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Weco Wonder Shell Removes Chlorine and Clears Cloudy Water in Aquariums by Weco

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Weco Wonder Shell Removes Chlorine and Clears Cloudy Water in Aquariums Description

Weco Wonder Shells are great for pH, calcium and water hardness control in small aquariums and fish bowls. These all-in-one treatments provide calcium carbonate, sodium thiosulfate, and necessary trace elements, including magnesium.

  • Helps keep aquarium clear and maintains stable pH levels
  • Adds necessary minerals while removing chlorine
  • Great for goldfish, livebearers, cichlids and more

Weco Wonder Shells provide magnesium and calcium, which have been proven to help fish during stress and to prevent disease due to acid buildup in the body. These shells instantly remove chlorine and chloramines from tap water while also clearing cloudiness. Scour inner glass walls with a Wonder Shell to remove scum and to deter its return.

Small: Bowls up to 1 Gallon
Large: Tanks up to 5 Gallons
Super: Tanks 10-15 Gallons
Giant: Fish Ponds

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Weco Wonder Shell Removes Chlorine and Clears Cloudy Water in Aquariums Customer Reviews

Crystal, Wingate NC on 2020/09/08
Miracle product!

The picture doesn’t do the water justice for how clear it gets, my 35gal pond which I couldn’t see an inch into looked like clear bottled water to the bottom for weeks (I just need to clean the filter so it looks a lil green). One super in my pond did so good I’ll never go without them again. Scrape the side of the pond walls with it and the algae comes right off where you scrape it. My snails and fish have been acting much happier and my snail was even right next to it today! Thank you.

Lee, Richmond TX on 2015/11/02

Works great.

Jan, Gainesville VA on 2015/07/21

I was pleasantly surprised after using these for the first time. They added necessary calcium for my snails' shells, and the tank seemed to keep the water cleaner and clearer. I will continue to use wonder shells.

Barbara, Charlottesville VA on 2015/02/21
GREAT for Snails!

Anyone who keeps Mystery Snails (or any type of snail) in their aquarium should definitely add the Weco Wonder Shells as a source of calcium and other benefits. Pet Mountain has the best prices on this item!

Judy, Lima OH on 2015/02/20
Wonder Shells are beneficial to all fish

Four stars only because package directions are inadequate. I was happy to find such a low price for small Wonder Shells here at Pet Mountain...and LOW shipping charges. I stocked up on the small size (which are more convenient for me to use). ALL freshwater fish can benefit from the use of Wonder Shells, particularly during disease treatment. I won't go into all of the scientific explanation here as it is quite lengthy (and is easy to find online). I have only been using Wonder Shells for a few months (since October 2014). I found that with fish that like soft water, you have to use a LOT less than what is recommended. 1/3 of the medium size was just about right for my 75 gallon. I use one small shell in my 10 gallon and my 20 gallon (but don't leave it in until it dissolves). I watch my fish to see how they behave. You will see on the package "Increased sexual activity"... This means increased aggression, too. Using too much/too big of a Wonder Shell can stress out your fish and can cause problems. My tinfoil barbs were the first to "tell me"....They wouldn't go near the Wonder Shell - and broke out in virus bumps. I took it out and broke it up. Waited a few days and put a small piece back in (I do have some rainbow fish that prefer harder water... so I guess I can't please all of the fish all the time). Now I only use a small piece of Wonder Shell in my 75 gallon when I get new fish. I keep my general hardness (GH) to between 6 degrees up to 10 degrees (higher range after use of Wonder Shell) to gradually raise my GH as the pet stores where I buy fish have water that is much harder than mine (I buy filtered RO water for my fish and set the water parameters so they are perfect for my fish). Wonder Shells actually do little to maintain pH (or KH) as claimed. I have other products that keep those in check. Using a small Wonder Shell during a disease treatment in my 20 gallon did save most of my fish. It was fun to watch my loaches... They went dancing! Had it not been for the Wonder Shell, I could have lost a lot more fish. I use a small shell anytime there is evidence of illness to restore mineral balance (look up redox).... Happy fish and healthy fish!

Barbara, Charlottesville VA on 2014/08/06
GREAT for Snail Tanks!

Weco Wonder Shells provide the calcium need for Mystery Snails to have good shell health. This is a must have for those who keep snails, but they also provide other benefits to home aquariums. I would never be without them! AND....Pet Mountain has the BEST prices on this item!

