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TetraColor Select A Food - Flakes, Granules & Krill by by Tetra

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SKU: YT77033
UPC: 046798770336
MODEL: 77033

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Product Description

TetraColor Select-A-Food features three foods in one to suit the needs of your aquarium fish. This revolutionary food blend includes flakes, Mini Krill treats and granules to support daily nutrition and enhance the colors of your aquatic pets.

  • Nutritious, color-enhancing variety for your tropical fish
  • Unique, multi-section canister
  • Includes staple diet & supplemental food

Includes TetraColor flakes, TetraColor granules & nutritious, sun-dried mini krill treats in 3 separate compartments.

Feeding Guide:

  • TetraColor Flake: Feed two to three times daily, only as much as your fish can consume within several minutes.
  • Mini Krill & TetraColor Granules: Feed several times per week in addition to the staple diet. Feed only as much as your fish can consume in several minutes.

Guaranteed Analysis:

TetraColor Select-A-Food Guranteed Analysis

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