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Wardley Shrimp Pellets Formula Sinking Fish Food by Wardley

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SKU: W00094
UPC: 043324000943
MPN: 94

Wardley Shrimp Pellets Formula Sinking Fish Food Description

Wardley Shrimp Pellets are designed to soften and sink gradually, to allow fish at all levels to feed at their leisure. They're formulated to provide a variety of tropical fish with excellent nutrition, and are especially appealing to bottom feeders.

  • Great fish food for bottom feeders
  • Helps maintain clean water
  • Allows fish at all levels to feed at their leisure

Especially appealing to bottom feeders such as plecostomus, catfish and loaches, as well as larger fish like oscars and other cichlids.

Feeding Directions: Place a few pellets on the waters surface. They will soften gradually and sink to the bottom of the aquarium. Fish will quickly locate them and begin feeding. Fish will readily accept pellets after a few feedings. Feed several times a day. Do not feed again unless prior feedings have been completely consumed.

Ingredients: Shrimp Meal, Wheat Flour, Soy Protein Concentrate, Hydrolyzed Fish Protein, Corn Gluten Meal, Brewers Dried Yeast, Dried Beet Pulp, Wheat Germ Meal, Plankton, L-Ascorbyl-2-Polyphosphate (source of Vitamin C).

Guaranteed Analysis:
Crude Protein (min) - 38.0%
Crude Fat (min) - 2.0%
Crude Fiber (max) - 8.0%
Moisture (max) - 12.0%

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Wardley Shrimp Pellets Formula Sinking Fish Food Customer Reviews

Ed, Astoria NY on 2018/08/13
Sink Like Stones

I wish that I had read the prior review before buying Wardleys Shrimp pellets. O.k. for bottom feeders but no other fish in my tanks have a chance at eating. My shrimp do seem to enjoy them.

Amie, Cheektowaga NY on 2015/10/28
My fish love them

I have two aquariums, one for Gourami and the other a general community tank, and all of my fish love these. They watch me drop them in at the top and follow them down to the bottom. The fact that they soften immediately is a bonus, as it means the fish can eat them quicker and there is less mess.It is especially fun to watch my 8 Cory Cats rushing around to get every last morsel.

Reuben, Las Vegas NV on 2012/07/10
Not exactly as advertised doesnt smell fishy

I have to agree with previous reviewers that this product sinks to the bottom of an aquarium tank or pond almost instantly. The cylinder like pellets thereafter don't take too long to start disintigrating. The disintigration of the pellet does cloud or help add particles to the water. Do bottom feeders eat this? Yes in my experience they do. I have had to use combination of floating and sinking foods to feed all my pond fish who feed at varying levels in the water. Also the food doesn't smell fishy, it smells grainy and old (perhaps that is normal). Also I read on another site that SHRIMP is NOT the main or first ingredient and from what I've seen that seems accurate. This product is good however for the money. I would not recommend mass stocking it though like I did. As usual PetMountain is #1 in pricing and in customer service :)

Ruben, Yakima WA on 2010/12/01
My bottom eater loves it!

My pleco, Pangasius Catfish, Albino Cory, and other tropical fish loves them. Especially my catfish loves it a lot, cause now i can see its belly fat. The only bad size is the it dissolved too fast. It makes the tank look dirty when the big fish swim to close to it, to eat it.

Sandi, Berlin MD on 2010/10/07
Awesome values

My fish will ONLY eat Wardley Shrimp Pellets and was tried of paying pet store prices and googled it and found this site. AWESOME prices and great products!

Ryan, Spanaway WA on 2010/06/23
Love this stuff

My Channel cats and all my other fish love this stuff, I also feed them frozen blood worms at the same time. When I am in a hurry it's easy to just feed them just the pellets too. Knowing that I am giving my fish a great quality food that I can buy in such a big size is great. I have bought many 32 oz containers and will continue to buy many more.

Barb And Jim, Munhall PA on 2010/06/18
The best Shrimp for your Fish!

All our pond fish absolutely love this food. Needing larger packages this Quantity and Top Quality is the way to go.The fish absolutely love it and we appreciate it! Thank you :) :)