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Gamma2 Vittles Vault Airtight Pet Food Container by Gamma2

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SKU: VV14230
UPC: 769397142303
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Gamma2 Vittles Vault Airtight Pet Food Container Description

Vittles Vault Pet Food containers are storage systems engineered specifically for dry pet food. This container comes with a spin off lid which helps contain the freshness and flavor in your pets food.

  • The Vittles Vault keeps pe food fresh
  • Heavy duty container with easy open twist lid
  • Keep bugs out of dog food, cat food, koi food, bird seed & more

The Vittle Vaults patented, threaded, double gasket lid provides leak proof and airtight protection. Vittles Vault containers are made of food grade high-impact plastic.

NOTE: Vittles Vault weight capacities are approximate. Pet foods vary in size and density, which will affect how much of a particular food type each Vittles Vault can store.

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Gamma2 Vittles Vault Airtight Pet Food Container Customer Reviews

Jessica, Redford MI on 2015/03/17
Everything I had hoped for!

Great quality product that shipped super fast. :) I would definitely recommend purchasing this product if you are looking for a compact container for pet food. Also because this container has a twist tight seal it keeps pests out and the food fresher longer.

Juju, Sylacauga AL on 2014/10/16
Super dog food container

This is a sturdy, easy to open dog food container. Would highly recommend. Only regret is not purchasing the container before now. Food stays fresh, and holds fifty pounds as stated!

Nicole, Rohnert Park CA on 2014/09/04
The Best Dog Food Container

I have two medium size dogs and pick up 40lbs of dog food every month. These containers are the BEST. Screw top keeps the food fresh, small critters out (bugs/mice) and there is NO lingering smell of dog food. Also...if you have small children it is difficult for them to open the container, but easy for adults (bigger hands).

Lee, Myrtle Creek OR on 2014/01/18
Love the Vittles Vault

This is a great product. I purchased a smaller version when I was in Portland and it is fantastic for the dog food. It keeps it fresh and no ants or bugs can get in. The best thing is the dogs can't self serve! I love it and got one more after this one for the cats.

Lee, Myrtle Creek OR on 2014/01/14
What a fantastic product!

I first purchased one of the vittle vaults in town, but wanted a larger one for our big dogs. This is a great product and was a fair price. Loved it so much, went back and bought another.

Sarah, Charleston SC on 2013/03/06
THE best pet food storage option

These containers are THE best for pet food storage. I have several pets, and having a durable and convenient container makes the daily feeding routines go smoothly, without creating a mess in the kitchen! You can never have too many of these.

Jeff, Alexandria VA on 2012/12/29
Good stuff

Really nice, keeps food fresh. And made in the USA people we have to support this county by supporting small businesses that actively manufacture stuff in America. This food bin is well made and can hold a lot of food and will keep even the most aggressive of dogs out of the food bin.

Janet, Elgin OR on 2012/10/24
Love this thing!

We are so glad we ordered this container. It takes up less space in the pantry than the big bag and the pantry does not smell like pet food. We live in the country so that also means less chance of rodents. The lid is so easy to open and close. It is easy to move you don't have to lift it just slide it out of the way. Don't know why we waited so long to do this.

Jennifer, Franklin TN on 2012/03/30
Very satisfied

This is the perfect container for my food. I buy large bags of Taste of the Wild and worry about not being fresh. The 50 lb. vault held all my food with room to store, plus it is designed so that it doesn't take up much space. I will definitely order my pet supplies from Pet Mountain again.

Jan, Aliso Viejo CA on 2012/03/16
No other product like it

I absolutely love this product. Purchased a Vittles Vault years ago and it worked perfectly. Woke 1 morning to find ants circling the entire bottom of the container as well as up the sides and on the top - not realizing that when I filled the container the prior day spilled a couple of dry kibbles on the outside. After killing all the ants and cleaning the area opened my Vittles Vault and not a single ant was in it. Adding more animals to our household required purchasing additional containers and wouldn't buy anything else. I highly recommend this product. Also, customer service at PetMountain rocks!

Cathy, Addison NY on 2011/11/29
Finally...outsmarted my mare!

After my horses colicked from breaking into the feed room I ordered 2 of these. If she figures these out, I'm putting her into the circus! Great quality and very sturdy.

Bill, Tucson AZ on 2011/08/23
The Perfect pet food container

The "vault" is easy to open with one hand, and just as easy to "spin" closed for a tight seal. Exactly what we have been missing to keep the pet food odor out of the pantry, and the food fresh and dry. Really wish we had found it years ago.

Ginny, Sewickley PA on 2011/05/26
Best pet food storage ever

I have had a vittle vault for so many years I can't remember and it is still doing the job. Since I have several different pet foods to store, I decided to purchase another vittle vault. It keeps the food fresh and safe, is dog proof so there is no stealing extra meals, and the wide mouth makes filling it very easy. I would highly recommend this product.

Jessica, Yuma AZ on 2011/05/19
Just as great as the other reviews said

This food container had great reviews and I have not been disappointed. My main concern was if it would hold my whole bag of dog food. Some of the other products state that they can hold a 40 lb. bag, but the reviews said otherwise. This one holds a 40 lb. bag, plus a little of the leftover from the bag before it. It also comes with a handy food scoop. Very satisfied with the product!

David, Reading MA on 2011/03/24
Just what we needed!

I researched the many types of pet food containers available a found the "Vittles Vault" not only to be very well made, but very well designed. This storage bin holds a large volume of dog food without taking up much space at all. We used to have a much larger container; that quite frankly was not anywhere near as good looking as the "Vittles Vault". It looks good, takes up very little space for it's storage capacity, holds a large volume of food, and is insect/rodent proof. What more could you ask for? Pet Mountain had the best price by far of any of the vendors I researched, whether online or in store. I am overall very pleased and satisfied with my purchase.

Karla, Rancho Mirage CA on 2011/03/16
Good, solid product

Ordered and received in 2 days. It holds 40 lb. of dry food quite nicely, but I doubt if it would hold more than about 45 lb. I'm glad I read the review on the "40 lb." container which said it held 30 lb. My only complaint is that you have to find a place for the lid, or have 3 hands. One for scooping, one for the bowl, and one to hold the lid. I wish there were a chain or something, holding the lid to the container.

Lil, San Diego CA on 2010/11/01

I love this product. I first purchased the container at the suggestion of a clerk at a pet shop who indicated they were air tight and really worked over others. I have since purchased several more and keep both my dog and fish products fresh. They truly hold up both inside and outside, and the price is reasonable for the quality product.

Karen, Middletown VA on 2010/10/09

I use these in the barn for horse, chicken, and cat food and they are incredible. I even had a very large raccoon come into the barn one night and try to scratch and bite its way into this container and NO LUCK. He was HUGE too (video cameras confirmed). They are really nice containers! We have some in the pantry for storage in the basement as well for rice! Love these things! Came on here to buy 4 more and they are out of stock! UGH

Jared, Santaquin UT on 2010/10/01
Great product for outside

We have had this container outside for over 5 years. through the hot summers and snowy winters it has held up well!

Tim, Charlotte NC on 2010/09/15
Great product at a Great value!

We started off using paint cans/lids from Home Depot as an easy/inexpensive option to store our lab's food. After about a year the lids cracked and we were concerned about the food going stale and decided to purchase the 50lb Vittles Vault. It works great and we are very happy with the value we received from this online store. Thank you very much!