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Van Ness Pureness Auto Waterer by by Van Ness

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  • $9.99
  • (43%)
SKU: VN00703
UPC: 079441007039

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Product Description

The Pure Ness Auto Waterer provides water for your puppy, small dog, kitten or cat! Spill-Less valve removable top is easy to clean and is dishwasher safe. Van Ness Auto Waterer has handles for easy pick up of the dish to sink even when filled with water!

  • Van Ness Auto Water - Holds Water Only
  • Clear smoke finish on water container for easy viewing of water level
  • Made of strong, easy to clean, non-toxic plastic material

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Customer Reviews

Hannah, Concord NH on 2015/12/20
Hard to open

It ended up being smaller than expected. There's also a lid that clicks onto it to hold the water that is VERY hard to get on and off. My dad had to help me with it lol.

Alan, Pasadena TX on 2015/04/17
Like it

Great product, has a large capacity which will work well with our feral colony. Only time will tell how it holds up in outdoor use. It is well made and holds plenty if that is what you are looking for.

Melissa, Mapleton IA on 2014/01/22

Waterer works fine. Satisfied with it.

Michelle, Seattle WA on 2013/07/26
Great little basic waterer

I got the feeder and waterer together from the same brand and size and I'm very happy with them. It is small, so if you're using this for a pet, it has to be a cat or a small dog. I saw reviews on people having a hard time refilling the water. The trick is to fill it with water, grab the bottom blue bowl and flip it in place. When you're ready to place on the floor, flip and quickly put it down being careful to not spill.

Carmen, Allentown PA on 2010/11/13
As good as expected

We love it. the item works great saves time and out new puppy took very well to it. and the price was wonderful

Laura, Hurley NY on 2010/11/03
Can't Be Beat!!

These gravity-fed waterers are great. They have a large drinking basin, but even more important - the reservoir comes apart and you can get your hand in there and really clean it.

Laura, Hurley NY on 2010/11/03
Best Waterers I've Ever Used

These gravity-fed waterers are great. The cover comes off the reservoir so you can easily add ice on hot days, they have a large drinking basin, but even more important, you can get your hand in the reservoir and really clean it.

Nancy, Norfolk VA on 2010/10/22
No more water spills to wipe up!

This is a very nice auto waterer! It's sturdy, not at all flimsy or cheap looking, better than some waterers that cost twice as much. It was shown in pink/coral, but came in blue, which is okay with me. The 1 liter size was out of stock, so I bought the 3 liter size, which is just right for my 2 cats and I don't need to refill 2 or 3 times a day. Angel and Cali like it, except that they can't tip it over and play in the water like they did with their bowl of water. So now I don't have to wipe up spills or risk falling on a slippery floor.

Niki, Nashville TN on 2010/06/24
Exactly what I wanted!

I could not find this product in any store in my city. Had to go online to purchase. The product was available, arrived exactly when you said it would, and best of all, the price was great!

Joy, Malibu CA on 2007/12/10
Great Waterer and made in USA!!

This waterer is much better than others, it's water reservoir has a removable lid that makes for much easier cleaning, and made in the USA!!

Lynn, Grove City OH on 2007/07/01
Low maintenance watering for dogs

This is a great waterer for your dogs if they are home alone while you are at work. Also it's nice when you are home because you don't have to keep checking their bowls to make sure they have water. It's a great value. There are a lot of more expensive products out there that do the same thing. Save your money and buy this one.