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Via Aqua MillionAir Air Pump for Aquariums by Via Aqua

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Via Aqua MillionAir Air Pump for Aquariums Description

The ViaAqua MillionAir Aquarium Air Pump combines superior design elements and state-of-the-art technology to create a strong, reliable, safe, and quiet air pump. Low energy consumption, high air output, quiet operation, and variable control modes make the Million Air pump an excellent model for a variety of applications.

  • Energy efficient with high air output
  • Quiet operation
  • Simple installation and easy maintenance
  • Cord length: 6'
  • Power supply: 120 Volt AC, 60 Hertz
  • Tubing: Standard airline 3/16"

Via Aqua MillionAir Air PumpSpecifications:
MA-80 Air Pump has 1 Air Outlet - For Aquariums up to 10 Gallons
MA-200 Air Pump has 1 Air Outlet - For Aquariums up to 30 Gallons
MA-400 Air Pump has 2 Air Outlets - For Aquariums up to 50 Gallons
MA-600 Air Pump has 2 Air Outlets - For Aquariums up to 100 Gallons

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Via Aqua MillionAir Air Pump for Aquariums Customer Reviews

Terry, Bloomingdale GA on 2019/02/04

Had tetra pump hatching brine shrimp for dwarf seahorses, it could barely handle 3 one gallon tanks half full with air stones, purchased million air (MA-400), HOOKED EVERYTHING UP, PLUGGED UP, WOW! CIRCULATING ALL 3 TANKS, NICE POWERFUL, AND NICE PRICE, ( ONLY AT PET MOUNTAIN ) MUST TRY!

Stephanie, Thornton CO on 2015/10/02
Great Pump

Great little pump. Got the largest model and it works like a champ. It is giving me at least three or four more times the air of the old pump. It arrived quickly and Pet Mountain has great customer service.

Brandi, Salina KS on 2015/02/25
Just What I Needed

The Via Aqua Million Air Pump works great. The only thing I don't like is it is loud in my opinion.

Brandi, Salina KS on 2015/02/25
Just what i needed, but

The Via Aqua Million Air Pump works great. The only thing I don't like is it is loud in my opinion.

Brandi, Salina KS on 2015/02/25
Very happy!

It's quiet and I love the fact that you can adjust the amount of air.

Cynthia, Chicago IL on 2014/10/18
Sooooo quiet!

This is by far the most quiet air pump I've ever owned. I LOVE the control knob for just the right amount of air. Great pump, don't even know it's on.. And the price... Amazing! I will do all my pet shopping at Pet Mountain!

Greg, Knoxville TN on 2013/10/14

Ok, so it does a great job forcing air through. The control, however, does little to nothing. It's pretty much all out all the time.

Sarah, Wilmington NC on 2012/12/20
A little loud

This air pump pushes a lot of air, but it is a little on the loud side. I've tried putting it on a wash cloth to absorb some of the sound, I've tried hanging still makes a little more noise than I like.

Annette, Hurst TX on 2012/03/14
Love quiet power!

A bubbler that is quiet...yay! Love the control dial for more or less bubbles. And who could beat the price -- better than paying 20 or 30. Thank you again Pet Mountain for the best values anywhere.

Cichlidluvr, Socal CA on 2012/01/16
Great price!

Works as good as pumps that cost twice as much. Very quiet. Will definitely get another.

John, Richmond TX on 2011/09/26
Very dependable

This has been a dependable little air pump. Running 24/7 now for about 7 months. Quiet and no problems. It is much better than I expected considering the low price.

Lvmydog, Portland OR on 2011/04/27
LOVE IT, so quiet

It will only accommodate one bubble bar though, so if you want more, make sure you get a larger pump. Another thing to note: pay attention to whether you want 2 outputs or not.

Lvmydog, Portland OR on 2011/04/27
LOVE IT, so quiet but I need only 1 output

I do love this, but i needed only 1 output for using it with my gang valve, having the 2 outputs divides up the power and makes the gang valve pretty useless for sending air to several small airstones in my brine shrimp breeding tanks.

Min, Albany NY on 2010/12/28
Powerful Air Pump

I have owned 4 other brands, including Tetra, Rena, Elite, Marina .. Million Air is most powerful, price competitive air pump of all. Most air pumps usually under-perform the recommended gallons and this one exceeds it.

Chris, North Bend WA on 2010/12/15

Pushes a lot of air and the air volume control is nice...

Niky, Oakdale MN on 2010/10/26
I LOVE this air pump!

I have a 70 gallon tank, and the people at the pet store told me a 60 gallon air pump would work just fine. Wrong. This 100 gallon pump pumps out so much air! The pump I had before was a Tetra Whisper I believe and I hated it. It was loud and didn't pump out air very well. This one has 2 valves (same as my Tetra) AND the ability to increase or decrease the air by using a dial. Amazing! I've never had such an amazing bubble wall before. Great product, great price, and small.

David, Lake City FL on 2010/06/09
Best Air pump Ive had.

As soon as I hooked it up, I knew it was a winner. It drove an airstone and water filter with high air flow at its minimum setting, and did it quietly. I hope it lasts a good while.

Gail, North Adams MA on 2010/05/20
Works great

I purchased two of these and both are very quiet and blow lots of bubbles. I had another brand name that quit after about 10 months so found these thought I'd give them a try and love them. Now I'm thinking of getting two more for my other two tanks.

Mark, Belding MI on 2010/05/10
Worth the money

I've had the MA600 for a few months now and have been very happy with it. Pushes plenty of air on two 15" bubble walls. I like the rheostat control on the pump. Noise level is very low. So far, I would recommend this product.

Art, Santa Monica CA on 2009/12/30
Super Quiet

This was a replacement unit for the exact same model I had for two years or so. Two air outlets and an air flow adjustment dial. A fantastic value, but more importantly it really is quiet compared to the other air pumps I've had over the years. Love this product.

Alyse, Carrabelle FL on 2009/12/09
Excellent purchase

I bought this pump to use with my 5 gallon tank and 2 gallon tank(using a T valve).It is super quiet if placed on a flat surface and works excellent.My only complaint is I bought one meant for a 10 gallon tank and when I received it the box said it was for a 5-6 or 8 gallon tank(cant remember but I know it is lower than 10 gallon,already disposed of the box to I couldn't tell you the exact size except the 5 gallon part lol).You need to buy your own air stone and air hose to go with it which it doesn't mention although the stone should be assumed.I bought it to go with my air wands and luckily bought air hose since none of the products mentioned if it was needed or not.Easy to install the hose though.All in all an excellent purchase and completely worth it!

Ns, Los Angeles CA on 2008/02/25
MA600 Blows some good bubles

Good build quality, pushes a ton of air. It's currently hooked up to an 18" wand in a 55 gallon. Built in rheostat is very convenient. Not dead silent, but on par or better with other pumps of this power.

Jeff, Scottsdale AZ on 2006/11/14
Great Value

These pumps are amazing for the price. They last forever. A good buy!