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Van Ness PureNess Cat Pan Liners by Van Ness

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Van Ness PureNess Cat Pan Liners Description

Van Ness PureNess Cat Pan Liners end messy cleanup and make your job easier! Van Ness bags are eco-friendly and made from 100% recycled materials. 3-ply, tear-resistant plastic ensures there wont be any spills or extra messes to clean.

  • 3-ply, tear-resistant plastic means no more spills or extra mess
  • Designed to fit most litter pans and boxes
  • Eco-friendly 100% recycled palstic liners
  • Large cat pan liners fits pans up to 19"L x 15"W
  • Giant cat pan liners fits pans up to 35"L x 18"W

These sanitary cat litter pan liners are quick and easy to install and dispose!

Large: Fits Van Ness Large Litter Pan (CP2) and Large Framed Litter Pan (CP4).
Giant: Fits Van Ness Giant Litter Pans (CP3, CP3HS, CP6 and CP66).

Note: These liners do not include drawstrings.

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Van Ness PureNess Cat Pan Liners Customer Reviews

Davis, Michigan City IN on 2016/01/19
Cat pan liner

Cat pan liner - Using the Van Ness L3 liners is like singin "cat pan liner" to the tune of Cat scratch fever. No rips- no tears and best of all NO mess.. I have two LARGE cats that are brothers- one is 21 ponds and the other is 25.. Now you know why I need lots of liners L3 GIANTandgt;

Ann Marie, New Haven CT on 2015/12/29
Cant Find The Bags

I love these bags have used them for so long and now can not find them can someone help me.

Steve, Atlanta GA on 2015/07/03
Great product!

Product delivered on time and as expected. Now our cat has a year's supply of cat litter bags!

Dennis, Franklin IL on 2015/02/04

With five cats, we think we know something about litter boxes and liners, and we KNOW that Van Ness makes the best, most durable liners of anybody. And fortunately, Pet Mountain is the source of these at the lowest price anywhere. Shop around if you like, but you're wasting your time - Pet Mountain should be your only source for this item.

Paula, Tucson AZ on 2013/10/13
Thank You

Can no longer find these locally. KMart used to carry them, as did WalMart, but the packaging changed at KMart and I cannot always find them. I like to use them under the liners that have a drawstring - these do not, but they work as great litter liner liners. lol

Roni, Rawlins WY on 2013/05/29

These are the best! When we no longer could get them locally we searched online. We were very pleased to still be able to find them and the service was great.

Nancy, Grand Cayman CI on 2013/03/28

I had a hard time finding this product - after using it for many years. I was happy to find it at Pet Mountain and their service was very good.

Frank, Long Island NY on 2013/01/13
Good Liners, Great Price, Excellent Service!

These catpan liners work extremely well. The price at Pet Mountain, easily beats my local store, and for the most part, unlike my local store, they are always in stock. The free shipping is the icing on the cake.

Patty, Fargo ND on 2007/06/02
Van Ness liners work great!

Van Ness Extra-Giant drawstring cat pan liners valu-pak is great. I have 3 cats and need to save whenever I can. Using scoopable, flushable litter along with the liners, keeps everything smelling fresh. All I have to do is wipe clean 1/2 of a litter box and replace the liner (along with scooping every day). Thanks Van Ness, for the sturdy bags that save cleanup time!