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Spot Vermont Style Fleecy Dog Toy Bone by Spot

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SKU: ST5026
UPC: 077234050262
MPN: 77234050262
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SKU: ST5027M
UPC: 682157081318
MPN: T5027M

Spot Vermont Style Fleecy Dog Toy Bone Description

Spot Pet Products Plush Fleece Chew Bone Toy is a safe and durable squeak toy that your canine can sink its canines into again and again. Great soft toy for teething puppies!

  • Safe and durable plush chew toy
  • Soft, safe for games of indoor fetch
  • Machine washable

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Spot Vermont Style Fleecy Dog Toy Bone Customer Reviews

Ken, West Union SC on 2013/12/03
Exactly as expected

Two fleecy bones with squeakers just like I expected. Thanks.

Val, Owens Cross Roads AL on 2012/08/21
Great toy

The dog really loves this toy. I was looking for something that could withstand some rough play and this toy has held up well.

Peggy, Silver Spring MD on 2011/09/28
I FINALLY found it!

I have been looking for this fleece bone for months because his old one was dirty and worn. The person who bought the previous bone as a gift couldn't remember where he got it and the tags had been torn or chewed off! I've bought other kinds but my dog would have nothing to do with them. This is the only bone my dog likes - in fact he loves it and carries it everywhere. So I bought 2. Love those happy endings.

Jane, Santa Fe NM on 2010/12/03
Tried and true

I ordered a basketful of toys, having just discovered Pet Mountain, and I don't regret any of them, but THIS is the one my dog carries around and loves. Can't beat a fleece bone!

Jackie Lee, Gainesville FL on 2010/09/30
Such a cute toy!

My 12 week old puppy loves this thing. He will just sit there squeaking the squeaker forever. He'll bring it to me so we can play fetch with it too. Good value!

Laura, San Diego CA on 2010/09/17
Great Value!

This toy is a great value, my lab loves it. He was able to chew holes in it but that is to be expected, will be getting more of these : )

Sarah, Northville MI on 2010/09/01
Perfect soft toy for large dogs

Our dog loves it. He takes it everywhere!

Amy, 55379 MN on 2010/07/10

Our 5 month old Cocker absolutely loves this plush bone! He carries it everywhere. :)