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Via Aqua LED Light and Airstone Slow Color Changing by Via Aqua

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Via Aqua LED Light and Airstone Slow Color Changing Description

The Via Aqua Slow Color Changing LED Light and Airstone uses low voltage LED lamps that are self-weighted for simple installation. These LED lights will help add a new dimension to your tank and illuminate your water!

  • Great night light and tank illuminator
  • Provides a color changing air curtain
  • Connect to an Air Pump and Airline (sold separately) to create a bubble wall in your aquarium

The Slow Color Changing LED Light and Airstone is perfect for brilliant color viewing and comes with a transformer, two suction cup brackets and a wire suction cup.

6" Long: 1.8 Watts (6 Multicolor LEDs)
12" Long: 2.7 Watts (12 Multicolor LEDs)
18" Long: 3.3 Watts (18 Multicolor LEDs)

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Via Aqua LED Light and Airstone Slow Color Changing Customer Reviews

Craig, Houston TX on 2017/12/17
Wife loves it!

This light makes a great night light for the 30 gallon octagon tank I have. I do not use this light as a airstone as I have other airstones in the tank. My wife loves watching the colors change!

Ron, Orrtanna PA on 2015/09/17
"Highlights scenery"

Purchased two of these (18") to span the backside of my 125 gallon aquarium. I only had these a few weeks, but they are working great and they really highlight the scenery and the fish. Turning the moonlight on in the evening with the air stone changing colors is very relaxing to watch.I would recommend these to a friend.

Al, Chandler AZ on 2014/04/29
Very Dependable

I bought the 18 inch for my 65 gallon tank. It works great. The airstone is rubber so you can make additional holes in it when the originals get clogged up. I use a paper clip and it's like new again. Just be careful you don't tear the rubber or it's almost no use. I did that. All the air came out of the large hole I accidently punched in. I was able to close up the hole with "Goop" a household sealant and it continues to work well.

Tracy, Thousand Oaks CA on 2014/02/11
Enjoy the light show

I came across this item and thought it would be a fun way to light up the fish tank - and it is! I have the 18 inch strip. The colors shift in a random cycle, but that's ok. I use it at night for best effect. It's on for about 12 hours, the plug gets warm but running fine so far.

Christopher, Hanover Park I on 2013/11/05
Best of both worlds!

This LED Bubble wall (18") provide excellent oxygenation plus extra night illumination in my tank. Good product.

Angela, Mechanicsburg PA on 2013/10/05
A+ Product Highly Recommended

I ordered the multiple color one for my 29 gallon fish tank. I original thought it could be too short for 30" long tank since I want to create a bubble wall. However, it fit well after I installed it. My red parrot fishes look prettier than before. It is very fun to watch them to swim in the different color of light. The only little problem is the airstone bubble. Those bubbles come up less at the end. I think I may need a bigger powerful pump for this.

Kathy, Deerfield Beach FL on 2013/10/03
Nice product!

I am happy with this product. For the price it adds some color and the airstone helps circulate my water. It's not quite as strong or bright as I'd prefer so I'd rate it medium flow and low on lights. Still it's a nice addition.

Maureanne, Almont MI on 2013/01/30

I loved the first one so much, I had to have one for my second 55gal. tank. I priced them out at local well known Pet Stores, and was very happy to know I had saved a lot of money ordering from here, and the color changing motion of the lights makes for an interesting liteshow at night in the living room. The guppies don't seem to panic as much with their cool new nitelites I leave on for them, and visitors are completely in awe as well as transfixed at how many patterns the lights fade in and out of. Revamping both tanks with new everything including these lights has given me a new appreciation of the beauty of owning freshwater tanks. Thank you for keeping the prices affordable so more folks can do the same, just when my tanks couldn't be more relaxing to watch I thought, I am happily wrong, now, they are even more mesmerizing! And remember folks, purchase a separate air supplier, as I always have an extra handy, but it does tell you to supply your own, so you wonlt be bummed thinking everything is ready to be set up. Total time to setup and plug everything in, 7 minutes tops! Enjoy!