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TetraMin Regular Tropical Flakes Fish Food by by Tetra

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Product Description

TetraMin Regular Tropical Flakes is a rich, totally nutritious diet for all common tropical fish. TetraMin contains essential nutrients and added Vitamin C for boosted disease resistance. This specially balanced formula provides optimal health, color and vitality. And, as always, it does not cloud water when used as directed.

  • Nutitionally balanced diet
  • Cleaner and clearer water, guaranteed
  • Aids in optimal health, color and vitality of your fish

The world's leading fish food for over 40 years, TetraMin Tropical Flakes fish food is created by a special process of 40 select ingredients that makes each flake firm and fully digestible. This greatly reduces uneaten food and tank waste, while increasing filtering capacity. TetraMin is made with ProCare, a patented, health enhancing blend of vitamins, biotin and Omega-3 to enhance resistance to stress and disease.

Feeding Guide: Feed two to three times daily only as much as your fish can consume within several minutes.

Guaranteed Analysis:
Crude Protein (min) - 47.0%
Crude Fat (min) - 10.0%
Crude Fiber (max) - 3.0%
Moisture (max) - 6.0%

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Paul, Federal Way WA on 02-03-2016
Gold standard in TF flakes food way back then and now

Back in the early 1970's when I was a kid, Tetramin TF flakes from West Germany was the best staple TF food available, except only available in small containers of several ounces. Sure they have improved the formula since then along with several design graphics of their containers but this is still the best staple flake food available made with top notch quality and nutritious ingredients for freshwater tropical fishes. The availability of the larger containers and buckets only makes it a better value.

Larry, Aspen CO on 12-02-2015
TetraMin food

I am a fish breeder and run over 1000 gallons at my home, this is the only way to go on flake food.

Frederick, Euclid OH on 10-08-2015
Best Value Ever!

I will only buy my fish food from Pet Mountain! The value cant be beat.

Eunice, South Holland IL on 04-30-2015
Great Deal on Bulk Fish Food

I ordered the 4.52lb size of the Tetramin Fish Food. It was shipped promptly and I am very pleased with the size of the container and the price. I will not have to buy fish food for a very long time. I have 6 aquariums and I should have considered buying in bulk size a very long time ago. I was so satisfied I placed a 2nd order for my brother who has 1 tank only but it is a 125 gallon size.

Greg, Zoar OH on 03-18-2015

Can't be beat even by the big chains.

Barbara, Charlottesville VA on 02-21-2015
Love the BIG flakes!

Love that these were delivered with all of the big chunks of flake food intact! I have BIG fish and it's hard to find flakes that are large, but these were perfect!

Kathy, Moab UT on 11-13-2014
Great Value

I wish I had discovered the bulk fish food containers sooner! This is the economical way to feed your fish friends! Tetra food never clouds the water and the fish love it. I have a variety of tropical fish and they seem to remain healthy given this product. One warning for those who live in rural areas - make sure someone is home to bring in the package; wild animals got to it before I did, and ate most of it, though I was able to salvage some left scattered in the grass. Totally my fault for leaving it sitting out, since I knew about (and love) the wild life, but had to re-order.

Ricky, Jackson TN on 03-04-2014
Will last awhile

Large size at about the same price as much smaller retail store size.

Charles, Hollywood MD on 01-14-2014
Excellent value for a great product

This is a great value for those with multiple aquariums. This is a proven quality product at a reasonable price.

Cindy, Meriden CT on 10-22-2013
Excellent product

I have several 75 gallon fish tanks and the large tetra flakes keep all of my large fish in good health. I have been feeding them to my fish for many years.

Marco, Santa Fe NM on 01-31-2013
Talking about good pricing

I used to buy the smaller containers at the "regular" pet store. With the size tank I have that would last only about a month to 5 weeks. This larger container combined with Petmountain's awesome pricing on all their products saves me about 50%. Thanks Petmountain!!

Gary, Jefferson City MO on 12-27-2012
Great buy!

Always happy with Pet Mountain. Quick service and free shipping offers are a great sell for me.

Coca, Astoria NE on 12-25-2012
Quality & Price can't be beat

Almost half the price I pay at my local pet shop and my fish love this brand.

Ying, San Jose CA on 05-27-2011
All my fish love it

All my fish absolutely love it - this food is great for guppies, mollies, platies, gourami, ghost shrimp, loaches, bettas, baby fry, cichlids too!

Bill, Athens GA on 12-01-2010
Low Price

Lowest price plus free shipping. Well worth it.

James, Milwaukee WI on 08-13-2010
Not bad

The fish food isnt bad for its price, much cheaper than the store so I guess it was a good buy. I will be buying it again unless I find it cheaper.

Baudy, Miami FL on 01-15-2010
My fish love it

This is by far the best brand of tropical fish food. The flakes are mostly small it has all the ingredients my fish need.

Dan, Albany NY on 10-29-2007

works great my fish love it

Marguerite , West Grove PA on 01-26-2007
Fish love it.

This fish food is the best for my tropical fish. They love it and they are very healthy and active.

Debbie, Victor NY on 12-16-2006
Tetra Min Tropical flakes

Great fish food, I have used it in my tank for over 10 years!