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Tetra Whisper Power Filter for Aquariums by Tetra

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Tetra Whisper Power Filter for Aquariums Description

Tetra Whisper Power Filters are the best-selling brand of power filters in the U.S. Appropriate for every size aquarium, they provide the three types of filtration that your aquarium needs:

  • Mechanical Filtration - Removes uneaten food, bits of plants and fish waste
  • Biological Filtration - Provides for growth of a colony of beneficial bacteria that will eliminate harmful toxins in the water
  • Chemical Filtration - Activated carbon removes compounds that cause odors and discoloration of the water|

The Tetra Whisper Power Filter contains a hinged lid for improved ergonomics / ease of use, an improved compact aesthetic design, time strip indicators, a convenient top-mounted flow control dial and packaging upgrade. Hang on back HOB power filter for easy installation.

Designed for ease of use, Whisper Power Filters use Bio-Bag filter cartridges for mechanical and chemical filtration. The disposable Bio-Bags remove waste particles, discoloration and odors from aquarium water. Bio-Bags are easy to change, making it easy to maintain clear aquarium water.

Whisper 20: 105 GPH - (7.25"L x 3.5"W x 7"H) - Use Large Bio-Bags
Whisper 30: 145 GPH - (8"L x 4.5"W x 7.25"H) - Use Large Bio-Bags
Whisper 40: 210 GPH - (8"L x 4.5"W x 7.5"H) - Use Large Bio-Bags
Whisper 60: 330 GPH - (13.5"L x 4.5"W x 7.5"H) - Use (2) Large Bio-Bags

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Tetra Whisper Power Filter for Aquariums Customer Reviews

Amanda, Cedar City UT on 2016/11/08
No Complaints

Currently running two of the 40 in a 55 gallon and a 30 in a tall 20. All work great.

David, Inkster MI on 2015/11/07
Does The Job For Me

This is just a spare, just in case my old filter stops working.

Neal, Provincetown MA on 2014/09/03

Great filter from Pet Mountain. I always trust Whisper Filters. This was my first order and everything arrived as expected and on time. Great value.

Youa, Manitowoc WI on 2014/07/26
Keeps Water Clean

This filter does clean the water and keep it pretty clear. The control knob barely does anything (but I was expecting that). I was hoping that I would get a SILENT filter but mine constantly makes a gravelly noise that is very loud. I sent an email to Tetra and they sent me a replacement impeller which arrived in a few weeks and which I was hoping would stop the noise. It didn't. Yay for tetra's customer service, nay for the filter.

Jan, Gainesville VA on 2014/03/29
The Only Filters I Use

I am a longtime fish keeper, and these are the only filters I use in my four tanks. They are reasonably priced, effective, and quiet. Two of my tanks (90 gallons, and 75 gallons) are large enough that they should have canister filters, but I cannot physically maintain them due to their weight. I keep two of these in each of the larger tanks, and my tanks still stay pristine.

Elise, Madison WI on 2013/11/13
So far so good

So far it's performed up to expectations - nothing exceptionally good or bad. I do wish the flow knob had a bit more control, but I wasn't expecting a lot to begin with so I'm fairly happy. The extender tube reaches well to the bottom of my 20 gallon tank, and provides good circulation without adding a ton of current. I do like the additional sponge for the filter, to keep beneficial bacteria in the filter when changing the carbon media and media bag. Overall the unit is pretty quiet, functions well, and a good value for the price!

Pamela, Oklahoma City OK on 2013/07/08
Lives up to its name

This filter is in my living room, so I didn't need something that makes lots of noise. This filter lives up to its claim that it is quiet. I put this in when I set up my aquarium late at night and and put sand it the bottom, so the tank was cloudy. By 5am the next morning, it was clear. Works great.

Antonio, Houston TX on 2013/06/05
Good Product

this is a good price and good product. i have a larger tank with this filter and i have had it for 8-10yrs and it still works great

Antonio, Houston TX on 2013/06/05
Good product

This is a good price and good product. I have a larger tank with this filter and I have had it for 8-10 years and it still works great!

Jennifer, Inglewood CA on 2012/07/30
"The Brand says it all"

I've used whisper products in the past, however they were all purchased in stores. For the first time I ordered online the Whisper PF-60, my expectations was high, but I must admit the price was charming and the delivery time was a pleasant surprise. I am a totally satisfied customer.

