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TetraFin Goldfish Flakes by by Tetra

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  • $2.99
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SKU: YT77025
UPC: 046798770251
MPN: 77025
  • $3.99
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SKU: YT77126
UPC: 046798771265
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  • $7.99
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SKU: YT77127
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  • $11.99
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SKU: YT16227
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  • $17.99
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SKU: YT16140
UPC: 046798161400
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  • $55.99
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SKU: YT77006
UPC: 046798770060
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  • $76.99
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SKU: YT16621
UPC: 046798166214
MPN: 16621
  • $297.99
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SKU: YT16621M
UPC: 688713105177
MPN: 16621M
  • $52.99
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SKU: YT77127M
UPC: 682157082735
MPN: 77127M
  • $79.99
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SKU: YT16227M
UPC: 682157082391
MPN: 16227M
  • $74.99
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SKU: YT16140M
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MPN: 16140M
  • $210.99
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SKU: YT77006M
UPC: 682157082636
MPN: 77006M

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Product Description

TetraFin Goldfish Flakes is ideal for both aquariums and small ponds, TetraFin Goldfish Flakes feature a new formula that promotes longer life and better health for goldfish. This special formula meets all nutritional requirements of cold-water fish and will stay firm when fish strike.

  • Cleaner and clearer water guarantee
  • TetraFin goldfish flakes for aquariums or ponds
  • Nutritionally balanced diet for optimal health, color and vitality

TetraFin Goldfish Flakes now features ProCare a health-enhancing system that contains Omega-3 fatty acids to give fish the healthy needed for energy and growth; immune boosting ingredients; and a biotin supplement to bolster metabolism. In addition, TetraFin offers increased levels of Vitamin C.

Guaranteed Analysis:
Crude Protein (min) - 42.0%
Crude Fat (min) - 8.0%
Crude Fiber (max) - 2.0%
Moisture (max) - 6.5%

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Michael, North Hollywood CA on 01-13-2018
Great product/great price

I bought two of the largest containers of TetraFin. I only have 5 gold fish and coy but buying in smaller containers really gets expensive.

Sue, Sparks MD on 10-04-2016
Great customer service!

Easy online ordering and delivered in a timely fashion!

Wendy, Bethlehem PA on 06-14-2016

We love this food for our fish. Keeps the tank cleaner longer. They float for a while so they fish have time to eat.

Janeen, Edgemont SD on 11-23-2015
Love the convenience

We live on the edge of the middle of nowhere. To get fish food for our eight VERY LARGE pond goldfish requires a 160 mile round-trip, with the largest size available of TetraFin Flakes as only a few ounces at a premium price. We quickly go through that size container with the size of our fish. We like that we can have the economical 2.2 lb pail shipped to our mailbox.

Daniel , Houma LA on 09-16-2015
TetraFin Goldfish Flakes

As good as expected

Patty, Beecher IL on 05-21-2015
Great price, just what I needed.

I ordered TetraFin Goldfish Flakes for my pond fish. The large bulk will get me through the summer, fast delivery, GREAT PRICE!!!!!

Mary, Lawrence KS on 08-24-2014
What A Deal!

My outdoor goldfish LOVE their TetraFin Goldfish flakes. We started out with 3 $.10 feeder fish that were approx 2" long and now have 9 goldfish, with the three biggest @ approx. 12-13" in length. All of the fish have beautiful color and are sooo healthy. I don't know why or who produced the other 4, but I really know the food has added so much color to them. They see me coming and start jumping & love having their backs scratched. I tried the floating Koi food, but the fish didn't care for it. By buying the big tub, you are getting a real value for your money.

Jeanne, Blackfoot ID on 07-08-2014
Good Bargain

This is a good bargain, 4lb for $37.50 vs 7oz for $9 at Walmart. We have 30+ gold fish outside in our pond, so I do have to buy in a large quantity.

Susan, Westfield NC on 07-03-2014
Great Product

This is the only kind of food my fish will eat. They hate all the other stuff. I have 7 12" fish in my outside pond and the size of the container of food is very convenient. I got the 3 bucket deal because the price and shipping deal was great.

James, Mckeesport PA on 05-06-2014
Great price

Well worth the price...

John, Columbus OH on 11-06-2013
Alternate Use

I raise brown house crickets (usually what is in pet stores), basically for the fun of it. I found they LOVE flake fish food. If added to a mixture of other foods, they devour the flake fish food first. I like the Tetra-Fin product because it is a balanced food. I figure if it is good enough for fish, it is good enough for crickets. Considering I donate over 1,000 per week, I must be doing something right. Purchasing the Fish Food in large quantities greatly reduced the cost of the product. Pet Mountain delivered again!

James, West Hollywood CA on 09-25-2013
First Class

First class service, product and certainly value for money. I could not be happier. Thank you.

Paul, Federal Way WA on 09-23-2013
Great refills at a great price

Used this to refill my original 8 oz. large container purchased locally at a pet shop. The price and value is unbeatable when buying the larger 4.5 lbs. container that will last about 3 years for the approximate 100 comets in my 750 G's small pond. They just love the tetra goldfish flakes.

Barb, Titusville FL on 07-31-2013
fantastic deal!

This is the second time I have ordered something through petmountain. It was delivered on time. I was paying $11.00 for 4 ounces of goldfish food through my pet store. Through petmountain I paid 29.95(shipping included) for 2.2 lbs of Tetra goldfish flakes. I couldn't be happier!

Bobby, Port St. Lucie FL on 05-14-2013
Goldfish food

What a great deal on the large goldfish food, will reorder this also when the time is due. This cuts the price of gas and time going to the store. I have been using this for my goldfish and my tilapia almost jump of of the pond to eat it -- they're almost 2 lbs each now. Thanks!

