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Van Ness Sifting Cat Pan With Frame (CP5) - Assorted Colors by by Van Ness

  • $24.99
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SKU: VN00425
UPC: 079441004250
  • $156.99
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SKU: VN00425M
UPC: 688713104002
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Product Description

Van Ness' Sifting Cat Pan is stain resistant and easy to clean. Use the sifter to keep clean litter in the pan. The Sifting Cat Pan CP5 is a four piece litter box system that allows you to sift out the waste and throw away, making the Van Ness Sifting Cat Pan cleaning a breeze.

  • Stain resistant and easy to clean
  • Includes sifter to keep clean litter inside pan
  • No litter scoop or liners needed

No litter scoop or litter liners are necessary. The frame is gray and pans ship in assorted colors.

Dimensions: 19"L x 15.12"W x 5.25"H

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Customer Reviews

Carol, Greencastle IN on 2013/05/14
Note of thanks

Want to thank the individual that suggested putting the screen between the two solid pans. I just dump the used litter into the screen w/clean pan under it, then shake it a bit for the unused litter to go to the clean pan. The clumps come right out into a garbage bag and the screen is clog free. Again thanks for the tip.

Peter, Northfield MN on 2012/09/14
Pretty much the best sifting litterboxes

There's a lot of sifting litterboxes out there; these seem to be the best. Larger holes means less likely to get clogged, and the plastic is less brittle than the others we've tried.

Anna, Brooklyn NY on 2012/05/29
Not as convenient as I expected

The litter when wet gets stuck into the filter holes. It makes much more harder to clean the filter because of this. And also when moisture gets through the filter to the second pan, you have to clean 2 pans instead of one. Makes no sense for that reason, unless you want to do a double job. Overall the pan is a good quality and a good size. But as for me, it doesn't work the way it suppose to work with all this complicated assembly.

Marcia, Crestwood KY on 2011/04/30
Sifting is the way to go!

This litter box makes so much sense. Why would you scoop when you can sift in a matter of seconds? Clean and Quick! Don't have to hold my breath for very long anymore! :-)

Arlene, Port Angeles WA on 2011/03/05
Better than expected!

I have long been using wood pellets - the kind made for stoves - as cat litter. I use this box with the wood pellets. I pick up the feces in the cat box with a plastic dog-poop bag several times a day, reducing odor in the house. The urine usually goes right through the wood pellets and filter and ends up in the first pan. The wood pellets break down into sawdust when wet. The sawdust drops through the filter or can be made to go through by shaking the filter. This system works well for me. It saves still-usable litter and cuts down on smell by keeping the litter dry. My only complaint is that the box could be bigger. I have multiple cats and some of them would appreciate a larger box.

Lin, Philadelphia PA on 2010/08/30
Better than smelling fumes while "trolling for poops!"

It's OK. When I use a scoop, my nose runs profusely. This removes everything quickly. Just use a big cheap dollar store trash bag that you can completely submerge the sifter into. 1 minute, your outta there! No more runny nose. Also don't use cheap clumping litter - go for the tidy cat

Phyl, Union NJ on 2010/01/03
Sorry I bought it

I'm sure this system looked good to whoever dreamed it up, but it's time-consuming, not terribly effective, and messy. Your first reviewer was right -- scooping and throwing away is 10 times easier than using these pans.

Rb, Houston TX on 2009/12/30
not what was hoping for

First the pans are too small for most cats. I don't have large cats and its not as easy for them to use as the large open pans had before. second the disassembling required to clean. Removing the trim ring, pulling out the sifting grate, shaking the grate into a bag or bucket large enough to catch all the pieces, pouring the litter back into other pan getting it all stacked up again. Its just as easy to scoop the waste out of an open pan discard in the trash. With these pans you will do more sweeping than you think of spilled litter.