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Weco Instant DeChlor Water Conditioner by by Weco

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Product Description

Weco DeChlor instantly eliminates chlorine and reduces toxicity of common heavy metals, making tap water safe for your aquarium fish. Just 1 drop per U.S. gallon removes chlorine and chlorine dioxide.

  • Instantly eliminates chlorine
  • REduces toxicity of heaby metals
  • Safe to use in saltwater or marine aquariums that utilize protein skimmers or foam fractionators
  • Will not cause foaming

DeChlor also reduces the toxicity of heavy metals such as copper, cadmium, mercury, silver, zinc, lead, nickel, manganese, and sodium selenate which may be harmful to aquatic life. Use when filling your fish tank for the first time or when performing a water change to properly condition tap water for fish.

Removes Chlorine - Add 1 drop per gallon
Removes Chloramine - Add 2 drops per gallon

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    Becky, Reno NV on 11-20-2016
    Great value

    Great value, better than I can buy locally.

    Raymond, Corry PA on 12-09-2015
    Excellent product

    I use this for all new setups and find that it works with amazing speed and is good to make my water completely safe for for my fishes.

    Carol, Alta Loma CA on 07-09-2015

    I have been using this product for years in my fish tank and in my pond and it works great.

    Jonathan, St. Louis MO on 01-29-2015
    Great value

    Product is pretty straight forward. Arrived fast and it was a great value compared to the smaller bottles.

    Timothy, San Diego CA on 01-13-2015
    Hard to find

    I have been using this product for years and it's hard to find it in the larger quantities for my large aquariums in local pet stores.

    Mike, Sioux City IA on 06-18-2014

    I tried a souped up dechlorinator with fish protectant, etc. this year. My pond filtration system has a high level of agitation and I also have waterfall return. The other dechlor product caused a huge amount of foaming even though it states that it will not. Once I figured out the cause of the foaming... my goal was to find a simple straightforward dechlor product. This is it and the gallon size will last me a couple years. Foaming has gone away.

    Kristina, Concord NC on 07-21-2011
    Works very well

    A great product if you only need a chlorine or chloramine remover. Been using it for years and always happy with it.