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Tomlyn Supplement Pill Masker for Dogs and Cats by by Tomlyn

  • $14.99
  • (47%)
SKU: TM09808
UPC: 030521098088
MPN: 427463 09808

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Product Description

Tomlyn Supplement Pill-Masker is a moist, shapeable, and flavorful oral paste that wraps pills to make them more attractive and palatable for your dog. Wrap any size or shape pill with this moist and juice paste that doesn't stick to your fingers.

  • Shapeable and flavorful oral paste for wrapping pills
  • Made with only food grade ingredients
  • Wraps any size or shape pill

Made naturally with only food grade ingredients, this flavorful pill-masker can help your pet get the essential vitamins, minerals and supplements they need.

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Customer Reviews

Karen, Nevada City CA on 2012/10/24
No more pills left in the bowl!

The pill masker is easy to use and my dog gobbles up her pills without any problems. I purchased a similar product from my vet for twice the price! This is definitely worth the cost.

Tina, O'Fallon MO on 2012/09/26
Rascal now loves taking his pills

This is a wonderful substitute to the Pill Pockets (and every other thing I've tried). I'm able to use a small amount to wrap a large capsule. The smell is not unpleasant at all but is strong enough to keep Rascal from knowing his other pills are hidden it in. It's not greasy or unpleasant to the touch. Love it. Makes giving him is pills twice a day much less of a chore. I'd highly recommend it.