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Tetrafauna Decorative ReptoFilter for Frogs, Newts & Turtles by by Tetrafauna

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Product Description

Three filters in one! The Decorative ReptoFilter is designed for easy placement in any corner of your aquatic terrarium - ideal for shallow water terrariums 4-6 inches of water. It keeps water clean and makes a great basking platform for your pets.

  • Ideal for terrariums with frogs, newts and turtles
  • Realistic natural stone appearance blends beautifully with other rocks and vegetation
  • Full 2 year warranty

The powerful 90 gph pump provides three-stage filter performance to keep your aquatic environment healthy. Dual function lid on the Decorative ReptoFilter keeps reptiles out and doubles as a basking platform.

This filter provides mechanical, chemical and biological filtration with the patented Bio-Bag. Inside is Ultra-activated carbon that removes odors and discoloration better than competing cartridges. Easy to set up and easy to clean (just replace the cartridge every 28 days). Water exits the top of the filter to create a waterfall, providing ideal conditions for bacteria to break down ammonia and nitrates in the water.


  • 90 GPH
  • Tanks up to 55 Gallons
  • 11"L x 9.5"W x 8.25"H

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Gayle, Aztec NM on 01-29-2016
I Love it!

I got this cool filter for my turtles. It was 1/2 of the price of the pet store we have in town, shipped way faster than expected and was a lot heavier/nicer than I thought it would be. It looks and works great! Good job!

Dani, Arvada CO on 06-21-2015
Nice, but not as good as expected

This was easy to put together and works great. Not so much a waterfall as a light dripping. Mine came missing a rubber piece, but it still works. It's large enough for a CWD to hang out on and he spends a lot of time up on top of it. However, be aware you need to place it in fairly deep water.

Barbara, Dallesport WA on 12-17-2014

Awesome product!! Very impressed!! Great price!! Was a lot bigger than I thought, very happy!! Thank you.

Brian, Paulding OH on 03-20-2014
Great product

We found a red eared slider last spring under my wife's car. We had plenty of cages. Picked up a few things. We didn't really think he would last this long. I ordered this product to help filter and keep tank clean, it has done the job wonderful. Also please note, the filters do need to be changed every 28 days per instructions. Filters are cheap, so if you order this order the extra filters. I ordered 2 three packs. Zippy loves to climb on top of it and bask in the lights. Highly recommended for all.

Roberta, South Strafford VT on 12-17-2011

We love this product. It looks and runs great. The family likes it and Yurtle the Turtle enjoys it too.

Liz, St Louis MO on 07-27-2011

works excellent i have four firebellied toads they climb on it and looks great too.

Celina, Riverbank CA on 10-08-2010
great deal

This product looks a lot better in a pet habitat than a plan filter. Plus it was a much better deal here than in any store!!

Tim, Normal IL on 07-18-2010
Paint Wears

I'm not sure how long I've had it but I noticed the paint wearing not long after I got it. Other than that, it works really well....except for when I ran it out of water and burned out the pump. The nice thing about that is it's an easy fix - it's a $15 universal pump that is a separate piece and sits in the bottom of the filter. Wish the paint would last longer.

Lady, Grand Rapids MN on 04-24-2010

works great tho once it gets older cleaning it is more often. Little fish can get in the cracks too so not for feeders. My fiddlers always got into it too so its better for bigger things. but still love it and still recommend it!! best price on the web!

Tony, Apple Valley MN on 05-15-2007
I Love It

This thing works great I haven't had a problem with it. The water Stays Clear All the time. 5 Stars!!!!!

James, Wabash IN on 04-18-2007