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Titan Easy-On Prong Training Collar by by Titan

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Product Description

The Titan Easy-On Prong Training Collar is the perfect tough, safe and effective training collar for your willful dog. This chrome-plated collar features a nylon loop for optimum durability and strength, and will not tarnish, rust or break.

  • Provides safe, effective restraint for training
  • Chrome plated prongs for maximum strength & durability
  • Nylon loop with buckle for easy connection & removal

The loop and buckle make connection and removal quick and easy. This collar is safe and humane for dogs.

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    Jeffrey, Seaside Park NJ on 09-26-2017

    We had a collar that didn't have the clip on feature, it was a pain to put on and take off. This collar works great.

    Mindi, Louisville KY on 06-27-2017
    Great product!

    So far, the collars have held up well. The price is AMAZING, especially compared to the stores and other websites I've found them on. Thank you PetMountain!

    Karen, Cold Spring Harbor NY on 11-29-2016
    Better than expected!

    This is the best prong collar. I ordered one for my dog and then ordered another for my son's dog that I often babysit. The collar is so easy to use and does not hurt my fingers or my dog getting it on and off. This product needs more advertising because it's amazing and I didn't know it was available. I happened to stumble on it searching for a new prong collar that would be easier to use.

    Dawn, Petaluma CA on 09-03-2016
    Best Collar for Pullers

    Having two labs to walk is great for exercise but the pulling on the shoulders and arms is not! Until now! This collar is much easier to get on both dogs than the traditional prong collar that we had for the first pup.

    Cristin , Los Angeles CA on 10-02-2015
    Thank God for this Collar

    I just wanted to take a moment to THANK YOU for this collar. I am still in awe over the difference it has made on my dog (red Doberman). The collar doesn't hurt him AT ALL, it's more like a massage than pain (in my own opinion). But he doesn't even try to pull anymore. He just walks with me at my pace and has calmed down so much. It's just incredible.Initially, I was really worried that he would lose his "spunk" with this collar. I was afraid that it would hold him back and he would be miserable. Totally not the case. He jumps and plays and has the most fun, all while NOT pulling my arm out of the socket.It's also incredibly helpful when he gets territorial around my apt complex. Before, he would lunge and snarl at other dogs. He would never hurt them, he just talks BIG. He's even pulled so hard I let go of his leash. NOT GOOD. No one wants a Doberman running up to them angrily (not even me). Although, I know he's just doing it to protect me and his home. Now he just walks next to me and growls at them - no lunging or pulling. He doesn't even walk towards them!!! Thank you thank you thank you!Now, to figure out if it works on Yorkie's as well...

    Shirley, Worcester MA on 09-03-2015
    Great Product

    Bought this training collar and it is wonderful. Good quality, great price and easy to put on our dog!!!! Will continue to use your products!

    Carl, Point Harbor NV on 07-13-2015
    Training collar

    Great price. Good quality. Thanks much.

    Pam, Gladewater TX on 04-29-2015
    Easy-on training collar

    Really like the collar for my pet classes. Much easier for students to get control of unruly dogs. Easier to get on and off of dogs and maintain correct fit.

    Mark, Mt Prospect IL on 02-13-2015
    Helps dog behave properly!

    Works well to control our new dog. However, difficult to put on over her head. Would rather have a model that has a clip to more easily install.