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Zilla Digital Terrarium Thermometer-Hygrometer by by Zilla

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SKU: RP68028
UPC: 096316680289
MPN: 100111577

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Product Description

The Zilla Digital Terrarim Thermometer-Hygrometer allows terrarium owners to monitor the two most critical reptile environment variables at a single glance. It features 2 highly accurate remote sensor probes, with a large digital readout that displays both temperature and relative humidity on an easy-to-read display.

  • Precise digital readout for both temperature and humidity
  • Clock with alarm and calendar
  • Designed for fast, easy installation

The thermometer tracks minimum and maximum temperatures from 23°F to 122°F (-5°C to +50°C), while the hygrometer reads relative humidity from 30% to 90%. A separate probe for each parameter means more accurate positioning, and each probe wire is 57" long to suit even the largest terrariums.

A set of included suction cups and a built-in stand for the processing unit make setup easier. The unit features an integrated digital calendar and reminder alarm to keep your condition checks, feedings or pet treatments on schedule.

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Hannah, Indianapolis IN on 10-02-2015

I just switched my ball python to a bigger tank and was really concerned about keeping his temperature and humidity regulated. This hygrometer/thermometer is awesome! I love that I can have my probe near the humid side and move the temperature probe around to check all around the tank! Really perfect for my set up with assistance of my temp gun.

Heather, Elgin TX on 08-09-2010
Nice to have

This is easy to set up and to use in our ball python's cage.

Kelly, Fort Myers FL on 06-19-2010

I purchased the Hygrometer-Thermometer, This breeding season of 2010. I am amazed that this product is everything I need for what I am doing. What I am doing is incubating corn snake eggs. This Item allows me to watch the Temp, and Hygro, in the egg containers, While the incubator does it's job outside the containers with it's own set of #'s. This Zilla Hygrometer-Thermometer is so cool I am purchasing another one, It's GREAT !!! Any one that needs to watch these #'s needs this product ! It really makes it EASY ! Great job Zilla !!!!

Blair, Seattle WA on 04-05-2010
Why not just buy the HygroTherm?

If you are running devices that you want regulated like the ReptiFogger or heat lamps, I recommend the HygroTherm, also by ZooMed. It not only gauges the temp and humidity, but will shut off each device if they reach the limit that you set, then will turn back on when the levels drop. Just like a thermostat...

Amy, Providence RI on 10-06-2009
another great buy

We bought this to use in our Frilled Dragon tank. It is easy to use and we feel that it keeps a very accurate temp and humidity. This was a great deal (like most everything at Pet Mountain). We were going to buy this at our local pet store, it was $32.99! I decided to hold off and check to see if they had it here. When I saw the price I could not beleive it. Highly recommended!

Tuan, San Jose CA on 02-08-2008
Terrarium Hygrometer Thermometer

Very easy to use. Its slim and small sleak design. Fits in the plam of my hands. Has a hole on the back where you can hook it onto a screw for a clean look. has it price just perfect.