save my gold fishes from the non-functioned 20 year-old Whisper Filter. Works like magic, easy installations.

Barlow, Greeley CO on 2009/10/08
Good Product and a Good Value

Have used Aqua Clear power filters in the past, but Pet Mtn had a great price on the Tetra power filters. Have been using them in my larger 45 and 55 gallon freshwater tanks for a few weeks with very good results. The Tetra filters require less maintenance and I like the "built -in" filter replacement reminder. I would definitely recommend this power filter.

Noel, Bronx NY on 2009/09/13
better than i expected

It is a very good product.