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Zilla Freestanding Floating Basking Platform Log Landing by Zilla

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Zilla Freestanding Floating Basking Platform Log Landing Description

Zilla Freestanding Floating Basking Platforms help provide aquatic turtles and other pets with a realistic accessory that supports natural, healthy basking behaviors. These platforms can be placed anywhere in the habitat with no need for suction cups!

  • Naturalistic look complements habitat decor
  • Floating platform stays at water level
  • May be positioned anywhere for optimal heat and UV exposure
  • No suction cups or installation required

Basking platforms are ideal accessories for a wide variety of aquatic pets, including turtles, newts, and amphibians. For terrariums 12" and wider.

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Zilla Freestanding Floating Basking Platform Log Landing Customer Reviews

Mitchell, Federal Way WA on 2018/02/21
Best dock for large turtles!

I love this product, no other dock would work for my turtle, and this one doesn't only hold him, but is extremely heavy duty. It's not made out of foam or anything like that. It is not for people that like to fill their aquariums all the way to the top, because it won't be able to function that way. But with a tank half filled, this thing is perfect!