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Zoo Med Avian Sun 5.0 UVB Compact Fluorescent Bulb by Zoo Med

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SKU: ZM34505
UPC: 097612345056

Zoo Med Avian Sun 5.0 UVB Compact Fluorescent Bulb Description

The Zoo Med Avian Sun 5.0 UVB compact fluorescent provides birds with safe levels of beneficial UVB and UVA for physical and psychological health.

  • Self-ballasted compact fluorescent lamp for use with birds
  • Brings the sun indoors for your bird
  • Produces UVA + UVB + Visible light for a true full spectrum
  • 26 Watt Avian Sun Full Spectrum Bulb

UVB enables birds to synthesize vitamin D3 for proper calcium metabolism which is necessary for normal growth, maintenance of strong bones, and egg production. UVA is visible to birds, enabling them to recognize mates, locate food, and identify different species. Without UVA, birds are essentially colorblind! These Avian Sun 5.0 UVB and UVA bulbs cannot be used with dimmers or rheostats!

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Zoo Med Avian Sun 5.0 UVB Compact Fluorescent Bulb Customer Reviews

Patrick, Toms River NJ on 2016/07/08
Great Flourescent Bulb

This Flourescent Bulb which goes with the Avian Floor Lamp provides my birds with just the right amount of Light they need for 10-hrs per day. I am very pleased with the effect of the bulb and its light and highly recommend this product.

Rachel, Utica NY on 2015/12/19

This light screwed into the floor lamp very easily. It's bright and has greatly improved my budgies' attitudes. I would recommend this for anyone that has birds.

Jennifer , Coos Bay OR on 2015/02/24
Awesome product

Nicely wrapped and in perfect working condition.

Jim, Olmsted Twp OH on 2013/12/26
Great price

The Avian bulb is exactly what I needed. Pet Mountain offered the best price. It arrived in perfect condition. Thanks for offering an AVIAN-specific bulb!

Kathy, Castaic CA on 2013/08/31
Very Happy with UVB Compact Flourescent Bulb by Zoo Med

Bulb is very bright and lasts a long time.

Leon, Hurleyville NY on 2013/03/26
Avian Light a light for Parrotkind

I received the Avian light products. The floor lamp was easy to assemble. I encountered a problem with the light switch. It was inoperable due to a broken toggle switch. I was able to turn on the light by taping the switch to an open position and followed up with Zoo Med's customer service the same day of arrival. Their representative was helpful and informative. Apparently factory packaging was the culprit for the broken plastic switch and was a known issue and they were prepared to send a replacement part (very small). It arrived promptly. Problem solved. I appreciate Pet Mountain's quick delivery as well as Zoo Med's problem solving. I was impressed with the careful and abundant Pet Mountain packaging, especially of the fragile and expensive bulb.

Karen, Everton AR on 2011/03/06
Very pleased.

This bulb didn't actually last 2 years, but our power tends to go out quite often so I find it amazing that it lasted as long as it did: 1 yr. 6 mos. I don't know if it makes a difference in how my CAG feels as he has had it since I brought him home at only 15 wks. old. I do know he is a happy bird - lots of play and talking - so I figure it must be doing the job.

Jose, Sebring FL on 2010/08/01
My African Greys Love it!

I purchased this bulb for my African Greys and when I turn it on they sit right under the bulb like they are sunning. I think the bulb is awesome.

Jayna, Columbia MO on 2010/05/25
Great for African Greys!

I bought this bulb to put over my African Grey's cage - well I didn't realize how much light it transmitted until it went out! My CAG loves the light - sits as close to it as she can - it has recently gone out so I am not replacing it as quickly as possible! I do recommend this product....thanks!

Peter, New York NY on 2010/02/27
Time will tell

I only got the light a few days ago. I've had it over the birds' play area. At first, both of my Pionus parrots were wary of the light. Though, I'm not sure it was the quality of the light or the fixture itself. My bronzewing could use some good light, as can my bluehead. We'll see if it helps with the black tipped feathers, which are a result of not enough UV light. Apparently, a mold forms and eats away at the feathers, causing them to look black. In a few months, I'll check back to submit a second review to let you know how it worked out.

Melanie, Sioux Falls SD on 2009/12/17
Great Bulb!

Got the bulb in just a few days and it came packed really good. Will update you to let you know how long it lasts. Packaging says 2 years. I hope so!