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Zilla Ceramic Heat Emitter by by Zilla

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Product Description

Zilla's Ceramic Heat Emitter's are perfect for penetrating the heat needed by cold blooded reptiles zero light emission. These lights are great for both day and night and will help maintain the activity levels of your reptile!

  • Radiant heat for healthier, more active reptiles
  • Use day and night - no light output to keep reptiles awake
  • Tough ceramic exterior

The Zilla Ceramic Heat Emitter will warm your pet instead of the entire terrarium and enhance the health of your reptile. Zilla's Ceramic Heat Emitter's are built with a strong ceramic shell to prevent you and your pet from broken bulbs.

Instructions: Do not touch lamp or fixtures while operating. This lamp generates heat. Keep away from combustible materials. Position and shield fixture so reptiles are unable to touch lamp. Adjust height for proper temperature.

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Cheryl, Tallahassee FL on 03-23-2015
Perfect for Winter

Bought this 250W bulb to keep my ball python's tank at an acceptable temp during the winter. Did a great job, kept a 50g glass terrarium with a screen-top plus screened side panel nice and toasty. I really need a dimmer or timer on it, because it was pushing the temps up to 90+ (house temp was 69, outside temps were in the 40's), but that's an easy enough problem to solve. My bp is happy, and I'm happy!

Ski, Ocean Shores WA on 01-03-2013
An excellent heat bulb

I have 3 of the 250 watt heat bulbs in a boat installed in ceramic electrical going on the second winter of 24/7 heating use...these are great.. and Pet Mountain is the only place you want to order from...great prices and service. In regard to the ceramic separating from the base...only screw in and out when cold...I too lost a (different brand) bulb when i tried to unscrew it when it was still too warm.

Nicki, San Bruno CA on 09-26-2012
Best ever!

Best ever puts off great heat, no light, and I have it plugged into a timer and works perfect!

Kyle, Middleburg FL on 07-07-2011

Title says it all, this thing gets extremely hot, make sure you have the right set up, however if you do this thing is perfect for raising temperature. Have a bearded dragon and it works great.