Ed, Astoria NY on 2012/03/21
Better than expected

I ordered the PF-40 -- cleared my tank in 30 minutes, I love the adjustable intake control on the top and the space for the extra foam filter in the inside. You also can't beat the price. P.S. It's very quiet.

Charles, Smithtown NY on 2011/06/29
Nice and real quiet

Great, now my son can sleep.

Jim, Lebanon MO on 2010/11/27
Very good product

Product just as described.

David, Columbus OH on 2010/10/25
Nice, simple and quite, but

This filter is easy to set up and runs quietly. I am a little disappointed that it does not have a flow control. The current is a little strong in my 5.5-gallon QT... But I still give it a thumbs up. I would have given it 5 stars except for the flow control (or lack there-of).

Jen, West Sac CA on 2010/04/21
I love this filter

I'm so happy I found this filter on this web site. It's so quiet my last whisper quit working after many years and I went 2 my local pet stores and I couldn't find it and I had to buy another and it's way too noisy so I can't wait to get this whisper again.

Tammy, Greece NY on 2008/02/21
Cant be beat for the price

I have these on all my tanks. Love that I can fill the bags with whatever medium I want!

Brian, Lubbock TX on 2008/02/06

Whisper filters rock. There silent running makes them great to have in any aquarium setup.

Chuck, Dewitt NY on 2007/10/17
Reliable, Efficent and Easy to Use

Whisper power filters have performed exceptionally well for me. The filtration is excellent and these filters last a long time.The companion Whisper Bio-Bags could not make provididng aquarium filtration easier. Now changing a filter is not a messy job; just rinse the new Bio-Bag and insert it into the filter and you are done!I use the Whisper Power Filters in my seven aquariums and I would never use another brand.

Kelly, Michigan City IN on 2007/07/17
Great pump

I have had one for 7 years and am now replacing my Magnum 350 big boy for a new whisper. Whisper out lived Magnum.Go figure??

John, Odenton MD on 2007/06/19
Quiet, but poor flow and filtering

If you add fish to your aquarium you'll need to buy 2-3 sizes up. So buy a 60 if you have a 30 and buy a 40 if you have a 20. The PF30 is completely inadequate for a 30 gallon tank with 5-7 fish. Maybe if you kept 1-3 small fish it would be OK, but then what is the point. I actually just replaced my PF30 with a penguin 350b... much better flow and you can add 4 times as much filtering. If you do not like the bio-wheels you may want to consider an aquaclear. Better filtration than the whispers. 3 stars because it is quiet... as the name implies. I don't believe there is a quieter filter out there.

Alan, Amherst NY on 2007/05/20
The Best Filter on the Market!

This is the best type of filter out there. I have had a Whisper 40 on my 20 gallon tank for 3 years with no problems. It is perfectly silent and is totally efficient. The best touch is the flow control knob- it helps keep food out of the filter during feeding times. A nice feature as other brands such as Marineland, Rena, and Aquaclear lack this. The foam is wonderful. It is thick, durable, long lasting and a perfect bed for bacteria to kill ammonia and nitrite. I'm going to buy a Tetra 60 shortly and it is without doubt going to last years. If you do the same, you won't regret it!

Angela, Charlotte MI on 2007/03/21


Brandon, Medford OR on 2007/03/13

I have this filter setup on both of my tanks. Ive had no problems and the filter is easy to change. I recommend the 20 instead of the 10i if you have a 10 gal tank.

Hua, Buffalo NY on 2007/03/04
My friends introduce it to me

Excellent item, I highly recommend it!

Lisa, East Wenatchee WA on 2007/02/24
easy to use..

I have used Tetra Whisper bio bag filters for about 20 years. Thay are excellent filters, and very easy to use. I have never had a problem with them.

Kip, Williamstown NJ on 2007/01/26
We love our purchases

We have purchesed many products and are always satisfied.

Michael, Austin TX on 2007/01/06
No Issues - I Like it!

I really like it. No issues to date

Ken, Grand Isle VT on 2006/11/29
Works well with Guppies

I've had a lot of success with this filter. I have been raising guppies for 20 years now and highly recommend it.

Nick, Medina OH on 2006/10/25

these filters are great. you can buy the filter bags and fill them with any filter material....charcoal or zeolite .cheaper than filled bags.l