Suzi, Phoenix AZ on 02-13-2013
Pond Goldfish Food

I was so pleased to find your site. I'd been looking for a large size container of high quality goldfish flakes. I was very pleased. Even the container is better than I expected. No clouding of the water. Colors of the fish are spectacular. I'll be back.

Gail, Grand Rapids MI on 07-05-2012
Love the large size!

I've been wondering if the flakes came in a larger than 7 oz. size for a long time, so I am tickled pink that I now have a big bucket of goldfish flakes! Love it!

Jeff, Germantown MD on 04-13-2012

My once two inch 25 cent feeder fish are now over 10 inches and 6 years old. They love this stuff!!!

Barbara, Titusville FL on 04-10-2012
Total Satisfaction

I ordered Tetra Goldfish Food at a fraction of the price that I was paying at the local pet store. Fast service. Received my order when they said it would be here. I certainly would order from Petmountain again and have referred my friends.

Rhonda, Concord CA on 11-22-2011
Goldfish food

Great product!

Billy, Waxhaw NC on 08-30-2011
a pot of gold!

Before I found this pot of gold (great big bucket of fish food) I was buying food every 2 or 3 weeks from Walmart/ Now I only refill the empty can out of my own big bucket and I don't need to buy food for a whole year! If you have lots of gold fish buy this you will save lots of money and the convenience of being able to fill your own bucket very well worth the money.

David, Downers Grove IL on 05-03-2011
4.5 tetrafin goldfish flakes

We have over 100 goldfish in our pond for the last 8 years and I really think Tetra fin goldfish flakes are the reason why they get bigger and as healthy as they are thanks for having the big buckets. Dave

Paula , Lake Stevens WA on 10-28-2010
Water stays the cleanest with flake food & softest on Tummy

I have Koi that start out everyday with this food, then in the afternoon I give them granules, and pellets. I started this because the young Koi are so hungry in the morning they can over eat on solid food and cause stomach rupture when small. I have had no losses caused by this food for over 200 Koi at "GRANDMA LUKE KOIRUS". Thank You!

Lanette, San Bernardino CA on 10-27-2010
My Goldfish Loved It

We were feeding our goldfish floating pellets. Decided to try Tetra Fish Goldfish Flakes. And that was it. Our Goldfish refused to eat the pellets and would go for days until we brought out the Flakes.

Deep, Los Gatos CA on 10-12-2010
Quick service

Great choices, great service and great prices !

Jeff, Germantown MD on 10-12-2010


Jeffrey, Warren OH on 10-03-2010
Great Product

Great Product at a great price.

Rob, Moody AL on 08-01-2010
My fish love it

Have been using for years. I discovered the big container last year, big savings in bulk container. Only time I use something else is in cold weather . All my fish look forward to it

Tom, Shady Cove OR on 07-24-2010
Best price; quick delivery.

Great product; have purchased many times before.

Bob, Tucson AZ on 06-05-2010
Fish LOVE TetraFin Flakes

Our 30 pond goldfish literally jump over each other to get TetraFin Goldfish Flakes! No other food has anywhere near the appeal that this one does. Best goldfish food on the market, and Pet Mountain has the best prices and speedy service also!

Judy, Madisonville LA on 05-31-2010
WOW that is a Low Price!!!!

I researched the web and was happy to see your prices as well as shipping charges were not inflated as some sites are. I was impressed with the information and the ease of search. I am looking forward in doing business and repeat business. Thanks you all!!!

Rob, Santa Clarita CA on 04-21-2010

Even WITH the additional shipping charge, this is the most economical way to purchase this EXCELLENT fish food.

Barbara, Glendale CA on 03-03-2010
TetraFin Goldfish Flakes

I am extremely happy with the product and the excellent service.

John, Bradenton FL on 12-24-2009
"Great pond fish food"

Great fish food for a pond, received the product in a very short time from the company, very satisfied.

Gaver, Cupertino CA on 11-11-2007
Great site . good prices


Paul, Ramsey NJ on 09-21-2007
My Fish Can't Get Enough!!!

MY 50 plus Comets just love the Tetra Fin Flakes over all other fish food.I have trouble getting the large tubs from my local dealer.5o plus loyal customers swimming around in my pond for the past 8 years.

Joe, Houston TX on 09-17-2007
Good price

Very good price compare with other places. It is also good for the fish

Lisa, Coppell TX on 09-13-2007
Great Deal!

I have a large pond and have been feeding my goldfish Tetrafin since 1996...the year we built the pond. TetraFin must be a great product because some of those goldfish from 1996 are still around...old but healthy!

Susan, Bridgeport TX on 09-09-2007
fish love it

The fish love it. My puffer fish is very picky with his food and he even takes a few bites of the flakes.

Christine, Latrobe PA on 07-01-2007
Fabulous Fish Food

Our goldfish have a feast with this food. Ordering on line is such a good deal. Our fish actually jump out of the water when they just see us coming. Our grandson loves feeding the fish and watching their mouths gobble it up!

Linda, Chicago IL on 06-02-2007
My goldfish enjoy it!

Wonderful fish food! My goldfish love it and seem to be more active swimming around the aquarium than before.

Judi, Haiku HI on 05-19-2007
Absolutely Fabulous

We've tried all sorts of fish food for our goldfish and this one is tops. It keeps their colors healthy but doesn't drastically change them like some of the other foods. Some foods took the black spots right off our calicos and turned them bright orange. We use this one in our pond and it doesn't cloud the water. The flakes are a nice big size. Top notch!

Haige, Temple City CA on 11-22-2006
Good Food

My fishes love these flakes!

Peter, Temple City CA on 11-19-2006

My Fishes love it. Very affordable!