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Zoo Med Betta Dial-A-Treat by by Zoo Med Aquatic

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SKU: ZM24105
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Product Description

Zoo Med Betta Dial-A-Treat comes with three nutritious, protein-rich treats Betta fish love! Choose from Daphnia, Bloodworms and Mysis and give your Betta a delicious meal using the included feeding wand. For extra fun, train your Bettas to eat straight from the feeding wand!

  • 3 treats Bettas love - Daphnia, Bloodworms & Mysis
  • Delicious, high in protein and rich in vitamins & minerals
  • Includes feeding wand

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Rachael, Coloma MI on 08-13-2018
Not as good as expected

My Bettas did not really enjoy these treats at all. They will barely touch them. And the dial, although it looks easy to use, makes a mess.

Bryan, San Jose CA on 08-13-2018
Not bad at all

My betta really seems to enjoy these treats. Some are better than the others but you just pick out the good pieces. He happily eats all three of the treat options. I like this to add variety to his diet. The packaging/dispenser is also nicely done and the little scoop also comes in handy often. For the price, not bad at all.

Mark, Los Angeles CA on 08-13-2018
Pretty good

I bought this to add variety in my betta diet and it's good to give my betta something else than pellets from time to time and he happily eats all three options but the dial is a little messy if not turned carefully but all in all it's a pretty good product and for the price its a good deal.