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Wesco Bird Kabob Shreddable Bird Toy - Original by by Wesco Pet

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Product Description

Wesco Bird Kabob Toy is made to satisfy your bird's natural chewing and preening instincts. The Bird Kabob Toy is earth friendly, made of all natural sisal and soft fibrous materials.

  • The ultimate shreddable bird toy
  • 100% biodegradable & safe for the environment
  • Relieves stress, boredom and feather plucking

The Bird Kabob Toy relieves stress, boredom and feather plucking and is ideal for parakeets, cockatiels and birds of similar size.

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Harry, Salt Lake City UT on 04-07-2015
Toys for Smoky, my blackmasked lovebird

I am so glad that I found the Pet Mountain site. My bird is not happy if he doesn`t have a toy, so I buy quite a few of these toys. I was previously buying them from Amazon but now I buy them from Pet Mountain for around 30% less than Amazon. Yes, I am happy. Thanks Pet Mountain.

Pat, Chicago IL on 12-14-2014
Wonderful toy for destructive birds

My African Grey is a destroyer. Thank goodness she likes to shred these yucca bird kabobs. They keep her busy and out of mischief. She is uncomfortable with the toy when it is hanging up, so I cut the twine and give the yucca rounds to her one at a time. She loves them!

Steve, Nassau County NY on 10-26-2012
My Birds love it

My birds (Budgies and Tiels) love this treat. They tear it apart in a matter of days. It keeps them occupied for an extended period of time. Due to fact that they can tear it apart quite easily, I recommend that you buy a few at a time. It is well worth they money.

Jeffrey , Hewitt NJ on 09-24-2012
My parakeets love it

They tear it into a thousand pieces.

Claire, Austin TX on 05-23-2012
Great shreddable bird toy

My lovebird LOVES to shred paper, but she didn't make much of a dent in this toy. Meanwhile, my black headed caique reduced it to splinters in an afternoon. I'm so happy to find something that she likes to chew. I'll be getting more toys out of this material in the future.

Adriana, Dudley NC on 10-28-2010
My Baby macaw like it!

Very good toy, not heavy and clean is a good size for baby and big macaws