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Zilla Reptile Bath Shed-Ease by Zilla

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Zilla Reptile Bath Shed-Ease Description

Zilla Shed Ease facilitates shedding and promotes the emergence of healthy skin in reptiles. Even in the healthiest terrariums, reptiles can have more trouble shedding their skin than they would in the wild.

  • Promotes the emergence of healthy skin
  • Penetrating bath for all shedding reptiles
  • Softens old skin and adds healthy luster to the new

Shed-Ease makes the process much easier, thanks to a rich formula of aloe vera and other emollients that soften the old skin and add healthy luster to the new.

After 20 minutes in a bath of Shed-Ease and water, most old skins slide off easily. Works even for reptiles suffering from stress, poor health, improper diet or a lack of humidity. In order to grow, reptiles slough off old skin in the process of "shedding". Natural imbalances (e.g., stress, poor health, improper diet, lack of humidity) can prevent a reptile from shedding properly.

Ideal For: All types of lizards and snakes including Iguanas, Bearded Dragons, Geckos, Chameleons, Water Dragons, Tegus, Monitors, Skinks, Boas, Pythons, Corn Snakes, Milk Snakes and King Snakes.

- Easier shedding plus a healthier new skin
- Treats imbalances caused by poor health, low humidity
- Twenty minute bath completes shedding for most reptiles

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Zilla Reptile Bath Shed-Ease Customer Reviews

Lareishea, New Hope MN on 2010/06/10
I luv it!

My beardy had a hard time shedding after brumation, and I added this to her bath and she seems to luv it! She shed with ease now!