Kim, Iron Mountain MI on 2014/05/14
Wonder shell

Love this stuff, I use it for all my tanks, my fish tanks were having issues keeping water clean, I have a 35 gallon tank and 2 10 gallon tanks, I did water changes, water clearing chemicals, nothing seemed to work until I bought one of these thinking ok how will this help the tanks, do these work?? Well let me tell ya before the day was over I could see the difference in my large tank, next morning it was crystal clear! I bought more of them for the other tanks (turtle tanks), same results! I special order them now so I have a small stash of them in case the pet store runs low! Oh yes they're the best thing ever! Highly recommended.

Gp, Orange Park FL on 2014/01/15
Good Product

The Wonder Shells keep a good mineral balance in fish tank, resulting an healthy environment.

Barbara, Charlottesville VA on 2013/06/26
WONDER Shell lives up to its name!

I was battling cloudy water in a 55 gallon mystery snail tank until I added the Wonder Shell. Within 2 days, the water is crystal clear. Not only is the water clearer, this product adds calcium that mystery snails need for good shell health. I would highly recommend this product!

Barbara, Charlottesville VA on 2013/06/07
Lived up to its name!

I ordered the Wonder Shell to clear up the cloudy water in my 55 gallon tank which houses mostly mystery snails and corys. I was skeptical, but in my opinion, this product delivered results beyond my expectations within a couple of days! The water is now crystal clear and my snails look 100% better. There are other benefits to adding the wonder shell to your aquarium, too numerous to mention here. I have shared my experience with friends on several aquarium forums and they are also very pleased with the results. This is a must have for aquarium owners!

Susan, Durham ME on 2013/06/04
I love love love the product for my tanks

Love, love, love! This keeps the tanks steady and even -- clear as ever. Without it is suffering and trying to figure it out!

Susan, Durham ME on 2013/06/04
Best of the best

These are best of the best at stabilizing your aquarium tanks. Nothing else needs be said.

Laurie, Big Bear City CA on 2013/04/10
Awesome Product

We use this in our 39 gallon tank we have Mollies, orange silver/black and other fish. Since we started using Wonder Shell our mollies keep having babies and the fish store that we purchased the Mollies said she has never seen such a fertile and healthy tank. We keep bringing her the babies when they are old enough. So if you would like to try and have baby fish and a healthy tank try this!

Natalya, Brooklyn NY on 2013/04/05
Love the product, seems doing good to my tank

Without understanding too much of the chemistry, I just know this adds minerals to the water that fish need to be healthy. What I noticed, the adding of these removes the unpleasant smell of standing water that tank may have. The water feels more clean. And fish do become more active. I think they are happier, what else may I want? And Petmountain's prices are the best as usual! I'm stuck with this website for all my pets' needs. Big, big thanks!

Me, Nashville TN on 2013/02/19
Great product

Dissolving slowly as anticipated. I'm using "Super" size in a 29G tank. I ordered several to save on shipping, and take advantage of the good price. Can't find these locally!

Darwin, Los Angeles CA on 2012/11/17
Great Product ; Price!

Ive used these before in my aquarium to raise the calcium levels. It works as it should. I could not find a better price anywhere else locally or shipping made it an amazing deal!

Amber, Cincinnati OH on 2012/07/20
Wonder Shell for life!

Wonder Shell is awesome. I first read about it on a fish blog then started searching. None of my LFS carried it. I found it online and this website has it available for a great, inexpensive price. It is just an extra thing that you can use in your tank. It's full of minerals and good things to make your fish and snails happy. It also does an amazing job at keeping your tank extra clear. I have a 33 gallon tank and buy the Super size. When it dissolves over about a week or two I replace it.

Vickie, Porterville CA on 2012/06/05
Love this product!

I am very impressed with my new Wonder Shells. They keep my tank water clear, oxygenated and smelling fresh. My goldfish are healthier and more colorful than ever. My mystery snails are more active and laid eggs for the first time about a week after I put the first shell in the tank. I will definitely be back for more. Thanks Pet Mountain for the great prices, too!

Kristina, Concord NC on 2011/09/20
I love these!

This is an awesome product! I use these in my goldfish aquarium because goldfish like water that's a little harder and my water is very soft. But I would use these in any tank I had because I really believe they add so much to the water quality. Also, they do not change your PH.

Kristina, Concord NC on 2011/09/06
Excellent product!

I really love these! They do so much for the water quality in my goldfish tank. I live in an area with very soft water and these shells add calcium and other minerals and essential elements to the water. Helps keep my PH stable as well. I will continue to repurchase and am glad I can find them at Pet Mountain!