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Zoo Med Avian Sun Deluxe Floor Lamp by Zoo Med

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Zoo Med Avian Sun Deluxe Floor Lamp Description

Zoo Med Avian Sun Deluxe Floor Lamp has a weighted base for stability and is fully adjustable! The Zoo Med Floor Lamp does not come with a bulb. Bulb is sold separately!

  • Six points of adjustment allow for use in almost any position!
  • Built in reflector increases light and UV output!
  • Great way to provide UVA and UVB for Chameleons and birds.
  • For use with Zoo Meds Compact Fluorescent bulbs (bulb sold separately)

Lamp is 72 inches high when fully extended.

Do not use in wet conditions. Use indoors only.

  • Fully insert plug.
  • Unplug when not in use.
  • Fully extend cord before using.
  • Do not cover with blankets, rugs, or any other material.
  • Keep children and pets (other than your birds according to the enclosed instructions) away from fixture.
  • Do not allow birds to chew on cord or perch on fixture.
  • Do not use damaged cord set - inspect periodically.
  • Do not exceed electrical rating.

Polarized: This appliance has a polarized plug (one blade is wider than the other). To reduce the risk of electric shock, this plug is intended to fit in a polarized outlet only one way. If the plug does not fit fully in the outlet, reverse the plug. If it still does not fit, contact a qualified electrician. Do not modify the plugin anyway.


  • Weighted Base
  • Lower Pole
  • Upper Pole (Plastic bushing on one end)
  • Lamp Fixture/Arm Assembly
  • Lamp Reflector Housing

Note on Lamp Burn-In: Compact fluorescent lamps have a "burn-in" period when the light and UVB output is at its greatest. For your AvianSun 5.0 Compact Fluorescent Lamp, this period lasts about two weeks when the lamp is used to provide a normal photoperiod or day/night cycle at 10 to 12 hours per day (150 hours of use). Refer to the following chart for recommended distances during and after the burn period. Zoo Meds AvianSun Deluxe Floor Lamp is fully adjustable enabling you to easily adjust the distance of the lamp to your birds cage.

Application Chart:
During burn-in 18-20" (46-51 cm)
After burn-in 12-14" (30-36 cm)

Notes on Operating Range:
The Recommended Distance refers to the distance from the lamp to your birds perch. The lamp should be placed directly overhead of your bird. DO NOT place the lamp on the side of the cage causing your bird to stare into the lamp. WARNING: DO NOT place the lamp closer to your bird than the recommended distances listed above as eye damage may occur.

When to Replace Your Lamp:
Your lamp will provide beneficial UVA and UVB for a period of 12 months. After 12 months, the lamp should be replaced with a new AvianSun 5.0 Compact Fluorescent Lamp. Before you turn on your lamp for the first time, date the base of the lamp to remind yourself when to replace it

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Zoo Med Avian Sun Deluxe Floor Lamp Customer Reviews

Patrick, Toms River NJ on 2016/07/08
I am glad I purchased this Lamp

I am very glad that I purchased this Avian floor lamp for my 2 new Gouldian finches. It adds the appropriate amount of light to their cage and environment when natural light just isn't enough. It works great and I highly recommend this product.

Gary, Westminster CO on 2016/02/04
Lamp is excellent

We got two of these lamps, one for each parrot cage on different levels in our house. We are really pleased with them. They seem to be well made and the adjustability is great. The flexible stem is metal so a parrot cannot chew through it and get shocked. The wire is exposed only at the very bottom. The lamps go well with the stainless steel cages we have. PetMountain had the best price by far and their discounts helped even more. Shipping was pretty quick.

Rachel, Utica NY on 2015/12/19
Great quality!

After reading the other reviews I wasn't sure what to expect, but I'm impressed with the quality of this lamp. It's very sturdy, and does an amazing job. I couldn't be happier with this purchase. There was an immediate positive affect on my budgies as soon as I began using this lamp.

Lisa, Campbell CA on 2015/04/20
Awesome price for an excellent product!

I bought my first floor lamp of this type a year ago, and it works VERY well. Am back to buy 2 more to replace other lamps that don't have the gooseneck adjustability I need for my latest cages.

Debbie, Garfield NJ on 2014/12/11

My birds love it. The price was great for this light. Sturdy and bright. I read other reviews about it not being sturdy. Not so. The base is heavy and doesn't move unless you move it. Tall enough for my large parrot cage. I would definitely recommend this for anyone who needs a bird light.

Brett, Cleveland OH on 2013/10/22
Great for the money

Would love to see it 12" taller but it appears to be a very high quality lamp. Stable at full reach and looks nice to boot. Wouldn't hesitate to buy another one.

Kathy, Castiac CA on 2013/08/31
Avian Sun Deluxe Lamp is great

andlt;divandgt;andlt;span style="font-size: 10px"andgt;I ordered three for my sevent birds an am very happy with the product. The delivery came the next day.andlt;/spanandgt;andlt;/divandgt;

Scott, Rowlett TX on 2012/12/19
Pleased with the product

I've read reviews that indicated the product was defective, cheap, etc. I purchased 2 of them for my African Grey Congos and I am very pleased. The product works as expected at this point.

Jerry, Alpena MI on 2011/12/13
Zoo-Med Floor Lamp

Although the lamp has a 6 ft. + extended height it is very unstable when extended that far, as I must do. For safety, it must be held in place so it does'nt tip over.

Nikki, Sarasota FL on 2011/09/20
GREAT for the price!

I don't know why so many gave it bad reviews for the sale price it is GREAT! my grey came from a hording situation and been loving this light! she is now grooming herself and eating her pellets and birdie bread, and is loving her shower now that she has this lamp. It fits perfectly above her cage - it is a little flimsy on the arm but I don't plan on moving it , and really for the price you can't beat this!

Toby, Sacramento CA on 2010/10/11
Great for my Conures

My conures have beautiful feathers and are getting their UVA and UVB light from the Avian Sun light.

Julie, St. Louis MO on 2010/01/08
Great Product!

This has been a great lamp stand for my bird! Nice and tall. Not sure what happened to the stand for the last review but mine is quite sturdy. It is highly bendable so it can be adjusted around the cage but does not bend unless I move it to that spot. I believe it is attractive, not bulky like many others. Another reviewer thought the stand had to be replaced in a year. That is incorrect. The BULB needs to be replaced in a year. This is a great light source for your birds with both UVA and UVB from natural sunlight. Make sure you order the bulb separately. There is one that is designed only for this lamp.