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Zoo Med Betta Plants Bamboo by Zoo Med

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SKU: ZM24122
UPC: 097612241228
MPN: BP-22

Zoo Med Betta Plants Bamboo Description

Zoo Meds Betta Plants, Bamboo Plant is a very naturalistic looking Bamboo plant that is made out of plastic. These plants are perfect for Betta bowls and other small aquariums.

  • Offers a natural highlight to your Betta bowl or tank
  • Adds cover and hiding space
  • Includes suction cup to easily anchor and/or attach

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Zoo Med Betta Plants Bamboo Customer Reviews

Meg, Chicago IL on 2014/12/28
Very realistic plant

I am pleased with the appearance, size, and price of the product. It is fairly large and looks good as a background plant for my 2.5 gallon betta tanks. I even put a few into my main tank to stick to the back wall and cover my filter intake pipe. The plastic isn't too hard at the end of the leaves, so it doesn't tear the fins of my bettas. Even after a few years in the aquarium, it still looks great and the plastic remained flexible.

Chris, Gaithersburg MD on 2012/01/12
Great little plant

I have their papaya too and this is of pretty similar quality: This plant is more realistic than I would have thought for the price. It's been a pretty sweet little addition to the tank.