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Titan Pinch Training Collar by Titan

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Titan Pinch Training Collar Description

Coastal Pets Titan Pinch Training Collars are argon welded and chrome plated for maximum strength and durability. Titan chain will not tarnish, rust, or break. Prongs unfasten to allow the collar to be placed on your dog. Links may be added or removed for proper fit and are sold separately.

  • Durable, strong chain dog collar
  • Snap on argon welded, chrome plated collar
  • Will not rust or break

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Titan Pinch Training Collar Customer Reviews

Iris, Ridgefield Park NJ on 2011/07/13
Great price, but research proper sizing first!

I went back and forth between this prong collar and the other brand that Pet Mtn carries, but ultimately chose this. This has been invaluable in training my 50 lb rescue mutt who had poor leash/walking habits. The price here beats pet stores by a lot, but I was a little hesitant about sizing. I'll share a couple tips in case you're in the same boat. The collar should sit just under the dog's chin, higher up on the neck. Each time you use the collar, you have to unhook and rehook it. This is done by squeezing the prongs toward each other. I'm a petite female and I'm able to manage just fine, so most people should also have no problems fastening and unfastening it. The collar should NOT be big enough to slide over the dog's head. In most cases, the length you need will be a little SHORTER than your dog's regular collar. Remove as many links as you need for a snug fit. Attach the leash to one or both rings. It'll tighten more and "pinch" harder when attached to just one ring, so keep that in mind. My dog responded fine to both rings attachment. Do a search for proper fit on the internet to find useful videos and pictures. Also, this is a training collar so, PLEASE take it off when you're not actively training the dog. The prongs have rounded ends, but can injure an unsupervised dog, or when dogs are playing and have pinch collars on.